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Friday, 18 October 2013


God is the Alpha & Omega, the beginning and the end. 

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

It has been reported that BAV is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment in Singapore. Is it not a sign that time is up for this season and a new season will begin with a new bishop for the Diocese of Sabah? BAV had fought so hard just to cling on to his position as a Bishop because of power and money but NOT God.   

Let aside money matters, what about those lives that God has ordained and called into full time ministries? Pastors and Priests have been called by God to serve Him.  What has BAV done to them? Is this BAV’s common saying for those who follow the Word of the Lord and do not condone to BAV’s wrong teaching? “If you are not with me, I want you to resign now!”  If those priests continue to stay on, it is just meaningless because BAV has already blacklisted them.  What love does BAV preach as compare to those in the marketplace? God has given BAV every opportunity while he is a bishop but God’s name has always been taken in vain.  The prophesy of Ezekiel 39 is soon to come to past.

BAV supporters should fear God and be on their knees because the signs are so clear that BAV is no longer physically fit to continue holding on to the post. Ill characters have brought shame to God and it is so sad the history of the Diocese of Sabah has to be recorded with such events.  BAV has said repeatedly he will not resign.  God has allowed such circumstances to happen til now to show mankind it is Him we should trust because He is sovereign.   

Does it mean this will soften the hearts of people not to insist on BAV to be investigated for the accounts of DOS through his tenure as a Bishop? We should be mindful black is black and white is white.  The cries of people begun two years ago asking for good governance in managing God’s monies but they have been ridicule, mocked and cursed by BAV and his supporters.

Whatever wrong that has been conducted, BAV will still has to go through the process to make things proper. God’s judgement is near and His wrath is fearful to all. The HOB, Bishop Moses Tay, Herbert Tong, assistant bishops John Yeo, Melter Tais and BAV’s close aides Philip & Stella Lo, Esther Liew are the most guilty because they influenced and kept quiet to allow BAV continue sinning. Other supporters of BAV’s wrong conduct are Stephen Foo, Kenneth Thien, Chris Chiew, Yong Thiam Choy, Chak Sen Fen and Michael Tong. The silence of these people are the consequences of BAV's suffering now.

Friday, 24 May 2013

What is God’s Way Forward?

Only when men fear God, then it is the beginning of wisdom.  That’s why we have seen so much foolishness being revealed in our DOS.  How do we see an end to our crisis when men in white robes (priests) are still playing God?   

People who played the upper hand included the commissary and the mediator.  The commissary, Herbert Tong, a resigned priest, ex-Anglican was nominated by Bishop Albert Vun (BAV) to act on his behalf while he was instructed by the PHOB to go on sabbatical leave due to this entire crisis. The mediator, Moses Tay is an ex-Anglican, retired Singapore Bishop.  Members were already very skeptical when these men (ex-Anglicans) were nominated by BAV and approved by the Provincial House Of Bishops (PHOB).  Moses Tay not only failed his duty to the entire DOS as the mediator to protect the sheep from further attacks but he joined the flock of wolves in our DOS to kill more innocent sheep. Why? For the very simple reason, the PHOB had failed by allowing ex-Anglicans to solve our problems.  

How can ex-Anglican feel the pain and effect of crisis of the existing Anglicans?   Do you think they are interested in solving our crisis?  They only like to be associated with popularity, power and money. 

How to unite the church if the PHOB refuse to acknowledge the root cause of the entire issue arising from this very crisis?  We can only conclude the PHOB are also of such standards and characteristics of wolves.

In the most recent AGM of ASC, it is confirmed that BAV, the new Dean of ASC (Chak Sen Fen), mediator and other priests had all played evil politics to disunite the church for their selfish gain.  Evidenced in their most confidential emails has revealed that they were scheming ways to get rid of certain diligent people to serve in the council who could possibly object and reveal the darkest acts of these upper hand dressed in white robes.
Instead of confession and repentance, these white robers have blamed such revelation as the problems of hackers to emails.   Don’t you think so?  We call this revelation of God.  God is certainly not pleased with these sins.  When God is for us who can be against us?”  Certainly, God has not for the white robers.

Is the PHOB convinced now BAV is the real devil?  The severity of this crisis has gone beyond the superficial factors of merely finding an excuse to justify the cause if they are serious in solving.  It is no longer about dealing with anger and unforgiveness of members.  It is about dealing with a power crazy devil who wants to rule and abuse with power and money of the DOS for his selfish gain. Do you not call that robbing God?

How far had we progressed? Half-time had passed for BAV’s sabbatical leave. What had the commissary and the facilitator done to this very crisis? Are we the same between now and a year ago?  Have we seen any visible positive signs of the way forward?   Sorry to say the answer is NO!   

Was Sabbatical leave originally intended with grace for BAV to pray and realign back to God or for him to abuse the kingdom of God more?  BAV has treated this as holiday cum opportunity to earn extra side income whilst he is still getting salaries from DOS, he also gives instructions as if he is always the bishop. What difference had it make to have BAV on leave and a commissary and mediator to go through this process?  Are we not watching the entire scene like “Wayang Kulit”? The independent state of mind of the commissary and the facilitator in solving this crisis is now being eminently questioned and challenged.

The PHOB had wasted our money and time.  Have they not failed their duties as higher regulatory bodies of the Anglican Diocese of South East Asia and tried to be the good guys up there full of grace and love but dare not tell their own brother to stop sinning for the sack and his Church.  Isn’t it they have failed their duties of PHOB? Have they not created such a mockery to the entire world who is watching us with this crisis?

We should not lose heart but stay focused unto God and as guardians to the Church of Jesus Christ.  This is a spiritual battle for we are not fighting against our own flesh but forces of the darkness.

What is God’s way forward?  Can a leader still lead the church when he has been alleged with so many criminal acts yet failed to justify himself with any reasonable explanations?  Why is he not bold enough to explain himself?  If BAV is not wrong, why is he removing people with evidence and sidelined people who spoke against his dirty acts instead, he console his own self by only promoting people who condone with his dirty and sinful deeds?

Does BAV still fit to be the leader of DOS when he has lost the respect from people?  Excluding people who do not know what is going on (like those innocent Indonesian maids in the BM congregations, who only knew free transports and meals unknowingly exchanged their votes for BAV scheme), those who benefits from BAV in small or mega projects, those who rely on the DOS to feed their family, those who are in BAV’s philosophy school of ministry hoping to work in DOS one day, those trying to get into the inner circle of BAV for other gains, who else will still say BAV is an honorable man and fit to be our leader for DOS?  Sorry to say there is none!  Can he still fit to be a leader? 

The only way forward is to see BAV to step down for the church to regain her confidence in the system that has been abused and rotted once again to be revived through Christ Jesus.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Was Bishop Albert Vun still the Mastermind behind the 2013 AGM of ASC?

What have we seen with the new Dean in 2013 ASC AGM?  Don’t you think he is also another instrument used by BAV? This sign is revealed clearer in ASC most recent AGM.  Who designed the voting to be upfront before accepting all the reports so that everyone can vote?  Was it not by the Dean? Was getting everyone’s vote a bad idea at all? It is certainly very convincing.  As usual, this is one of BAV’s old tricks. The PCC had warned the chair there was legality issue to dissolve them before they report. Why was this idea so desperately carried through?

Now we know BAV’s desperate game plan with the purpose of getting everyone's vote was to win especially through those innocent minds mostly the BM congregations were ignorant to know who they were voting and what they were doing.  Shameful to know some pastors and priests who had started to campaign weeks before the AGM to exploit these innocent BM people to vote against people who are not of BAV’s choice. 

Do these pastors and priests know what they are doing? Are they follower of Jesus Christ or BAV? Do they know the difference between good and evil?  Do they know the difference between the truth and the lies? Who is dividing the church because of power and money?  What has our church become now?  Are we lead by a den of robbers and thieves or people who are fervent to serve God and the people?

Why then the BM voters so obedient to vote according to their pastors’ and priests’ choice? Their simplistic answers were to follow the instructions of their cell leader, pastors and priest. They have no ideas who were the candidates, who can do a good job and what the church is up to. All they know is they get well treated all the time with meals and transports to attend events like this. Is this not the sin of selfishness of these leaders in white robes exploited the situation just to win for the sake of winning to gain control and power? 

Why were the candidates of the priests and pastors’ choices placed upfront? Photos of the BM and new Chinese warden and PCC members were arranged prominently and conspicuously first in the line-up for selection among other existing candidates.  Why? What was the message then?  Is this what we call good change to have people of the priests' choice to dominate the council? Are we not seeing BAV having an upper hand to put a new Dean to stir the Chinese congregations in the council as puppets?  Do we have confidence in the members of the new council?   

Why was a resigned priest standing in for nomination being questioned repeatedly and deliberately whether he is still a priest?  Why were the independence and good conduct of other nominees not questioned instead?   Do you know at least 4 new elected members into the council now are parties related to the Dean and the Bishop?  Do we still have the confidence in them? 

Why is BAV so engrossed to the affairs of ASC’s AGM despite he was instructed by the HOB to go on sabbatical leave? Were you aware he has been monitoring the situation of the AGM remotely with the presence of his wife giving him constant live update? Who is playing God?  Do we continue to let BAV (the devil) be God or let God be God?  Can we honour God’s name if the devil is playing God?

Is it not evil power continue to dominate the church leaders into darkness? Why are the church leaders so reluctant to walk in the light? But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin. 1 John 1:7.  Good Friday reminds us the price Jesus had paid on the cross.