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Sunday, 20 July 2014

A prayer of Spiritual Cleansing and Restoration of A New Beginning

We have seen how God dealt with the so call supposed to be anointed but due to greed and power had grieved the entire situation of the Church and the Diocese.

God has been gracious and patience to our crisis. The Lord reminded us, He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. It is He who installed for us and it is He who removed from us.  We grieve because we have to come to this stage.   

Let us stay focus now and pray that God will do a Spiritual Cleansing in the whole Diocese and Restore us clean again into a radiant bride ready for the coming of the bridegroom.

We ask for God's forgiveness because of the sins of our shepherds who had led us astray. We must pray that all the leftovers from the past era be nullified, cleansed, cut off and wiped off completely under the power of the Almighty God so that we have a new beginning to start off for the Diocese of Sabah. 

Pray for God’s cleansing power to come upon the priests, pastors, cronies, intercessors, who had submitted to the satanic power in wrong cultic and deceitful teaching, those who lost their calling to serve man than God, those who departed from the Holy Spirit, those who prayed to the forces of the darkness, those who oppressed others, those who had been arrogant, dishonest in handling God’s money, schemed to slander and destroyed the body of Christ with all sort of ungodly ulterior motives just to please their grand master for personal favors now be under the mighty power of God's Spiritual Cleansing.  

We pray for the House of Bishops who were deceived and blinded by the satanic power be shaken and striped before God. Let them be reminded God’s wrath can be equally upon them for their infirmity in Christ.  It is time that they fear God and their eyes be opened to fix on Jesus to see a new spiritual dimension to make the impartial stand for the new Diocese of Sabah.   

We pray for the standing committee to be transparent before God to clean up all the accounts that had been spent for personal consumptions by the leader without the knowledge of the committee and kept in the most secretive manner be striped open now before the Almighty God.

We pray for the next Bishop be a God fearing man and God’s anointed one to bring forth love, peace and unity back to the Diocese of Sabah with restoration of trust and relationship among clergies and laities be reconnected.

We dedicate this prayer unto the Lord. In Your mercy, Oh Lord. Hear our prayer. 

In Jesus' name we declare this powerful prayer.  Amen!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Has all come to the End for the Crisis in Diocese of Sabah?

Today on 15th July 2014 at about 4pm has been made a day to end the era of Bishop Albert Vun.  BAV had been struck with pancreatic cancer since October 2013 and prior to his death he was admitted to the local private hospital after a fall and thereafter he has died and we hope he is in heaven.  A sad case indeed because we have yet to see him repented and apologise to those he had slandered before he left this world. We wish his soul will rest in peace.

Historically, on the 15th of July, many events happened over the past many years that probably has some relevance to our current crisis:
·         1538- Peace talks between Karel & King Francois I
·         1923- Italian parliament accepts new constitution
·         1968- "One Life to Live" premieres on TV
·         1984 - John Lennon's "I'm Stepping Out" released posthumously
·         1995 - Jews take Jerusalem

On 15th July 1538, there were peace talks.  Is there going to have peace talks between BAV supporters, the priests, his family members and those BAV had offended, slandered and ridiculed?

Are we going to have a new bishop that we had longed for or the HOB again play the delay tactic to put another musketeer character there to continue with BAV’s misdeed?

God is in control of our lives and our Diocese. Fear no man but God.  We hope this history will be remembered that the Lord is the alpha and omega the beginning and the end.  Our lives are just temporal in this world and we should serve God with fear and humility and not scheme for our own personal gain to control, rule and divide.  The church belongs to Jesus Christ and we should decrease and He must increase.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Another Day of History is Marked at the ASC Adjourned AGM

It was reported the first history that the AGM of ASC earlier on 6 April 2014 had to be adjourned because the new treasurer Bobby Tan and the Dean had produced an unbalanced & unaudited financial statements.  The minutes recorded by the secretary for the 2013 AGM were also erroneous.   The AGM has proceeded in English but when members highlighted the mistakes of the secretary, she got agitated and raised her voice to reply in Bahasa Malaysia.  The AGM had to be adjourned to 29 June 2014 because the minutes reported wrong date and time of the 2013 AGM and contents were factually erroneous.  It was a total waste of time to call for members to the AGM be presented with such a shabby report. Dean Chak is now reaping the harvest of his own labour sowed a year ago. Whose fault to blame other than Chak himself and his aides?  Chak had solicited the bogus voters from the members mostly from the BM service, the domestic maids and the gardeners who did not know who they were voting to do the job other than instructions from the leaders and staff of the church.
Some of the interesting facts worth to explore further from the adjourned AGM were as follows:

  1. Why is it so ambiguous that the auditor who has been in practice for so long didn't want to put his signature as a person?
  2. Is the audit report legal and valid?
  3.  Why Diocesan Chancellor Datuk Stephen Foo again appeared to give ill advice that the members should vote to accept the financial statements despite some members proposed not to be accepted?
  4.  When some qualified members offered help to do the work free of charge, the Dean chose to pay his good buddy to do the work for a fee with many excuses nobody wanted to take up the job.  Thereafter failed to produce the audited financial statements in the earlier AGM. Why?
  5.  Observation to be continued if Chak continues with his auditor buddy for the year 2014 financials despite 2 names of honorary auditors were put forward.
  6.  Will the PCC bothered to make those amendments after it was voted to accept despite some members raise doubts?

Members came with great expectation to hear from the new treasurer to explain the financials but he appeared very much inept.  He only could blame he had no information to the figures prior to 2006.  Does this sound like they are trying to put the blame to people prior to BAV? There were few merry go rounds between the new treasurer and the new auditor but still they could not answer to the hard core questions posed by some members who knew no non sense to the financials.

There are lots of capable professionals in ASC and it is a sad case to see how the pastors and priests had manipulated the Church of Jesus Christ for the sake of one man no other than BAV. The professionals do proper work.  Chak had to act foolish to condone to BAV’s scheming so he can please his boss. In future, members will not waste their time to attend ASC AGM with that sort of reporting quality. The secretary could not speak English in the AGM conducted in English. What more can we expect good reports from her? Poor reporting indicates no confidence in the leaders, which leads to low attendance and low contributions in terms of money. ASC is in the mess.  The financial state had gone worse with the inept new treasurer playing the role of the clown.  

It is now time for repentance for the leaders of ASC, from the priest and pastors who had been selfish in the previous AGM manipulated with the votes to enable people of their choice as PCC. ASC members had been gracious to wait and see the performance of the PCC voted in by bogus voters but these PCC had made it the worst in the history of ASC 2014 AGM.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

We declare Victory for the Lord and the Message is clear!

The Provincial Advisory Committee (PAC) had its first meeting on 23 May 2012 and the Court of Appeal granted the Appeal to the Complainant on 23 May 2014 that Ecclesiastical court (E Court) is to be convened by the HOB and a copy of the recommendation by the PAC to be released to the complainants.  More fairness has been brought into light. Exactly 2 years and what a coincidence on the dates and surely God had affirmed the voice of the righteous is not to be ignored and He is ALIVE giving HOPE to those who have been praying unceasingly.

What happened to the 3 bishops referred to as the House of Bishops “HOB” between year 2012 and now? Had they been bought over by the generous love gifts of RM50,000 cash from the Diocese of Sabah initiated by BAV? If their thinking were rational enough, that amount of RM50,000 was only a small crumbs of BAV spent for his holidays to United States, England with his wife and also the luxury cars Toyota Alphard, Honda CRV he bought using the DOS’ money and not to mention the millions that went to Thailand through Philip Lo’s personal account.   Yet, the Diocesan Treasurer Michael Tong had the face to lie through his teeth to allow his relative Herbert Tong to declare in the thanksgiving service that the accounts of the Diocese of Sabah were in order.  How can we trust him? He could not even tell the members how many signatories to the bank accounts of the DOS when asked in the dialogue. If so he declared the accounts in good order, why were the accounts since 2006 not being re-audited as requested by the members?  How to convince the members there is no mishandling of money if everything else was swept under the carpet with a convenient sweeping statement? 

We have been reminded constantly by BAV in his preaching about Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:3-4. Why? BAV must have been bearing with the guilt from God on the messages but due to greed for worldly processions and power it has been too difficult for him to refuse and get on to the disobedience with God.

Time has come that the Lord says it is Him who shall reign and rule the Church because the Church belongs to the Lord. The church is not meant for those who want to abuse, corrupt and being malicious.  We hope the HOB will fear God than man.

All these while HOB had defended themselves desperately even to the extent of losing their status as a non-legal entity in the earlier High Court session. All these were just to deny their duty to convene E Court to put the Church of Jesus Christ back into the right biblical perspective.  Why were they so foolish? Had the appellant and the church not bothered to appeal to put right the status of the Diocese formed in the Province and the rightful duties of the HOB under the constitution, the Provincial Diocese that has been built over the past many years by the previous faithful bishops and clergies would have been down to the history to carry its defunct duty as a non-legal entity. The short term convenience for the current HOB was too great of the impact to its long term effect of defunct status. 

We hope the HOB will be more serious in their biblical stand as the Head of the Diocese in the province. It would be very foolish of them to appeal to the Federal Court to reinstate their non-legal entity status of which they compromised and messed themselves up for the sake of one sick man, the devil of all evils.  The whole world is watching how they handle and charge their spiritual duties over this devil whom has been the complaint of many members with the abuse of power, greed for money for personal gain, slander to those who serve God faithfully, wicked to those who walk righteously and you can name all the unbiblical acts.  

When BAV was struck with cancer, was it not God has spoken it is time for the Church to have a new leader? Leaders, awake and stop sinning! God had spoken many times and to many different people Ezekiel 34 but none has feared God.  The HOB has been too gentle and kind to the extent that God’s standard has been compromised. Why had they allow BAV to rule and divide further when God has already spoken to us so clearly a new Shepherd is to be appointed to lead the church? 

Ezekiel 34 :7 “Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, because my flock lacks a shepherd and so has been plundered and has become food for all the wild animals, and because my shepherds did not search for my flock but cared for themselves rather than for my flock, therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: 10 This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against the shepherds and will hold them accountable for my flock. I will remove them from tending the flock so that the shepherds can no longer feed themselves. I will rescue my flock from their mouths, and it will no longer be food for them.”

Many may have said, BAV already struck with cancer, why are we not sparing him?  Had he not become more vicious than ever after he was struck with illness? People in general had been kind hearted towards him despite he had gotten the best perceived treatment from Singapore all under the expenses of the DOS yet not to the knowledge of many these could be sought after from the local hospital as confirmed by a local oncologist.  What more can we expect of BAV?  Despite his illness, BAV had demoted certain priests and demanded publicly certain pastors to resign.  Who has called these clergies to ministries? Was it BAV or God? 

Do we still want this kind of sick man to lead our Diocese? Rather, this sick man had disqualified himself physically and spiritually as the leader of the Diocese.  Why is the HOB having so much difficulty to charge their responsibility over him?  Need not to be trial in the E court he is already physically unfit to work as a person under the constitution.  The whole Diocese has been divided because of one selfish sick man.  In order to avoid further embarrassment, HOB should ask BAV to resign gracefully, surrender himself unto God in total repentance, realign his spiritual intimacy again with God and render apologies to all mankind he has ever offended, abused, slandered and cursed.  Only God will have the final say if he is granted a second chance again.