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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Response to the Bishop of Sabah, Dtk Albert Vun's Conduct & Leadership

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia 2011. 
How long more the Sabah Anglican Diocese continues to be in the hands of a dictator? What will happen to All Saints' Cathedral’s 100 years of deeply rooted spiritual inheritance nurtured from the previous faithful servants of God? How will this legacy be continued with the vision of a dictator of this season who leads the entire diocese & church with no biblical principles of humility, love, care, compassion & forgiveness?  Too many deceits and deceptions have covered up the real facts from being surfaced.  Too many lies & untrue facts have been given by him.  He will not tell how many experienced, dynamic, intelligent, godly trained people under him has been gotten rid by him and replaced by his team of young and inexperience people with no confidence to stand up to differentiate what is right and wrong in eyes of God. Isn't this called a dictatorship showing wicked leadership with no confidence?

How is his relationship with God then? Do you think he hears from God or himself? Over the past 5 years, sad to say many Anglicans have left the church.  Do you think a godly leader will continuously rebuke his good people from unveiling the truth if what has been done is justified with a worthy cause? Where is his heart? Do you think a leader with a heart after God will ask his people to leave the church as the body of Christ? Does he has the right to ask people to leave the church? Should the people leave or he should leave? 
So many old members have left because they are discouraged with his preaching but he continues to paint a false picture there is growth. This is a total deception. Instead, he will show off his own accomplishment, famous in completing big projects & buildings, spending extravagantly for everything because of his capability but he never reveal the truth above all that those buildings done by him didn't go through any approval process.  He has exposed the entire Diocese to such a great risk just because he wants to show his own success for self glorification. Are we not living in God's grace? How long more can we continue with this? 

In all occasion, just because he thinks he is the Bishop, he can exercise all his power and greatness without limit.  Can he exploit his power and position to such abuse?
Why is he so enthusiated on concrete buildings rather than building up relationship with people? Is it due to self seeking interest in money and power? Where is his true love of building up people? Don't you think this has gone beyond tolerance level?  What can we do to unveil the hidden truth of a wicked dictator who is leading the entire Diocese of Sabah at risks? 

These many months of sermons have been bias over his own opinion rather than on the biblical teachings. Why are people trying to express their views about his leadership are being accused as mockers? Who are the real mockers? What relevance has the practice of Chinese superstition to the bible? Do you think he should be the Sanballat in Nehemiah instead of his members? Why is he denying his own wrongs by trying to deceive all the members? Do you think the Diocese will be in great trouble if continue under the leadership of a dictator? If you want to salvage our Diocese of Sabah, let's arise and do something before it is too late.

Let's give our comments collectively for the good of our next generations of Sabah Anglicans.