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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Response to the Bishop of Sabah, Dtk Albert Vun's Conduct & Leadership

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia 2011. 
How long more the Sabah Anglican Diocese continues to be in the hands of a dictator? What will happen to All Saints' Cathedral’s 100 years of deeply rooted spiritual inheritance nurtured from the previous faithful servants of God? How will this legacy be continued with the vision of a dictator of this season who leads the entire diocese & church with no biblical principles of humility, love, care, compassion & forgiveness?  Too many deceits and deceptions have covered up the real facts from being surfaced.  Too many lies & untrue facts have been given by him.  He will not tell how many experienced, dynamic, intelligent, godly trained people under him has been gotten rid by him and replaced by his team of young and inexperience people with no confidence to stand up to differentiate what is right and wrong in eyes of God. Isn't this called a dictatorship showing wicked leadership with no confidence?

How is his relationship with God then? Do you think he hears from God or himself? Over the past 5 years, sad to say many Anglicans have left the church.  Do you think a godly leader will continuously rebuke his good people from unveiling the truth if what has been done is justified with a worthy cause? Where is his heart? Do you think a leader with a heart after God will ask his people to leave the church as the body of Christ? Does he has the right to ask people to leave the church? Should the people leave or he should leave? 
So many old members have left because they are discouraged with his preaching but he continues to paint a false picture there is growth. This is a total deception. Instead, he will show off his own accomplishment, famous in completing big projects & buildings, spending extravagantly for everything because of his capability but he never reveal the truth above all that those buildings done by him didn't go through any approval process.  He has exposed the entire Diocese to such a great risk just because he wants to show his own success for self glorification. Are we not living in God's grace? How long more can we continue with this? 

In all occasion, just because he thinks he is the Bishop, he can exercise all his power and greatness without limit.  Can he exploit his power and position to such abuse?
Why is he so enthusiated on concrete buildings rather than building up relationship with people? Is it due to self seeking interest in money and power? Where is his true love of building up people? Don't you think this has gone beyond tolerance level?  What can we do to unveil the hidden truth of a wicked dictator who is leading the entire Diocese of Sabah at risks? 

These many months of sermons have been bias over his own opinion rather than on the biblical teachings. Why are people trying to express their views about his leadership are being accused as mockers? Who are the real mockers? What relevance has the practice of Chinese superstition to the bible? Do you think he should be the Sanballat in Nehemiah instead of his members? Why is he denying his own wrongs by trying to deceive all the members? Do you think the Diocese will be in great trouble if continue under the leadership of a dictator? If you want to salvage our Diocese of Sabah, let's arise and do something before it is too late.

Let's give our comments collectively for the good of our next generations of Sabah Anglicans.


  1. I am sure this blog is most welcomed because of the worsening situations in the Diocese of Sabah and All Saints Cathedral.

    Bishop Albert Vun is acting very arrogantly now because his chancellor has saved him from the valid complaints of the Sabah Anglicans. Just because Sabah Anglicans didn't put their names in their letters, Bishop Vun will not answer all the questions on all the abuses in the moneys of the Diocese and All Saints Cathedral. This is in millions of Ringgit. Those complaints were so obvious and real but he could easily denied them all. Don't you think it is serious enough and we should do something?

    In All Saints Cathedral, he can abuse more because he will use his position as the bishop to overrule everyone. Have you seen how the lights have been decorated on the trees now? This is more extravagant than the Orchard Road in Singapore! I heard the initial amount was RM75,000 without any quotations. Despite there were objections from members, he still went ahead with the deal to a slightly lower amount but didn't want to consider other alternatives. Why was there no other quotations at the 1st place? How can he simply go ahead with the deal?
    He then came to the bulletin to justify the offerings have been used beneficially. How has decorative lights benefited the church? Surely he never tell the church how much he has spent for the lights.

    If the members are informed the amount proposed and spent for the lights, do you think they still want to give? I will not. How about you?

    Very concerned Anglican

  2. I agree with Very Concerned Anglican. I will not give my money to agree such an extravagant spending. How much more meaningful if this is spent for someone in need? Sad enough he emphasises on buildings and not relationship building on people.

    Bishop Vun’s entire attitude of spending money is wrong. He thinks the money received through offering is entirely in his hands & he decides alone on what and how to spend. Members have offered their hard earned money but he spends it all with no sympathy thinking this is God’s provision. He is truly arrogant.

    He has said the money received through offering is the Lord’s money and yet he simply spends the Lord’s money without any fear and honour but spending it extravagantly. We are truly in God’s grace isn’t it? Best solution to deal with this, members should not give so there is no excess money to spend on the luxuries. We can give to so many other Christian organisations that we think they are trustworthy in handling funds.

  3. Good job, ASC!

    Now we start to get everyone to voice out their views without the fear of the Big Boss and his spies!

    Why not post all the relevant emails and letters that was mentioned in the Bulletin, so that those who have not sighted these can do so now and formed their own opinion?

    Cheers--- I can see the beginning of a new dawn!

  4. Discouraged faithful

    Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday, as one prepares for Sunday worship, instead of a heart of thankfulness and looking forward to Sunday worship, there is this reluctance to go nowadays-why? you arrive, is greeted by smiling ushers, sit down,have your quiet moment and -very fearfully start to read your bulletin anticipating angry scolding words...and yes....indeed that's what has been happening almost every Sunday now. Praise and Worship is fine, but when the sermon is about to be preached, there is this unpleasant 'expectation' sure kena marah again..and yes! tetap kena!
    I wonder why when we go to church to get some spiritual food, what we get instead leaves such a bitter taste in our mouths,whether its worth going anymore. Parts of the preaching may be good but when you get some nasty telling off it totally erase the good.
    We get scolded don't know for what-the bishop always say people talk bad about him, criticise the leaders, is not supportive of the church..what bad things have the people talk about him ?does he have so many bad things for people to talk about?how is it we never have this problem with the past previous bishops? if people don't support the church there won't be people attending services and giving every Sunday, but if this continues and more and more people cannot stand the scolding then maybe one day people will really not support the church anymore.
    Does he realise visitors who come and hear him scolding his church goers must leave wondering why this church sermons are like that? how come this church leaders and people are so not on good terms, hey, this is supposed to be a place to worship and get spiritual food, how come sounds more like a quarrel and fighting arena-only thing it's just a one way traffic-maybe that's why this blog has been started so people get a chance to voice their discord and unhappiness...
    I will still go tomorrow and pray this Sunday will be more pleasant..

    by the way, the lights are beautiful...but if it comes with that cost..maybe should remember we are called to be light of the world to shine for Jesus with our lives, not use light bulbs to shine-much more use can be made with the money for building churches in the kampongs, help the poor and needy, instead of paying the electrical contractor and SESB

  5. Let's keep our eyes on God. He has His purpose in all things. He has taken care of all of our mess in all of human history up till now. God will make a way. I share your concerns and have shed much tears, lost much sleep these passed few weeks. Be assured that as the Body of Christ hurts Jesus hurts even more. 2 practical pointers I have adopted:

    1. Do not read the bulletin before the service. I find much of the sermons are quite fair if I am not pre-influenced by the bulletin.
    2. Pray with like minded brothers and sisters in Christ and ask God to intervene.

    Let us strive on, give where you will give cheerfully, study the Word as the Spirit guides and gives understanding, encourage one another in our fellowship.

  6. Faithful Saints- "The Sanballat Vun"29 October 2011 at 10:27

    We have tolerated more than just few weeks of mocking from the pulpit. As long as I can remember this has started even back from year 2010 and lately it is happening every Sundays.

    Even we pray for the situation it is helpless because Bishop Vun is never a good listener. How can he hear God where he only chooses to listen to himself and no one else?

    Even God sends messengers to deal with him, he will kick these messengers left right centre and also come many rounds of mocking from the pulpit. The only way God intervene is to shut him down. That will be serious. He was shut for almost a month after his trip to Philippines but he didn’t see it as God’s dealing with him.

    Faithful Saints like us should not be influenced by their discouraging preaching because they are wrong and not us. We go to church to worship God. What we are concerned is the direction we are heading on. How do you feel to bring your new friends to church 1st time to be mocked as Sanballat? Will you be the one most embarrassed?

  7. Facts & Figure said................,
    1/. DOS paid a piece of land in Sipitang at an
    inflated price of RM 800K, when it was only
    valued at RM 180K.
    2/. DOS sold the best piece of land next to
    Chung Hwa Likas for RM 31.5 million.
    3/. More then 12 Ps. & Rev. resigned during the
    last 6 years.
    4/. A Ps. from ASC was sacked 24hrs, because she
    brought some of her friends to Kokol
    Retreat Center.
    5/. ASC Ps. called for staff meeting among
    themselves & approved a spending of RM 75K
    to light up ASC bypassing PCC.
    When elected PCC heard & protested
    about it, only then did ASC called for a
    PCC meeting for a vote.
    Staff & Ps. at ASC were instructed to attend
    PCC meeting in full force to vote a yes
    spending on lighting up ASC, thus out voted
    ELECTED PCC members.Lightings reduced to
    RM 40,000.00 & NO TENDER & QUOTATION.
    6/. New carpeting done at ASC by "Kuala Lumpur"
    carpeting company for RM 45,000.00.
    7/. Repaint ASC pews, cost RM 50,000.00 & NO
    8/. Deanery furniture have to be shipped in from
    Kuala Lumpur. KK no furniture shops ?
    9/.Bishop bought RM 25,000.00 Korean plates &
    now secretly kept at Kokol Retreat Center &
    ASC had to pay for these culinary.
    10/.ASC was instructed to buy a Proton Saga car
    for a Pastor. Why the double standard ?

  8. I feel at this time and as always God's Word shall guide us. We need to be alert as to what is taught on the pulpit and propagated in the bulletin. Any analysis on this morning's (30.10.11) sermon?

    I find it interesting that Neh 8:10 is preached on extensively, and relevantly:

    'Nehemiah said, "Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, . . . This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength."'

    What was totally ignored was the part in the middle:

    ' . . and send some to those who have nothing prepared . . .'

    All in the same verse, but the verse is preached on selectively. Perhaps we ran out of time? Perhaps we will hear the Word of God as instructing us to care for the community, that God's people should be relational, that what we are blessed with is never meant for ourselves. Oh well, maybe next week.

    Some frogs are asked to be deaf. Most frogs are told to be mute. A flock of fumbling frogs feeling in the dark, distracted by the light bulbs that produce more heat than light, saved only by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. It seems that the plan by "The Sanballat Vun" has now slowly unfolded:
    1 Set himself as “permanent” acting Dean of ASC.
    2 Move his die hard followers from Tawau and provide them with the best perks.
    3 Get rid of the remaining old but faithful clergy and staff workers, and built a wall around him with his colonies.
    4 Make ASC the “Training Centre” of the Diocese, so that nobody is “qualified” enough to be appointed Dean! This would justify his occupying the Dean’s post indefinitely.
    5 The unconstitutional and dictatorial manner he is running the PCC.
    After strong resistance from the English congregation on his dictatorial, unconstitutional and dubious way of running the PCC, he devised an ingenious but devious strategy of getting more “yesmen and women” into the PCC by Block Votes form BM congregation at the AGM. This resulted in the posts of Dean’s Warden, Peoples Warden, and Secretary, (the majority in the PCC Executive Committee” being from the BM Congregation. Had it not been the Divine Intervention, even the key Treasurer’s post would have gone to the BM as well. Everyone at the AGM remembered vividly the words of the Chairman, who shut up the Treasurer by getting her microphone turned off, and more or less commanded the members not to re-elect her! One should see his face after the election, when the English congregation, with the backing of the Chinese speaking members, told him in no uncertain term that he is wrong! How many weeks did he stay away from the 7.30 am service after the AGM?
    6 When the allegation of inappropriate conducts and possibly CBT activities at the Diocesean level was made against him, he brushed them aside, and denied all being lies. Little did he realize that by publishing the comments in the Bulletin, he had alerted the whole diocese, and those who had never heard of these so-called poison emails began to find out more. He had indeed poked a hornet’s nest! We are still waiting to see more of these writings! Perhaps the originators will publish these in this site soon for all to read.
    But he has now started to use proxies to carry out his mischievous deeds by remote control, and our poor Big Gun Skinny does not know what he is in for, religiously carrying out instruction that may one day land him into hot soup!
    7 Favoritism, Nepotism, Money politics, all these had crept into the Diocese and ASC. Just see who occupied the Deanery for the last 5 years or so. Who is the de-facto “assistant Dean” of ASC? Our poor Big Gun? No, it is Shortee Lolly! She can veto everything! Watch your words –everything get reported to the big boss! Wonder where they get sent for intelligence training –CIA or KGB?
    8 40K for decorative lights? 40k for carpets at the Sanctuary? 50k for Proton Saga? Hey, friends, these are peanuts!
    This is the Biggy! 30M Celebration Center! This would surely thumb down his dear cousin, currently with the largest church complex in KK, something he had always wanted to avenge! For his own glory!
    Yes, all you need is to sell your bungalow, and give! Simple isn’t it?

  10. From the least

    Centinary Celebration

    It just cross my mind after hearing so many sermons about being the light and salt of the earth that we should make every opportunity to evangelise to the non-Christian from the pulpit week after week.We were told as cell groups to take all types of occassion to invite non-Christian friends to join us in celebration so that we can show our love and care to them at the same time share to them the good news of Jesus Christ (eg.Like birthday, anniversary Christmas and so on). But when come to such a big celebration like the 100 years all saints cathedral centinary celebration. As bishop Vun himself said this is once in a lifetime celebration yet the way it was celebrated there is nothing we can be proud of, or remember by or have done anything to glorify the Lord. Instead of have the grand dinner at One borneo Why cannot the Asc and Dos give a free dinner to all Asc members at the car park and ask them to invite their non-Christian relatives and friends to join in this once in a life time celebration at the very place where the church was established and at the same time follow by evangelism. Many other activities can be included. We must always remember that a large number of our members are poor, who also wish to share this once in a life time celebration with all other members but cannot effort to go to one borneo and want to bring non-Christian friends to be evangelised. It is more meaningful to have the celebration at the very church that we are celebrating rather than at one Borneo. I am sure that whatever the cost of catering, decorating and organising for such a celebration is most worth while and I am sure no one will compliant but will greatly appreciate it. Asc members have so much talents which is God given to help his churh but unfortunately we have a tyrant and dictator runnig the church like his own property, who will not listen to anyone but himself. Lastly I was wondering what type of sermon were preached at the pulpit these day. I only heard self glorifying sermon. It alway start of with himself, his experienced. God ordained priests to preach His words and not the the preacher experience. There are many references in the Bible which They can quote which is God's words. what you said of yourself can be true or false but the words of God can never be wrong. Just observe and listen to those visiting Preachers, especialy the mat salleh when they preach they only preach God's words from the Bible. It is the arrogant and self glorification of our leader that have also influence his pet crony to preach like him because it music to his ears. Will be back later.
    31st Octerber 2011

  11. After so many voices of unhappiness being aired, do you think Bishop Vun will pause to take a reality check? No smoke without fire..I hope he does and not simply continue to brush opposition aside with carefully selected verses from the Bible (Nehemiah, Haggai).Love your flock, Bishop Vun,and do some listening for a change.

  12. We should mobilized all cells / bible study groups throughout SABAH to pray for our " BELOVED " Bishop & some of our full time clergy to be more down to earth, humble & sincere.
    In the just concluded dinner at 1 Borneo Ballroom recently, have you seen our " BELOVED " Bishop & any of our Pastors went round the tables talking to our parishioners, beside our very humble & much loved " Big gun Skinny " ?
    Our " BELOVED " Bishop surely will gain much lost PR points had he gone round to some of the 100 tables to shake hands & talk to diners.
    The only places our " BELOVED " Bishop " went during the night was the stage, twice & the furthest was the man's loo.
    BELOVED " Bishop, please for the good of our future generations & the ASC, please,please, please, I humbly beg you to be more humble.( One must gain the rightful respect rather then DEMAND respect ).
    Please learn some PR skills from our past Bishops & if only our " BELOVED " Bishop & some of our full time Pastors had 10% PR skills of our much loved Datin Julia Yong, the Cathedral will not have so much problems today.
    It's NOT too late to take a reality check to change for the better, as all ASC parishioners are a forgiving lots.
    Lastly, kindly stop abusing the bible verses to suit your convenience.

  13. S Chin

    Reading the above comments I can't help but must add on-

    Anonymous- you are not so 'right' in saying many want to go to the dinner in 1Borneo but cannot afford to do so-didn't you know the tickets were 'finished' long even before October came? How can you blame the bishop from getting the impression his flock is made up of reeeaaaally rich people? what is RM50? sup sup sui la....aiyaah you don't know how to fren fren people otherwise you could have got free invitations to go, no need to pay money one......

    But I totally agree with you about using the ocassion to have each and every anglican from All Saints Cathedral celebrate the 100th anniversary by having it in the church compound which will be much more meaningful....but.. but.. but you forget what your "BELOVED" bishop preached before that everything for God and the man of God must be first class and 5***** meh? So must hold celebration in 5 STAR hotel if not then at least must got aircondition also....and some class.

    No wonder also "BELOVED" bishop asked for people to donate 100,000- each, do arithmatic first-

    1 person 100,000- one year just 50,000.-
    10 persons 1,000,000-
    100 people 10,000,000.-

    WOW! see sup sup sui...

    Also, one bungalow 1million,
    20 bungalows = 20 million

    See, easy!

    ONLY problem has he ever consider how many people in All Saints Cathedral are earning so much money??? Does he know how many are earning only maybe much less than 50,000 even no need eat, no need pay water SEB bills, no need pay rental or housing loan, no need pay car loan and petrol also after deducting EPF and income tax also cannot afford to come up with 50,000 a year!

    Bungalows? My goodness it just shows how , if , "BELOVED" bishop , big gun...-I like this title better than Canon...or his other pastors have done any visitation to his parishioners....because if they have they will see and know many simply live in terrace houses, if luckier, semi-detached, some in apartments, struggling each month to pay the bank and how MANY actually NEVER even have the luxury to live in a bungalow let alone have surplus to sell!!!! Oh my goodness!! Does he really think his parishioners are all multi millionaires?? all love in bungalows like him and some of his clergy kah?? Come one, come down to earth PLEASE, take a drive, go see how the humble live...yet cannot blame him because many are still faithfully giving 10% and even more because they are old faithful and do their part.

    Talk about million dollars bungalows....we used to have a really nice time every Christmas up at the bishop's lodge where you meet other friends from other churches...but now that the simple lodge has now been transformed into a multi million bungalow?...we poor parishioners got no chance even to go ........ we all not good enough to visit kah?

    Who knows maybe this year? Maybe pray hard got chance?

  14. Wiseman,
    Give only where you see the needs even though you may be loaded with easy money. No church would like to throw their money to build a complex for recreation and entertainment purposes. Look at kokol prayer resort, who is using it? what is it for? Show off? God gives you a mind to think and decide what to do with the money in your pocket. You don't need to blindly follow fatty skinny or Lollys command. You won't get to heaven by just carrying their legs.
    Just let the 30mil complex be another abandon project in town like the one next door. Noone can stop whatever fatty shinny and lolly want to do.

  15. From Practical Christian.

    Decide for yourself. The RM30,000,000 Celebration Centre will have an auditorium that holds 5,000 attendants, a basketball court, two futsal pitches, multi-storey carparks and the DOS office.

    Post construction maintenance cost of the mega-structure will cost at least RM15,000 per month. This may be justified by having an income from paid parking, futsal and basketball venue rentals and auditorium rentals to hold religious events.

    However, we cannot be charged for parking if we attend our regular services. Not all play basketball or futsal so the rental may not be that regular. The auditorium, to be politically correct, should not be used by other churches unless they are Anglican.

    The solution as I can think of is to congregate all KK City Anglican church attendants to worship at the 5,000 seater. Close down their local parishes and sell the properties for cash. Send out the excess parish clergys to missions or schools to meet the shortage presently facing.

    There you are. Simple.

  16. Humble Christian2 November 2011 at 04:19

    Practical Christian, you obviously do not have a high society life style. The facilities are more for the church staff and families. You as an ASC member should look after them well. Everything must be within reach for them and their children so that they don't need to drive them to various places. Their children will play futsal or basketball while their parents will go for gyms within the compound.

    The facilities are for private use, just like the kokol prayer resort. Try you go there and see whether you will be allow to go in?
    It will not be easy to rent your facilities for there are many futsal available in town and in shopping complexes. As for the auditorium, there is a big one in Asia City which is always not rented out and and and there will be a biggie coming up which is just beside our open field. This biggie is gonna be the largest auditorium in town.
    Practical Christian, go and work double hard earn more money to support your fellow church leaders. God will bless you a 100fold in return.

  17. Corporate person

    We have a 'CEO' running this church, i hear staff are paid corporate salaries,therefore are able to enjoy living near 5 star styled lives, go 5 star hotel to enjoy rm150 pax buffet for annual dinner where the entire families of staff are invited but it's so sad this 'corporate management' doesn't take into its administration corporate principles and skills.

    Where any corporate /business entity will carry out a feasibility study before embarking on any large project or build any buildings,have a project team to plan and administer, obtain 2 or more quotations for any project to enable ascertain analysis of cost etc.. there doesn't appear to be any team but just a one man show deciding what to do, build what he deems he wants,appoints who he feels is right, and at any cost quoted?

    Hence, we have something like the KOKOL summit built to the excessive tune of rm7mil by the time its all done when a simpler semi concrete structure blending into the contour of the land in the beautiful mountainous terrain of green nature would have been probably much more suitable and cost less. Well, nevermind, maybe that was a mistake, albeit, an expensive one.

    Now, we are talking about a rm30mil complex? An auditorium? in door futsal and basketball court? Whose idea is it?Who proposed and approved it? was any studies done to find out is there a need? Okay maybe we need a bigger hall once in a while when we have Ordinations, Christmas and evangelical meetings-but has anyone simply open their ears to the corporate world- ok, man if God is not man of the world, but there ARE plenty of corporate people in the church, professionals-engineers, architects, QS, valuers, contracters, accountants, lawyers, who know and can tell you that just next door is an auditorium being built-the biggest one in KK somemore, at our doorstep for rental as and when we need-but have any been consulted?any been asked? any been appointed to the project team-erm..was there one at all in fact?

    How often and how much use will be made of the futsal and basketball courts in tandem with the cost of building it?

    Does the church really have so much funds to spend on such an expensive and not that necessary 'complex' ? At the end of the day we are going back to the parishioners-we are talking about milking the same cows(- sorry people-)do we reaaly need this complex? From the general comments and feedback around-of course the youths are the enthusiastic ones why not? they get some nice aircond facilities and hello! they aren't the ones forking any money to build it what...but how do people feel about this project? Back to corporate management, where is the corporate styled 'head' of the church thinking? Has any thought been given to furnishing the complex? cost of maintaining it after its been built?

    Smaller projects like the lights, carpeting, pews polishing, various renovation etc...has proper quotations been obtained from respectable and established relative professionals? Costs could have been minimised trememndously.

    At the end of the day, the bishop will say we arn't a corporate entity but by faith do everything, will also have enough cash to do all he plans to do, but I just pray he uses some wisdom and listens to the Lord and listens to the people around him whom God has provided for him to talk to, to consult and advise, so his people of this church wont be so hurt and suffer some in silence , some in anger,and so all unhappily.

  18. I have a question: How come the Bishop can get away without calling for Quotations & Tenders for all those expenditure? Is the phrase "I AM THE BISHOP OF SABAH!" so powerful and over-riding all protests? If this continues unchecked, ASC is going to be milked dry in the near future.

  19. Haya anonymous lau sang choo,
    have lots of $$$$$$.............,but there are all in your pockets lah.
    Ming pai, pu ming pai ?? Why you sooooooooo low
    IQ one !
    Ppl son also contibutes 6 months of his allowances to the CC, why you grown up lau sang choo soooooooooo childish ?

  20. To all my learned All Saints, STOP asking S T U P I D questions as to why NO quotations, No Tenders & etc etc.
    Don't you guys know who is Vun Cheong Fui ? NOT only is he the B I G S H O T of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah........., he is what he thinks, second in command to GOD. Who are you elected PCC members & so called " very senior ASC members ", sup sup sui, can put you guys into the pocket any time.
    Vun Cheong Fui said, don't be afraid of men & he is only answerable to GOD.
    Who said the money is yours ? ,it is important for all of us to know that the money you guys are talking about is actually the Lord's money. So it is very very wrong to say that the church is using your money.
    So, my learned All Saints, if you are so unhappy on how Vun Cheong Fui managed the DOS & ASC, you are most welcome to leave & see whether other Bishops will want to take you in ?

  21. Some of the comments could have been more credible if you had written with less emotion and without name calling.

    Proverbs11v6: With his mouth the godless man destroys his neighbor, but through knowledge shall the righteous be delivered.
    Psalm 31 v 20 In the shelter of Your (God's) presence You hide the righteous from the intrigues of men; in Your pavilion You keep them safe from the strife of tongues.

  22. Watching with Interest3 November 2011 at 23:14

    Satan loves strife but God is the Sovereign God in control of everything. The day will come when God gets the unrighteous to kneel before His judgment throne.

    Be of good cheer, it is unfallen truth that :-

    Good always overcomes evil.

  23. Let's be more reasonable here. Is there SOP for purchases? That it requires quotations and tenders? And in most organisations, there is a requirement for at least two signatories for cheques issued. The Honorary Treasurer is likely to be one. Why did he/she sign it if it was not in accordance with procedures? And all accounts have to be audited before AGM. Has the Auditors made any comments about irregularities?

    Some decisions are made in Standing Committee. Any member objected to the sale of land next to Chung Hwa? Anyone in Standing Committee objected to the Kokol Prayer Centre?

    Who valued the land in Sipitang? Was it not a Licensed Valuer? If it was really so grossly inflated, the Valuer should be blamed.

    We should not be punching at one man but the PCC and Standing Committee and Auditors should be responsible as well.

  24. Perhaps God has intervened to let this blog happen. As quoted above. In Proverbs 6 v.11 it says "......through knowledge shall the righteous be delivered". How would so many of us know what is happening in our Diocese if this blog did not bring so many things to our notice ? So much contempt and so much accusations ? This may be the beginning of revelation (not Biblical) for us to see if the DOS is indeed heading on a wrong path and why the Standing Committee, PCC, Treasurer and land valuer let all the accusations materialize.

  25. From the least

    I hope some parishioners’ out there can help me, with some of the questions I and many of my brothers and sisters in Christ wish to know about our Vision school in Tawau
    1.How many students do we have so far?
    2.What are our overhead expenses per month? ( in breakdown details)
    3.What is our monthly income?
    4.How many students have come to know Christ?
    In the first place why do we need to undertake such a school? As I understand the independent school in Kota-Kinabalu, like Chung Chin, Kian Kok and KS Fung with full capacity students can hardly manage to turnover their monthly expenses. Most of wealthy people in Tawau prefer to send their children to KK or Kl or overseas for their education. In the same light we have so many existing mission schools that we can evangelise to the students. We can build hostel like the existing one in St. Michael’s Sandakan. We let non-Christian children’s especially the poor from the interior to stay in the hostel and set rules for them to follow, like the good old days. I understand that many of today’s strong and faithful Christians were the fruits of such system. I must say again that our God have given our DOS a lot of very talented parishioners especially to assist our bishop but unfortunately we have a bishop that is full of pride and arrogant, who see these people as a treat to his dreams.
    Touching on the 30m celebration center, may I suggest that our bishop should act by faith what he preach so often in the pulpit, that he pledge all the money which he sold his land and house to the DOS. I am sure God will bless him back 30, 60, and 100 folds and all us should follow his good example.
    4th Nov, 2011

  26. May the words of my mouth, the meditations of my heart, and the comments I post, be acceptable to God, my Redeemer. Let us not mis-behave because the Bishop first mis-behaved. We are not going to stand before God and say: but he started it! Let this not be a slaughtering ground of certain characters, otherwise how are we different from him who slaughters others in the bulletin? Drink some leong cha, chill out! All the characters who have now been dubbed with new names have contributed greatly in our lives and our church. Let us not wipe that off. For some reason, and that is the ingenuity of the system, there is now a great gulf between us, that they are deaf to our 'croaking', and blind to our 'signing'. I, for one, believe that they have been, at some point, really sincere. If someone out there can stomach it, perhaps you can show them some All Saints' hospitality and invite them out for a drink (leong cha?) and talk? Those who have been branded 'Sanballat' and 'Shemaiah' can't do much now. But many of you can. God is not deaf, nor blind, nor His arms too short, though I often wonder why is God so slow. There must be something that God wants us to learn. Let us be sincere in our prayers to God, and our encouragement to brothers and sisters in Christ. God will see us through this mess.

    Incidentally, I am puzzled as to how a theologically trained person could preach on Acts 2:17 like he did on 1st Nov.

  27. From the least

    I sincerely pray that let us not start quarrelling among ourselves, it will not benefit anyone. I believe all those who put their comments here love our bishop and pastors. I also believe personally that no one want to put those comments if not for the love of our DOS and churches. Those who commented hope that correction can be made, and future decisions be consulted and proper approval obtain, through proper and honest voting. In future for mega project it is better to get feedback from the parishioners first then bring it to a subcommittee for in depth study and further deliberation before bringing it to the standing com for further discussion and voting. When it was approved I am sure every parishioner will give their full support both in spirit and money. Please do not think for a moment that we want to run down anyone by putting our comments here. We only wish to high light some of the faults and wrong actions which was taken. As our beloved bishop said we are doing it for the future generation, then we should plan properly so that the next generation will not suffer because of our bad planning. All our projects must ensure our ability and the ability of the future generation to sustains it and that it is fully utilise both for the present and future use. The folly and haste decision by a single person especially supported by yes men will have it consequences and in the end will create a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I am sure all of us who commented in this web site have the hearts and loves of our bishop our priests and pastors though we do not agree to their action and behaviour, please bear this in mind because all of us will stand before the judgement site Of Christ at end time. Lastly all of us should learn from our mistakes, in this way we will become wiser and happier because life is a process of learning from our mistakes. No one is perfect accept the Lord Jesus Christ.

  28. I totally agreed with the last comment from anonymous, very well said & why are we making these unkind comments in a blog for the general public?
    What good does it brings to ASC & DOS ? Just pure bad publicity for Anglicans.
    Will you go to a blog to run down your parents like you all did to our Bishop & ASC ?
    Others & the demons are celebrating & laughing at all of us at ASC.
    I sincerely pray for commonsense to prevail & hopefully our Bishop will change for the better after all these angers subside.

    Your brother in Christ.

  29. It is Sunday tomorrow. Just want to say to all: give to the Lord the worship that is due to Him, do not stop meeting (Heb 10:25), do not with-hold what belongs to the Lord (give to where the Lord's work is done, not necessarily where you are told to give), be attentive (and discerning) to the message from the pulpit. If reading the bulletin disturbs you, as it does me, then do not read it till the service is over. Jesus has given His all to break down the wall of hostility that we may be reconciled to God in one body through the cross (Eph 2:16). Let us not make a mockery of His one perfect sacrifice. Come, and come in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in peace, as one body. Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works (Heb 10:24).

  30. Concerned Member5 November 2011 at 07:24

    I am sure this blog only interest those who are concerned most like me. If I am not part of it, I will not waste my time at all to read what has been written. How else can we discuss if not here? Remember? Before the start of the AGM 2011 in ASC we were forewarned not to speak? Otherwise he as the bishop can expel us out from the AGM. I am surprised nobody reminded him he only came with the capacity of the Dean to chair the AGM not as the bishop.

    Diocesan policy requires 50% of project cost before any launch of new projects. I am sure he will announce proudly if he has RM15mil! He launched the building without sufficient funds raised yet. There are guidelines and policies. But, does he follow? Who can stop him if he doesn’t listen? I am sure some elected PCC (other than those “yes” men & “yes” women) have also raised their disapprovals but they have been overridden!

    Is it valid for him to use the PCC and the standing committee’s “so called approval” to go ahead committing RM30mil for ASC & Diocese? We all know the PCC & standing committee are under his unconstitutional & dictatorial administration. In short, purely it was a one man’s decision! Don’t forget also the PCC are with majority his innocent young priests & pastors came in for training and they are in the payroll. Who dares to voice objections? He/she will be the 1st to go losing his/her career.

    I am interested to know, can anyone launch a building to start raising funds even before the plan has been approved by the authorities? Most developers dare not launch their projects unless the development projects are approved.

  31. “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.”
    Philippians 1:27

    We face good times and bad. In the good times we are tempted to forget our Lord. In the bad times we are prone to complain to our Heavenly Father. But what we are called to is to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. In good times, let us be thankful for how God has blessed us and freely give of our abundance to others. In the bad times let us seek God in prayer, knowing that whatever is happening is according to His will and He will walk us through what He sees as necessary at the time. We are safe in God’s will whether it be blessings or hardships. Nothing can touch us when we stand in God’s will as humble obedient servants. The only thing that can shake us in good times is our selfish desire to have more of the same. The only thing that can undermine our faith in hardships is our fleshly thoughts that God is unfair and dishonest in His Words of hope. Let us seek to continue to keep in step with the Spirit and walk in a manner worthy of the Gospel.
    (- Dr Michael Farrar - Quoted by permission )

  32. To some of my brothers in Christ who had posted some very negative comments, I would like to urge them to show some maturity & act like a grown up. Stop behaving like " kurang ajar ".
    Instead of posting all those negative & destructive comments for all to read, wouldn't it far better for you to go down on your knee to pray for our Bishop, Pastors, Clergy & parishioners for unity,good leadership,wisdom, accountability & lots of commonsense to prevail.
    Your comments could have been more commendable, if it had been more positive with suggestions.
    Your in Christ.
    BM Congregation.

  33. Our beloved BM Congregation, we are all the body of Christ. Please do not call us “Kurang ajar”. We had a series of scolding sermons continuously for the past few months. We hope you have not learned these “kurang ajar” words from the pulpit to scold us now. We forgive you for using the wrong choice of words. Kalau kita dah silap dengan Bahasa Inggeris Kita kena digelar “Kurang ajar” pula, Kita minta maaf kerana Kita orang Msia aja and Inggeris Kita tak berapa teratur.

    It is serious enough our church is heading on to this direction and yes, we do think the BM congregation need to be alert & pray more for God’s revelations, wisdom and understanding so we are in the oneness with other congregations to speak forth righteousness. The BM also represents the voice of the church. Therefore, we all have a duty to stand before the Lord for what is right and wrong.

    Genesis 16:5 Then Sarai said to Abram, “You are responsible for the wrong I am suffering.

    Acts 4:29 Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Surely certain people had prayed enough and God has given them revelations and better understanding to see things beyond what we can see.

    Isaiah 7:14-16 “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. He will be eating curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, for before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste.

  34. from the least

    My dear brother in Christ if you have known all the wrongs done to our DOS and churches you would not have say what you have said. We cannot hide behind facts and think nothing will happen. If we continue to allow blunders and dictatorial decisions to be made and have his own ways eventually he will destroy our DOS and all its churches. It is because we love our beloved bishop, priests and pastors as much as you do if not more, that’s why we have no alternative but to let him know so that he will know where he has gone astray. We are here not to run down any one but to help to correct the wrong. We can just keep quiet and say nothing but in the end who will suffer, at the same time we are also answerable to God too. What is the use of building mega structure or renovating churches and residences if you do not have the numbers to fill and support it? Isn’t it wiser to spend all our resources in increasing our numbers through mission work and evangelism? When we have the numbers God will provide the structures. And through the increase in numbers we will be able to sustain come what may. To build a mega building it’s only proper to have proper planning, knowledge, wisdom and in depth study including feedback from the parishioners by a subcommittee before putting it to the standing committee for final deliberation and approval with honest members and not yes men like what we have now. What we do now will affect our future generation. Don’t you think we too want to have mega structure? Don’t you think we too have faith in God to provide? But God also gave us the wisdom to make wise decisions. Just ask ourselves honestly do we really need to a basketball court,2 futsal courts and a gymnasium. If we have to pay for the facilities how many can effort? I hope the BM congregation can take the lead in using the facilities to the full if the project materialise. If it is free can we sustain? Everything is so easy to the yes men because it is very easy for them to earn money or they have plenty of property to sell and give it to the church. Big words alone without hard work will bring no result. Brother dreams will not get you anywhere. That is why you so often hear people say “don’t be dreaming”(jagan mimbi lah) I need not explain further. We have all the land we need provided we do not continue to sell it like the LIKAS land. We can forget the future cost of building, as I have mentioned above when we have the numbers God will certainly provide and the building will be fully utilise but if we have a mega building now and poorly utilise we will have to bear the cost and consequences like the vision school in Tawau.

  35. Humble Bumble Bee

    I fully subscribe to the views of “from the least”. Very accurate and well argued.
    I just want to add that no one is infallible, be it the Bishop of Sabah, or a great king,– anyone who think they are all powerful, will fall one day, if they continue to be arrogant, authoritarian, power crazy, and shut their ears to the cries of the masses.

    We only need to turn to Daniel 4:28-33 to refresh ourselves on how the Great King Nebuchadnezzar was punished for his pride and arrogance. There are more familiar stories of King Solomon and King David whose later years were miserable due to their unfaithfulness to God, until they repented.

    Some of the most important qualities of a Bishop are compassion and humility. Has he shown any compassion in the last 5 years as a Bishop? Many have testified on his tyrannous and abrasive manner in dealing with his clergy and staff who voiced their differing views. Has he shown any forgiveness to anyone? Has he given anyone a second chance?

    Have you not heard the Bishop proclaim ---I am the Bishop, I can do this, I can do that; I am a capable man, and I have the proven track record. I have accomplished this, and I have accomplished that---But, has he ever given glory to God for all his self-proclaimed successes? No, he has claimed all these glories to himself! O where is the humility that is all so important for a man of high position, let alone the Bishop of Sabah, to whom the tens of thousands of Anglicans in Sabah look up for leadership, and example!

    1 Tim 3.2 listed the basic qualities of a Bishop: “ Now a bishop must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, sensible, dignified, hospitable, an apt teacher, no drunkard, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, and no lover of money.”
    Titus 1:7-8: “For a bishop, as God’s steward, must be blameless; he must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of goodness, master of himself, upright, holy, and self-controlled.

    If we examine the present behavior of Bishop Vun, can we honestly say he has satisfied these requirements? One may say to err is human, and he deserve a second chance. OK. We will give him that second chance, even though he never gave his clergy a second chance. But have you not heard him proclaim that he is “deaf”, like the deaf frog who succeeded to scale a wall—his own illustrations on the pulpit!! Perhaps he would read then, as he cannot be blind to all the written comments! Let’s pray that he would repent, and we will forgive him, and give him all the support, for him to right the wrongs!!!!

  36. Why the leadership behaves and do things like this? It's because the enemy,satan, has already planned it before the leadership took over the cathedral.We can discern things already done for the past five years whether from God or not.Jesus has taught us to identify person(s). He said"you know them by their fruits" If he or she does not bear the fruit of the Spirit(Gal.5:22-23)his or her work or plan or programe is not of God.If ASC continues to fight like that i.e.Leadership against congregatiom and vice versa satan will win and ASC will fall into his trap-Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined,and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.(Matt.12:25-26).We do not want this to happen to ASC neither God His Church? If the leadership continues to be disobedient and stubborn he will have to face God.Leader(s) bears more and heavier responsibilities.What shall ASC do then?How does ASC defeat the enemy?The answer is 2 Chronicles7:14 If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land i.e.ASC).

  37. This is not God will ,to build the mega auditorium at this moment.After witness the opening GCC & STS auditorium in early 2010 by our beloved Bishop Vun.
    Straight away i inform the involved designer for both auditorium GCC & STS, my beloved Bishop would looking for you to planning a auditorium which could seated for 2500.In the short period of time the designer informed me our beloved Bishop ask them to present the proposal
    Why 2500,because it could out number another Vun. He can build the biggest auditorium in the city .For STS involved the sum of RM 18 million until today still short for RM 2 million .For STS mega building completed with auditorium, classrooms,library ,multi purpose hall & many other useful facilities.Sorry ah , our beloved Bishop plan have basketball & fustal court besides office & auditorium.Do you think our mega project got the blessing from our God?

  38. What a wonderful sermon on last sunday at ASC. God is sending a clear message to us, both party worshipers & minitries.Before he ending the sermon,he congratulated our church is going to grow for 1500 congregation in future as focus but make sure everyone knowing God well.During his sermon, mentioned churches in UK are growing fast but preach less God words.This is what have happened in our church now. Brothers & sisters in christ, we must read the words of God daily because those clergies taking them monthly salary from God didn't do God work well .During preach the book of Nehemiah from chapter 1 to chapter 8 was misleading. Prayer, faithfulness, integrity, fear God, revival & joy were not preach or teach as God wanted. Burger, frog & other stories filled up our minds after sundays service.Be firm to the word of God & read the word of God daily.

  39. To writer of “BM CONGREGATION”

    Firstly, it is correct to say that only an animal with animal instincts will call brothers and sisters in Christ “Kurang ajar” simply for voicing concerns on the very sad situations in ASC and DOS and praying for changes and improvements.

    Many readers and individual writers to this blog conclude that you are not from BM Congregations, but an individual who wants to curry favour and ‘carry the big foot’ our Bishop.

    Even if you are from the BM Congregations, which is not likely, you do not represent the true BM Congregations.

    Individual writers to this blog mainly from the English and Chinese Congregations write for themselves only, never representing their congregations.

    Whether you are from the BM Congregations or not, let me just assist you and appeal to you:-


    These so called leaders will not tolerate any differing opinions and views, no matter how true and valid.

    You have become exactly like them-calling believers “kurang ajar” in your 1st paragraph.

    The future of DOS and ASC is very bleak as our Bishop has chosen to brain-washed the young clergy to think and act like him-as dictators and treat the church properties as their personal properties.

    PCC and Standing Committee of DOS are not existing anymore-with some very brave individuals shouted down by “yes men, yes women” and cronies of the Bishop whenever they try to speak with good points.

    These “yes men and yes women and cronies” are still there and are to be blamed for misleading the Bishop and shaping him up as a dictator.

    Do you want to be one of them?

    Or are you one of them?


    About 10 of them are forced to resign in the last 5-6 years. Rev. Raymond Chin is the latest to resign last month.

    2 more clergy and some pastors will be resigning the next 6 months- unless the Bishop stops bullying them immediately.

    If you are a clergy or pastor, you need not resign because you think and act exactly like the Bishop. He will look upon you with favour like the majority of the crony young clergy and pastors.


    The bishop has quietly spent over RM500,000.00 to renovate the academy (school) in KL without accounting to anyone. No repayment of the sum because 15 students study there. No money to repay to DOS.

    Rented his house in KL for Rev Tan Chor Kee to stay at very high rentals.

    Spent over RM30,000.00 hoping to set up school in Beijing. This is a failure because the Koreans cannot agree to Bishop’s conditions. So RM30,000.00 lost. No one could stop Bishop wasting the money.

    Bought 2 acres land in Sipitang for RM800,000.00 3 years ago. Valuation was only about RM200,000.00

    Sold his family land in Menggatal at price higher than the market value by RM1.00 per sq ft.

    Now wants to build the Celebration Centre at the minimum price of RM30,000,000.00 (Likely to be RM40,000,000.00 when completed).

    Contract already awarded to Sarawakian contractor.

    If the money raised is not sufficient half-way through the construction, the Bishop will use all the reserves of DOS or sell or mortgage some properties of DOS or the DOS will be made a BANKRUPT.

    Do you like to see this possibility?

    Many congregations members have decided not to give any sum to this project because this will encourage the Bishop to more abuses and arrogant actions. They prefer to give their monies to repair churches or build new churches in the interior which the Bishop strongly disagree.


  40. To the writer of BM CONGREGATION,


    It is hoped that you can see that you have missed the point totally. The point is:-

    a) Not about the blog writers writing negative comments or posting negative comments about the Bishop.

    All comments written are true, except that you refuse to believe or pretend not to believe;

    b) Not what we could do differently or better if we are made the new Bishop.

    Even bishop, whether in Sabah, Malaysia or elsewhere will make genuine human mistakes because of over-sight or wrong advice once in a while. The congregations forgive them for such genuine human mistakes.

    Here the comments or discussions by the different writers are only voicing their concerns on the many deliberate and continuing abusive acts of our Bishop (not to mention possible corrupt acts).

    You don’t have to act as if you are the only spiritual being, asking us to pray. We prayed and continue to pray long before you appear on the scene and act like a spiritual being. Words like “ kurang ajar” not expected from a spiritual being.

    All of us know that we cannot change the Bishop’s actions or get a new Bishop. You know that too.

    But God will change in His own ways and in His timing. Even untouchable dictators like Saddam, Gaddfi and others so wicked and cruel have gone in such disgraceful ways.

    So writer of BM CONGREGATION, please wake-up, be realistic and stop acting.

    The last thing that DOS and ASC need is another “yes man, yes woman and crony”-one too many.

    May God give us a peaceful and serene place, free of ever deceptions, to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

  41. From the least

    I must agree to what Anonymous have written as I have mentioned before when a mat salleh preach he preaches from the words of God. What happen when our preacher’s preach? They preach more of themselves rather than the words of God, They will start off with their own story as if there is no story from the Bible that they can refer to which is God’s story. By telling their own story they are trying to glorify themselves instead of God. Those Sunday parishioners have been sitting there for years listening to God’s word and reading the Bible themselves can easily differentiate between a preacher words or God’s words, your scolding or God’s telling them. The Parishioners will fear God’s words but not human words; because human words will only anger them but the words of God will bring them to repentant. If a bishop or a priest or a pastor cannot love his sheep and shepherd his flocks, how can God give him more. No wonder so few were added to the church for the past 5 years. Though the few were added but some were also lost. It is very sad to hear that many of the parishioners still do not know the bishop after 5 year worshipping in the church and neither the bishop know them. The shepherd must know their sheep by names. Why is it that our past bishos and their wives know their sheep by their names and they can easily be approached by anyone. They are willing to spend a few minute to speak to their sheep. This is what we call humility. A bishop who starts by serving his parishioners will be greatly honoured, appreciated and remembered. Even our Lord Jesus said he came to serve and not to be served (Mat 20:28) what more a bishop or a priest or a pastor. One should do what they preach and show good examples and leadership to other to follow. As I say again the parishioners are a very forgiving Christians as long as our bishop is will to humble himself and repent from his old way, so that together we will build a strong and vibrant church for God and our number will increase 30, 60, and 100 folds. If God willing our bishop dream of a mega structure for worship will be realise, it may not be a 4 or 5 stories building but a 10 to 12 stories building. Let us continue to pray for this to happen.

  42. From: Humble bumble bee:

    Well said, PRAYING SOUL!

    Really, the more facts and figures are revealed, the more I shudder to think of how the Evil One can work his way to influence and steer our leaders. Now we can understand that our Bishop has activated damage control, and perhaps getting his cronies to use the name of BM Congregation to launch a defence, or more accurately, a counter attack! In the States, very often the accused can plea “no contest” if they feel they do not want to be put on the witness stand, for fear of more wrong doings being revealed in the process.

    At the Ordination service, when the priests were declaring their Oath of Canonical Obedience to the Bishop, I clearly noted that they swore to obey the Bishop in ALL THINGS LEGAL AND HONEST. What if there are elements of illegal and dishonest activities, should they not stand up and object, or would they still stick blindly to their vow of canonical obedience, for fear of being fired? Clergy and Pastors, you are called to serve God, not the Bishop. Would you rather disobey God, and submit to threats from human tyrant, due to fear of losing your “ricebowl”? The parishioners in ASC and DoS are neither blind nor deaf, and they can see clearly those who had been victimized for speaking out. If any clergy or pastors are victimized to the extent of a possible financial crisis, don’t you think parishioners will not lend these victims their helping hands? Respect has to be earned, not inherited, and we respect those who stand for integrity, honesty, and Godliness, but not the ADKs.

    Now, let’s pray that God will hear the cries of His people, and deal with the situation as He sees fit. There are long days ahead, as we march onwards in our war with the wicked one and his agents!

  43. From the least

    Dear brother in Christ writer from BM congregation you have put your foot in the wrong place and you are as arrogant as your bishop. Either you are his yes men or you are deaf and blind as not to know what’s been happening in our DOS and ASC. I hope you are not really from the BM congregation because if you are I know who you are and like to give you a piece of advice, lest you get yourself into trouble by putting your thumb print in the wrong place. If things do not change for the better one day you will be in the same soup as the one you are supporting now. Please do not take this as a treat but as one who love and concern his brother in Christ. I also pray that those who put their thumb print in places where there is a conflict of interest please abstain from doing so; otherwise you will live to regret it later. I do not wish to see brothers and sisters in Christ being drag into something that they are force to. I know some priests and pastors and pcc members who are put into a position where they have little choice especially pastors and priests who’s rice bowl depended on how they react to their boss as one the writer said the congregation will fully support those who will stand up for what is right in the eye of the almighty God. Let me high light this to you that every writer who comment here is not actually alone. For every writer here, there are at least 80 to 100 members who already agree to their views put forward because this is not an overnight things, before this blog was established, parishioners have been conversing to one another and praying for our beloved bishop to be humble and listen to his priests pastors and pcc and to get feedback from the Parishioners before he put forward his dreams. Don’t get me wrong I did not start this dream business I only heard from his sermon. There are still many wrong decisions made which will be review later depending whether there is a change of heart from our beloved bishop. As faithful Christians we are very forgiving and we bear no grudges upon our beloved bishop. We only want to see that the wrongs are make right and future planning must be done according to the procedures set out, no more bypassing the reverent committees, no more favouritism, no more arrogant and no more dictatorship, no more bringing the whole staffs to out vote the elected members just to get your way. I am sure you will be loved, respected and honoured by every one of your sheep, like the other bishops before you, and then you will see a happy united church that will stand solidly behind you and God will be glorified.

  44. The 3G that church leaders are exposed to Glory, Gold and Girls. Our bishop has definitely fallen into the 1st 2 Gs which are Glory and Gold. The way he glorify himself and the way he use God's money as if it is his own.
    How many times have we heard him said 'I am the one that build St.Patrick up, I did this and I did that, nobody has. Let's be reminded that it is always the Lord who build His church. We are just his co-workers. Yes we give our tithes and offering to God and definitely not to the bishop who think he can use God's money as if it is his own without accountability, going against guideline that have been put in place to prevent corruption and abuse of God's money. How do we know that there is no corruption involved in all these transactions when a lot of times the price are inflated, like the Sipitang land purchase.

    The bishop has become a toxic leader with no compassion. His heart is harden and proud. He is like King Saul whom an evil spirit has come upon him, arrogant and doing evil things. Pray for his poor soul that God will have mercy on him.
    ASC members who love the Lord, unit, rise up and stop this evil that has come upon the church. Priests, pastors and leaders in the DOS, arise, unit and come against the evil that has come upon the DOS. Your canonical obedience is to one who love and represent the Lord. A leader who has the servant leadership like our Lord. Not one who lord over, abuse, and curse his people.

  45. The RM30mil auditorium. People lets discern whether it is of God of not of God. God speak to all of us not just the bishop (unfortunately he think that is the case). The bishop has mentioned many times that GCC is nothing as he has already built a structure bigger than GCC in a small town called Tawau even earlier. So now that he is the bishop in KK, how can he lose out to GCC. No face. Must have a building bigger and better than GCC. Siblings rivalry. So is that the case or is it God's vision to build it. If it is the former then the church must unit and come against this nonsense as that will be pure abuse of power and money just to satisfy his own ego. If it is the later then by God's grace it will come to pass and money will be raised. Even if it is God's vision everything must be done accordingly, following procedures and guidelines. The end does not justify the means. Like Kokei retreat where it was build without building plan approval and even now I understand OC have not been obtained.

  46. Let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is born of God, and knowth God..... And this commandment have we from him, that he who loveth God love his brother also. 1John 4:7,21
    If you would know the measure of your love for God, just observe your love for your fellowman. Our compassion for others is an accurate gauge of our devotion to God.
    So if we gauge our bishop's love for his people, the conclusion is that he has no love. If he has he will not abuse, scold and bully his priests, leaders and members.He love only those who yes men and those that ADK him. That is not God's love.
    So the conclusion is that our bishop is not of God and does not know God as he has no love. Let us all pray for this poor soul, that his heart will be soften and he will humble himself and come before God to repent of his sin and be delivered from the demons in him. God have mercy on all of us.

  47. It is very sad that we have to wash our dirty laundry in public, but maybe that is the only way to open up the eye of the bishop to see what he is doing. At the same time it can make his heart even harder. Pray that it will not happen. At least those who are in the dark about what is going on in ASC and the DOS get to know what the bishop is like and wake up.

    The truth will set us free. The devil is the father of lies and deceptions. So when the truths are revealed, then there is nothing to hide and the bishop also cannot hide or explain his way out. Jesus is the truth and when everybody knows the truth, the truth will set us free. No more deceptions and lies from the pulpit. The people has suffered enough.

  48. The writing by PRAYING SOUL and Humble Bumble Bee gives us so much more information about the wrong deeds of our Bishop.

    The resignation or indirect sacking of so many priests and workers caused by Bishop Vun cause a lot of pain to the family of Bishop Chhoa and also Bishop Yong Ping Chung who have raised up these workers over the last 20-30 years.

    What they built up with so much pain, Bishop Vun easily dismantled so much of the work force within 5 years. He wants to build up his own work force and destroy the good works of others. So Bishop Vun is the real Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem in our midst, not the worshippers accused by him.

    Bishop Vun only wanted to glorify himself during the Centenery Celebrations, not God. Everyone can see that very clearly. Very vain man.

    Bishop Vun is a very rough person. In many of his sermons, he has spoken proudly how he fought with some of his classmates and how he must win all the time.

    He is telling his congregations to be like him. His young priests and workers also want to win all the time and will not listen any more to any good advice.

    So Bishop Vun, his clergy and pastors have lost all their credibility. They can bark, scold and curse in the pulpit. Fewer and fewer worshippers will listen to their sermons, read the bulletin message or believe them. Worshippers only look to God and believe God on Sunday worship and everyday not the deceitful servants.

    One other very shameful and vain action- Bishop Vun directs all his lady staff to beautify themselves and put on finger and toe polish.

    Can you imagine that a Bishop has gone to be so crazy, vain and earthly. Yet his cronies still “worship” him for favours in return for good position in town churches, good allowances and fat bonuses.

    Is our church and our Diocese a temple of God-or a place for self-interest? Jesus has to come to throw out all the buying and selling of favours in this temple in Sabah and clean up everything.

  49. To those who admire what bishop has achieved, building the pavilion, redo Glory Hall, build Kokoe retreat, etc. Please be reminded what 1 Corinthians 13 says. Even if he has the faith to move mountains which he has not, even that, he is nothing. Even if he speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but has no love, he is nothing but just a resounding gong or a clanging cymbals. So do not admire him, for the bible says that he is nothing. He is just a loud gong. This is what he has been doing.
    To the young priests and pastors, we know it is not easy for all of you to be under such a leader, but have just tried to go with the wind and swim with the tide to survive. But at the same time you are serving God and not man, esp one that is so corrupted and abusive. Work with the PCC and we are sure they will protect and support you. Have faith in God. These are dark days. What make it worse is that these are coming from within the church and from the bishop. He is supposed to protect and take care of the sheep but end up the shepherd is abusing the sheep and feeding them to the wolves. Continue to come before the Lord and supplicate, He will see us through.

  50. From the least

    Let me share some of our encounter with our beloved bishop and how things began to change. The rev. Albert we knew is entirely difference from the present bishop Albert. He and his wife were very friendly persons, whenever we met he will stop to chit chat with you, since he became bishop things are difference, he no longer stop to chit chat with you. It does not matter, may be he is very busy for the past five years. What we find, the greatest changes in him is after he became the bishop of Sabah, he has lost his self-confident, that was when he resume his bishop office in KK, he have to move almost his entire staffs from Tawau to KK. I have never heard of any one who resume a ceo post have to bring along almost his entire staffs either he have no confident with the previous bishop staffs or they are an inefficiency lot. Not only that the staffs he brought over become his eyes and ears. Actually we felt so embarrass as if we are his enemies. This type of relationship between the bishop and his parishioners started very poorly, then came another blow, come Christmas He announce that his residence was under renovation and he is unable to open his house to the parishioners but he will do so when his residence was renovated’ It is a tradition for the previous bishops to open their residence for all the KK churches parishioners to celebrate Christ’s birth and Chinese new year with their family and that is also the best time to meet up with friends from other churches and make new acquaintances. We have been looking forward for more than five years now and our neck also grow longer. Some said that the bishop residence have become so beautiful and grand that he is afraid that we may dirty it if we are invited there or he have something to hide about the cost of renovation. Until today no one know how grand our bishop residence look like accept for the pastors, priests and his close associates who keep his water pipe flowing have been invited. The next thing he did is to get rid of the priests that can stand up to him. Some priests where transfer so often that it gave their family so much pressure to pack and unpack and before they get thing started and settle down they were transferred again. Before a priest will not be transfer unless he have served in a place for a minimum of five years. Another changes made by our bishop is students graduated from theology college were made priests with the shortest time, especially those that find in his favour. In the good old days it takes years to be a cannon or arch-deacon, today anything can happen as long as you are in the bishop’s favour. By the way have anyone notice how many vehicles the DOS and ASC have bought for the past five years? Actually I lost count, you tell me.

  51. Stop tithing but give more to the helpless and needy not to building, building, building and building. God don't need your money, He wants you! Think who gave you the money? To the Creator I thank you for blessing me.

    Don't insult God by trying to pay for a free gift.

    Any teaching that promotes working to attain God’s salvation, approval or protection or in any way promotes retribution from God, as recorded in Malachi 3, for not tithing (this type of teaching simply implies tipping God 10% for His services), is most definitely an erroneous tithing teaching as it denies that salvation is a free gift from God and that Grace is “God’s unmerited favour”.

    There is no debts in God, there is nothing owing that u have to pay him back. If there was debt, it wouldn't of been freely given It wouldn't be grace

  52. One of the hardest things for man is to receive the free grace of God, we always like to think that there was something we did that earned it, or something special about us that deserved it.

  53. Hi bro n sis in Christ,

    Read this why you should not tithe! I'm not saying that you should not give! Please don't hear what I'm not saying here. Be a giver coz God is a giver too.





  54. Sunday sermon was most encouraging. To brothers and sisters in Christ, God has not left us.

    To the non believers who commented, it is most regrettable that we meet this way. We are Christians because we heard the good news of Salvation, we considered it carefully, we test and see that the words of the Bible are true, we experience God's forgiveness in our lives, and we take the step : we have decided to follow Jesus. We are still human and fallible, as much as anyone on earth. We now know who we should model after, we try, but often fail. It is so from the most devoted Christian, to the newest believer. We do not, and must not, claim to be better than anyone. In fact, knowing Christ makes me realize I am a sinner whereas before I knew Jesus I used to feel super good about myself! Knowing Jesus allows me to live now on earth, and someday in heaven, by God's grace, not my own achievement. Forgive us. It is never 'man' but Jesus Christ that brought us together, and keeps us together.

  55. An important aspect of the concerns observed here is how money given to the church is spent by the leader and his method of spending, accountability, lack of consensus from the general body, etc. This is one of the fruits of allowing human nature and concepts to overrule the timeless principles of God for governing, sustaining and growing the church.

    Firstly, almost every established church in modern society has departed from the essentials of consensus-based biblical eldership team as the spiritual leadership for the local church. This concept goes against every grain and fibre of our human nature that always tends towards a hierarchical leadership structure, unless the Holy Spirit opens our eyes and renews our minds. This tendency has happened again and again throughout history. The first apostles and early church fathers warned strongly against this hierarchical tendency in their writings. So did Jesus warn his apostles directly.

    As the church moved towards various forms of hierarchical rule, often, enforced or psychologically enforced tithing of money (a misnomer) is imparted to the members. This takes over Holy Spirit led free-will grace giving, which is far more fruitful and effective, as seen in the book of Acts.

    Please refer to the following articles/studies which outline the above points in their proper biblical contexts as practised in OT and NT:

    There are many supporting studies by other writers which bear witness to these issues, though they may differ in non-essentials. Do the research and be enlightened!

    The concerns expressed in this blog is encouraging in a way because it shows that the Holy Spirit grieves in believers when divine principles are violated (or perceived to be violated), though we may not expressed it in the ideal manner at times.

    Grace, mercy and blessings be with all as we seek the truth.

    A concerned observer.

  56. Therefore, in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God. Act 5:38-39

  57. In times like this, it has to be far more than merely sitting back, taking a passive role and letting events take their course. Indeed I sense a tremendous pain in the Body of Christ over what is happening as I read the comments.Our duty is to be vigilant, stay fully awake, eyes open, taking note of everything, fast and pray for a fresh wind of holy repentance and a hunger for righteousness throughout our Diocese. We still need to continue to put our hands to the plow and fulfill His calling on our lives. Let us therefore persevere in unanimous and strong intercession for our Bishop and the clergy and all the leaders so that the powerful delusion, the spirit of control, domination, oppression and intimidation will be removed and the altar of God will be rebuilt in their lives and ours as well. Lest the enemy now gain more than a foothold in the present contentatious situation and succeed in entering through the front door of our Diocese and our churches. In times like this, we need a mighty move of the Holy Spirit to convict and to change the heart of man. In times like this, we ourselves are being sifted, tested, tried..and our God watches our responses and reactions..the last posture we take is not of passivity, but of daily submission to His Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit, so that even while tested and tried, we live not as the unwise, but as wise. Let us cry out to our God to pour out His prophetic anointing, we want to hear what the Spirit is saying to our churches. Let us refrain from anger and unforgiveness, from scolding our own beloved brothers and sisters, from divisiveness, conflict, strife.........lest we grieve Him. His arm is not too short to save, and to intervene.

  58. From Humble Bumble Bee:

    As we experience extreme pain and sadness over the situation of ASC and DoS, perhaps we should remember the well known prayer that one of Christ great servants had taught us:

    Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
    where there is injury,pardon;
    where there is doubt, faith;
    where there is despair, hope;
    where there is darkness, light;
    and where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
    to be consoled as to console;
    to be understood as to understand;
    to be loved as to love.
    For it is in giving that we receive;
    it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
    and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen

  59. This nothing new for Bishop Vun administration. It all happened in last 14 years, when he was in charged of St Patrick church in Tawau. He was running a mini Diocese in Tawau without any interfering from Diocese of Sabah.All freely handle by himself.From the outlook, it look great achievement but many untold & hunted stories wasn't published.Now he is the Bishop of Sabah cum Dean in ASC. He just want to repeat the same achievement in KK.Why such a man in human character being appointed as Bishop of Sabah ? Who has responded for this appointment should seek God repentance, confession & declare.

  60. The real measure of success for a church or a ministry is not how fine its buildings are, how large its offerings are, or how great its crowds are.The real measure of success for a church or a ministry is in whether or not it operates in the power of God.ASC once living in the day of ministerial success.Growth in term of body & spirit.Every church want to be largest, the riches, the most influential. Success is measured these days in million of $$$$, thousand of attendances & widely published.The sad truth is this:God has different standard for determining what constitutes a successful ministry or church.ASC & Diocesan should OBEY, HONOR & GLORIFY HIM . We are a church! We are not a recreation or entertainment organization.We are a church! we are not like them but we are like HIM. We are a church ! His power should be on us. His truth should be within us.His Word should guide us.Now our church is falling to the World. Let we be firm to the Beloved GOD ! Prayed.

  61. Bishop would not have been able to achieve what he did without the blessing of God. The projects of ASC and the DOS will be built with or without your support. God does not need your meager contributions to do His work. The cattle on a thousand hills are His. The Bishop is asking us to give merely to give us a chance to be part of Gods work. If we are unwilling to do so, just keep your comments to yourself and do join the bandwagon of insulting the Bishop and his leadership. Bishop is a visionary and a man of great faith, the only reason why all of you are so disgruntled is because YOU all lack vision and faith. Your point of view is medieval and if all of YOU were leading the church, the church would end up like the churches in Europe. Dying because of lack of vision.

    So to all of you who are not in support of the Bishop, please do yourselves a favor and leave.

    The work of God is not going to be hampered by a bunch of immature, old fashioned individuals who take delight in whining all day long.

    Please.....your incessant whining is worst than a 3 year old child who has a fever, flu and diarrhea.

  62. I totally disagree with Mary Poppins and Anonymous that those who disagree with the Bishop should leave. No one has the right to ask anyone to leave as the Church does not belong to the Bishop alone. It belongs to the congregation and not any particular person, including you Mary Poppins. Even the PM cannot ask one to leave ones country for a crime committed, what else just disagreement. The truth is the Bishop and his croonies should leave the earlier the better for the Church. Why not take a referendum on this matter and resolve this once and for all. Majority rules ok.

  63. The wise man....,
    1/.Bishops comes and go.
    2/.ASC congregations & parishioners remains forever when Bishops retires.
    3/.Bishop is NOT the sole proprietor of ASC & DOS>
    4/.Who is Mary Poppins to ask ASC parishioners to leave ?
    5/.Bishop needs some very basic training skills in PR.
    6/.Before a referendum is done to sack the Bishop, ASC MUST organise an EGM to remove the Dean first.
    7/.First remove the Dean, then a referendum to sack the Bishop.

  64. I fully agree with the wise man & Annonymous.

    Who is Mary Poppins to ask ASC parishioners not happy with Bishop Vun to leave?

    You sounded exactly like Bishop Albert Vun. As a body of Christ, I am shocked to read how other supporters of the Bishop Vun had written in the blog with foul languages. That’s to show how immature, destructive and devil intend they all had been.

    My dear Mary Poppins, please wake up and be watchful. You have to be very honest to yourself before God. Are you follower of man (Bishop Vun) or Christ? Proverbs 3:7 “Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.”

    We observed the characters of these die hard followers are similar with Bishop Vun’s characters. Unpleasant to describe but I call them “UNGODLY”.

    Church, this is serious. Those who are mature in Christ should keep watch the situation prayerfully and update ourselves thru this blog. Those who are immature will think we are being destructive here. It’s OK if they choose not to believe the truth. Thanks to those who showed the hidden facts behind the truth.

    We should not give up. Psalm 27:13 “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord: be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

  65. The Observer.
    I totally agreed with wise man & annoymous.
    Who is Mary Poppins to ask ASC parishioners to leave ?
    Could Mary Poppins be Datin Mary Vun ? Your guess is as good as mine.
    Suggest the following measures :-
    1/.DOS should petition the House of Bishops to remove our Bishop Vun.
    2/.DOS to call an EGM to curb the power of our Bishop Vun, too loose & giving rise to abuses.
    3/.ASC called an EGM to remove the Dean.
    Did you guys realised that the BM congregations
    were rewarded for their loyalty with new aircons & carpeting in Hosana Hall ? No quotation & tender. ASC will be poorer by RM100K.
    Do you guys have any friends in the carpeting
    business ? Try get a quotation & sample from them. ie the same as done in our Cathedral. ASC paid RM 18/- per square foot.
    Is this what V I S I O N is all about ?

  66. To BM Congregation posted 6/11.
    We did pray very hard but God did not answer lah.. ASC is disintegrated at its worst ever since 100 years...

  67. We have been deeply saddened by the non-stop complaints made against our leader and his so-called cronies for their misbehavior such as abuse of power, arrogance, persecution of dissidents and etc. We are all dubious about the truth of these complaints and what we can do now is to pray to our God asking for His judgment on the cases.

    It is, of course, understood that we will remain neutral during the dispute. However, we must emphasize that we will not tolerate any cronyism in our sacred church. We do not want the All Saints Cathedral’s name to be tainted by the scandal of improper appointment of ‘Yes’ men to positions of authority; we do not want any persecution of dissidents in the diocese; we dislike those priests for their arrogance. But, we want them to act in correspond with what they preach in the pulpits.

    We are proud to be the Anglicans and we love our church. We do hope that all the allegations against the leader are ungrounded. But, we do hope that the leader will not disappoint us by proving to the complainants that he is innocence and this is the only antidote to end the disgusting dispute.

  68. Why is the bishop so quiet? He should come out to fend for himself if it is not true.Mary Poppins has no right to tell people to leave the church.The church belongs to all parishioners.

    12 November 2011

  69. Bishop Vun always challenged us of offering (which we(anglican)meet(glory to God).

    now i'm challenging Bishop vun to answer ALL the questions in this blogspot, please Bishop Vun give us answer .

  70. 2nd generation Anglican12 November 2011 at 05:58

    concerning some young pastors & rev .

    they had being brainwashed & acted like our Bishop, never respect PCC, spend like no tomorrow, never appreciate, no PR, lost of love, always take side & much more...

    Must check & balance..

  71. From The Humble Bumble Bee

    We have met many friends from other parishes in the Diocese, including some who had worked very closely and supported Albert Vun very strongly in his early days in Tawau, both in the PCC and in the Standing Committees..

    From these interactions, we can see how Bishop Vun had developed from a leopard to a dinosaur. The building of the House of Prayer in Tawau received the support of parishioners because they saw the need for a larger place of worship, and even though they did not agree fully the manner in which the project was implemented, they still quietly supported the project financially and spiritually. Of course, the arrogant Albert Vun had declared ever since that “ I HAVE CARRIED OUT THIS MEGA PROJECT SINGLE HANDEDLY”, and forgot God’s helping hand through the support of the other faithfuls. Some of these former supporters had since distanced themselves from him. Now, he is trying to use the same Modus Operandi for the ASC Mega Center. However, the ASC majority do not agree with the need for the building of such center with the recreational and entertainment facilities. This is the major difference. The other significant difference is the demographics composition of the parishioners of the two churches, whereas in Tawau, a significant number of the congregation are planters, towkays and self employed, the KK congregation consists mainly of civil servants, salaried staff, and some professionals. Of course we do have amongst the parishioners a few very successful businessmen and big timers too, but they are very seasoned, and would not be easily taken in with a few sketches and a few lines of justifications.

    Did Bishop Vun expect such strong voice of opposition from the parishioners? Perhaps not. But did he not experience that level of opposition from a Sandakan parish some time ago, when he made some very unreasonable staff movements. He had never dared to step near that parish since!

    Why did he not sense the dissatisfactions and anger of the ASC parishioners? Simple—because he has been surrounded by cronies, yesmen, and ADKs. Very familiar stories of two fallen political powerful in the state, Mustapha and Harris, were similarly surrounded by cronies, who shielded them from the real outside world, who keep feeding them doctored facts and figures and painted a distorted pictures of how the masses love them, until when they were thrown out in the GE that they realized they were living in their own dreams.

    Unfortunately, even man of God can fall into the same trap, especially when they glorify themselves and robed God of the due honour and glory!

    Just talk to your friends in other parishes in KK, and you will be shocked to learn of the discontent and their assessment of our Bishop, a far cry from days of old, when all our past Bishops were highly respected.

    Another observation from the recent postings of some young radicals, who resorted to foul and vulgar languages, and ask those parishioners who differs with the Bishop to leave ASC. I wonder if they are products of the All Saints Academy. I fervently hope not, else they would have literally bit the hands that fed them! I totally support the Blog Admin in deleting some of these rude and vulgar postings.

    So my Brothers and Sisters in other parishes of DoS, if indeed a petition is needed to remove the Bishop, do not hesitate, but support the action swiftly, before more damages are inflicted on the DoS. It is a diocesan matter now, not just an ASC crisis.

  72. Lady Bug speaks:

    I have in the past heard of a few whispers of such things going on in Tawau and Sandakan although I do not know of any specific incident or details.

    I wish some of the brothers & sisters in Tawau and Sandakan parishes that experienced what was post above by "Humble Bumble Bee" would
    come out and relate to us their feelings about this. We do not want the same things to be repeated in ASC. We want to honour God in all that we do and need to know the truth.

    We cannot continue to remain neutral. It is our Christian responsibility to be actively involved in the affairs of our church.

  73. I agree with Lady Bug,we should do something about what is happening in ASC.We cannot just standby and watch and pray that God will do the rest.So many people have stood up to speak means that God is telling them to do something-the bible says we are to discern-not all pastors are men of God,they are wolves in sheep's clothings.You can judge them by the fruits of the holy spirit.

    This Mary Poppins sings the same tune like the bishop.How can she say that if we are unhappy,leave! Does she not know that she is driving the sheep away?.If parishioners are unhappy,isn't it the rightful thing to find out why? She is very immatured in her thinking and I wonder who she is! She sure knows the bishop's vision well.

    If the parishioners' givings are meager,then why does the bishop keep asking people to give and a pastor or leader in church always keeps reminding the congregation to give more before the offerings start? .Don't forget,it is not up to the bishop to 'allow us to be part of God's work',we are all part of God's work without having somebody like the bishop to allow us to do so.This Mary Poppins speaks like the bishop,birds of the feather flock together!!

    We all respected and loved our past bishops and their wives.They always made it a point to come and shake hands with the parishioners when met in social gatherings.They even knew a lot of the parishioners by their names and backgrounds and even dropped in to their homes to pray for the sick if requested no matter how busy they were.Now in retirement,the relationships and friendships made with these bishops still remain strong.

    If the bishop is accused wrongly,then he must have the guts to stand up and 'fight' the accusers.By using the lame excuse that if they do not reveal their identities,he will not answer to their 'lies'.Why must he want to know their identities-so that he can kick them out from ASC?If a person is accused wrongly,does not that person sue the accusers for having tainted his name? Likewise,bishop,your name is now tainted,everybody knows what is going on by reading this website.Infact,a lot of overseas Anglicans are writing to friends worshipping in ASC to ask what is wrong.

    Some of those who are computer illiterate ask their children or friends to open up the ASC website so that they can read the daily updates.Some now start to learn how to operate the computer so that they can read the comments without asking for help.

    In the past,we were given the yearly account of the church,everything transparent right down to ringgit and sen.Every parishioner received one copy to take home to scrutinize . The offerings,donations etc are printed in the church bulletin for everyone to see every week.Sad to say,it is no more the case now.

    I hope the bishop will call for a referendum to clear his name and alleged wrong doings before something disastrous happens.He cannot just bull doze his projects even when his sheep cry foul.

    Very concerned Anglican

  74. I was made to understand there was an "incident" in Church today whereby a female parishioner "lectured" bishop right after the Sermon this morning (13.11.2011)....

    For that matter, sorry to be cynical about this but please LAH, making a sermon on the Law (I think it ought to be LAWS) of Prosperity at this critical time is not really the smartest move by our Bishop.

    Bishop if u or any of your cronies are reading this blog, please address these issued openly and in a reasonable manner.

    We don't support GET OUT, SHUT UP and neither do we believe we will burn in hell for doing this as the last I checked, salvation comes from God and God alone. Not from u dear Bishop

  75. I think the bishop is 'deaf' 'blind'but not dumb!! He refuses to acknowledge that he is only human and needs the support from his parishioners to help him in his job.We are a family and as head of the family,he must consult his family first before he embarks on such an expensive big project.Then knowing the bishop,it is below his dignity to stoop so low to consult,whatever he says goes or gets 'sent out' or 'shut up'if one goes against his words.

    a lady member
    13 Nov 2011

  76. We have been deeply saddened by the non-stop complaints made against our leader and his so-called cronies for their misbehavior such as abuse of power, arrogance, persecution of dissidents and etc. We are all dubious about the truth of these complaints and what we can do now is to pray to our God asking for His judgment on the cases.

    It is, of course, understood that we will r...emain neutral during the dispute. However, we must emphasize that we will not tolerate any cronyism in our sacred church. We do not want the All Saints Cathedral’s name to be tainted by the scandal of improper appointment of ‘Yes’ men to positions of authority; we do not want to see any persecution of dissidents in the diocese; we dislike those priests for their arrogance. But, we want them to act in correspond with what they preach in the pulpits.

    We are proud to be the Anglicans and we love our church. We do hope that all the allegations against our leader are ungrounded. But, we do hope that the leader will not disappoint us by proving to the complainants that he is innocence and this is the only antidote to end the disgusting dispute

  77. From the least
    I like to add to what Ejen Perisik said about the incident this morning. In the beginning it was not an incidence at all, it became incident after the Wise bishop announced it to the congregation. Actually no one knows what transpire between the brave female parishioner and the bishop because no one can hear them, but after the bishop announcement pandemonium break loose. This is what I understand what happened. “After bishop’s sermon the brave lady approached the bishop to tell him not to be little the Chinese something like cursing the Chinese. She never tell the bishop that he is cursing the Kadazan natives. Should our wise bishop just ignore the encounter everything will be forgotten, the Chinese say” spirit will not know devil will not know”. Why not tells the lady to see him after the service and explain to her where he went wrong instead of telling to the whole congregation. This is what I call PRIDE. I am the bishop, I cannot be wrong. Where his love is his care and his humility Hay may lo loi soi. I was wondering why he do not want to appoint a dean, it is more than five years now we do not have a dean. If he appoint a dean he can happily do his bishop job and let the dean take of the Cathedral. May be there are some ulterior motives behind it.

  78. It was very very wrong for the Kadazan lady to have lectured our Bishop immediately after the sermon this morning service.
    I believed her command of English must be very poor & she must have misunderstood the message.
    In fact our Bishop praised the interior & the Kadazans for contributing to part of the expenses for Kokol Retreat Center.Toady the Kadazans are able to contributes in all the interior churches.
    It was very very rude of her to have confronted our Bishop the way she did this morning.
    Rightfully, she should extend an apology to our Bishop & the 7.30am congregation.
    I found some in ASC were too fast to criticize our Bishop for his missteps & far too harsh on him. All must understand, our Bishop is also an ordinary human like all of us.
    Why can't we give our Bishop time to change, everyone is not 100% perfect. We ourselves also repeated mistakes over & over again. At times we ourselves also bite our own tongue.
    All I asked of our ASC congregations is to show some humility,kindness & patience to our Bishop.
    If you can't agreed to our Bishop, kindly keep your opinion close to your chest & don't write nasty things in the blog for all to view.
    God's blessing upon all my brothers & sisters in christ at ASC.

  79. From Dreamer

    I Had a Dream

    While reading the Daily Express in front of the TV waiting for the Astro EPL game, I fell asleep, and the headline in the paper suddenly turned into a full colour page feature write-up with a blaring headline:

    “Bishop sell house to built new Mega Church!”

    Quote: ‘The Bishop of Sabah sold his 1.2 M bungalow for 2M ringgit and donates his profit to the church. This action had a catalytic effect, and there are now 30 bungalows in the market for sale to the general public, and according to the Chief Spokesman of the group, a former Chief Engineer (Editor’s note: errata- should be Clerk of Works) of a now defunct construction firm, the proceeds from their sales, after deducting their costs, financial charges, education costs of their children, etc etc, will be donated to the Mega Hall building fund. He appeals to all parishioners to follow the good example of the bishop. Those who live in bungalows now should sell their houses, and move to one or two room apartments, so you should start selling your imported furniture and fittings, your hi-fi sound systems, your i-Pads, your expensive cameras, only the best that can fetch more than a thousand ringgits’, and get ready to move. Don’t bother with small items, Bishop is not interested in small amounts.’

    This is followed by a large colour photo of a large group of youngish looking men and women, each holding a large play-card being mock copies of their land titles, with the bishop showing a large bundle of parliament house notes. (Are they still in circulation, could these have been stashed away years ago, he only just remembered their existence?)

    Wow! What an impressive scenario! I shouted, “Hey! Wait for me, I also want to sell my single storey terrace house, and donate!” But I was told to shut up by the self-proclaimed chief, “Bishop does not want your meager donation. We only want bungalows. Bishop does not allow you to participate in God’s work.We have enough already!”

    I was shocked, and just then, I was awoken by a big roar from the TV and then came a loud commotion---lowly Bolton just scored a big goal against mighty MU, and the arrogant Fergie was spitting venom on his players, and his coach was engaged in a brawl with the Bolton supporters. I woke up completely, still shuddering at the dream I just had! It was so real.

    How is it that we sometime find it difficult to distinguish between reality and dream, or it that we are too arrogant to face reality? Sometimes it is a personal dream or obsession, but falsely disguised as God’s directive –all these can only be tested with God’s Word in the Bible. Most of the human examples given in the pulpit these days were for self-glorification. I believe anyone who keeps referring to the “I” all the times instead of Christ are surely self-centred and not Christ-centred, and we need to be cautious in listening to their sermons, with great discernment, especially if there is a vast disparity between the preaching and their actions. Indeed, as Paul says in 1 Chorintian 13, particularly Vs 1: “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have no love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” Bishop Vun should preach more on this chapter (and practice it), rather than harping on the so called Prosperity Laws all these while.

    Reflecting back, some one did mention to me about the bishop having bought a bungalow along Jalan Sulaman for 1.2M. I told myself, that can’t be true, how many of us can afford a bungalow of over a million? Do you believe it? If not, just treat this as a fairy tale, have a good laugh, to get away from the scolding received from the pulpit this morning! But, whatever you do, be steadfast, and do not leave ASC. No one can tell us to leave!
    God bless.

  80. What is the best way to depose such a corrupt thief, dictator, and overlord like the current bishop? He does not follow the biblical way of leading with humility or godliness. He is a Saul and not a David.

    I think a petition must be signed and given to the Archbishop. With a few hundred or even a thousand or more signatures, this man who thinks he is more than a normal man may be removed and a truly godly person may be brought in to renew the Anglican church.

    A Supportive ex-Anglican visitor

  81. "The World is a dangerrous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who look on and do nothing about it" -Albert Einstein. May I urge all capable leaders of ASC perishioners to come out by forming a movement to do all needful, please....

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

  83. Is it wrong for the lady to so called confront the Bishop?

    And please LAH PIOUS self righteous people, stop asking us to be patient. We have been patient for TOO long.

    I don't know about the rest of u but the Bishop unfortunately being appointed by God, being the representative of Anglican must SET A GOOD example of a HIGHER standard.

    So I am sorry... I TOTALLY disagree with the

    "Why can't we give our Bishop time to change, everyone is not 100% perfect?"

    How much time do we need to give him? When he expects us in NO TIME at all to contribute to his GRAND visions which I sometimes suspect is for HIS OWN GLORY and not for God.

    Seriously, his supporters are probably have been fed with the spoonful of sugar by Marry Poppins, perhaps.

    Why not you people consider taking off your candy tinted glasses and really think about all that is said here in this blog.

    Wise elders often say when there is smoke there is bound to be fire.

  84. We should not be too quick to conclude that the Bishop was right and the lady was wrong in the context of sermon.

    There is no requirement to belittle someone’s English was poor merely we ourselves had misunderstood the entire scenario yet went all the way to defend the Bishop. Unless the Anonymous that wrote on 13 Nov 11 01:18 is the Bishop’s ADK, cronies or yesmen, we should remain focused on the issues.

    Do you know the lady is not a kadazan as what the Bishop has told us? She is more Chinese than Kadazan. See, how quick we can simply draw to believe everything what the Bishop has said to us.

    The point was, the Bishop had used the Kadazan as the example in the sermon as people poorer than the Chinese. If the Chinese are not obedient, God will take away the wealth from the Chinese to bless the Kadazan. Is it a good example to indicate the Kadazan as poorer than the Chinese? What was the underlying message? We should all shut up to show our obedience so that God will prosper us?

    My opinion, the Bishop should not belittle another person in front of the entire congregation. It is too common our Bishop always perceives other people are always wrong and he is always right. That is how he can mislead people as his supporter to oppose those who rise up to speak the truth. I have seen and heard these too many times and I can’t be silent after I read how the above referred Anonymous had either “blind fully” or “intentionally” written such defence for him.

  85. Hear Hear and I agree with THE SILENT.

    After all to quote someone... "we are not 100% perfect" This would also applies to the command of English or the apparent lack of it.

    Again I quote the words of the elder, when u, dear Bishop and cronies point your one measley finger at everyone whom you think have wronged you, there are still four other fingers pointing back at yourselves.

    Please take heart of all we say here as we only want what is best for the Church and for the glory of our Heavenly Father, lest we forget His great commission to us... to go out in the world and make Christians of men.

    How do u expect us to do that when we don't believe in our own earthly leaders to do so?

  86. I don’t see why Anonymous demands the lady to apologise to Bishop & 7.30 am congregations? This sounded like a very worried 7.30am priest/ pastor in charge that “we” from the 7.30am have misbehaved to cause that him/her lose face & get discredited in the good book of the Bishop.

    What has she done wrong to the worshippers at 7.30am? It was only between her conversation and the Bishop’s. Has she offended us? I really don’t think so! I respect her courage for doing so.

    As a body of Christ, I do hope the lady will remain coming back to our church, 7.30am. The bible teaches us to love one another as Christ has loved us. We are one in the Body of Christ.

  87. At foot of the Cross:

    The situation is increasingly saddening and alarmin. In what manner are we called to respond that is honoring to our God? A number of actions are being proposed in the comments. For some perspective, here is a quote from Chuck Swindoll's article entitled " when a leader falls ":

    First, we must have accurate information based on facts. If we are committed to maintaining the integrity of God's ministry, we must be willing to do the hard thing. This requires the ability to discern and to listen only to hard facts - not hearsay, rumor, or innuendo.

    Second, we must undertake discipline only when it would be for the overall good of the ministry and be to the benefit of the individual. The sting from a ministry leader's sin may prick our hearts, but our discipline must never be a personal attack.

    Third, we must discipline in a spirit of genuine love and care for the person. We must also keep in mind that the fallen leader is loved by the Lord and our call is to love him or her as Christ does. We don't uphold the sacredness of God's work if we don't discipline God's way - in grace.

    Fourth, we must carry out the action only after much prayer. In our zeal for truth, we may be tempted to simply cut off the sinning leader, but we must submit to the wisdom of the Spirit. We must approach the situation with integrity, discernment, and humility.

    Finally, we must have as our goal the restoration of the individual. Discipline should never condemn but should seek complete repentance and reconciliation of the individual.

    Oswald Chambers said: We tend to use prayer as a last resort but Jesus wants it to be our first line of defense. We pray when there is nothing else we can do, but Jesus wants us to pray before we do anything at all.

    Warren & Ruth Meyers: God honors prayer. He longs to demonstrate His power in the tremendous trials that jar us like thunder....Great needs are never too great for His power.

    Someone has said that "we have prayed, but no answer" and another, that this is not the time to pray but to act. Indeed it can feel so frustrating that our God does not seem to hear, Shall we then settle these problems according to the ways of the world or shall we instead earnestly and desperately seek His face as the storm clouds gather.

  88. From Humble Bumble Bee

    The Bishop finally has shown his true character at the 7.30 service today. His arrogance, inability to accept criticism, and bullying attitudes, are all unmasked by leveling comments against the lady at the service like he did, and the same characteristics also displayed now by his supporters/cronies, who "look like him, sound like him, but it is not him!!!" Their comments show their blind belief in each and every word uttered by him, without any verification as to the true situation. Such has been the case these few years at the 7.30 service. And we had tried to tolerate silently all this while.
    Dear lady who dared to tell him off, we salute you for your courage. If she is not reading this blog, someone who knows her should give her the blog url, so she can post some comments. Surely she would have a lot to say. Poor lady must have been a silent sufferer for sometime. Dear ASC brothers and sisters, let us all cry out to the Lord for His divine intervention and also protection for the faithful, against the onslaught of the wolves in sheepskin!

  89. Lady Bug here:

    I agree with "Thankful" that the lady had great courage. She perceived that the Bishop said something that she did not agree with and was honest enough to talk to him openly about it. What is wrong with that?

    The Bishop thought she misunderstood him and wanted to say so immediately. That is his privilege. How he does it is his choice. Whether he did the right thing is a matter of opinion. Whether he heard her rightly is history and we do not know unless she herself informs us publicly. I would much rather hear it directly from her than presume or take it on hearsay. I urge us all to do the same and not speculate.

    Having said that, I do feel that Mission Month is a perfect time for us to ask God to guide us in our giving to the need to support the work of leading more people to Him and His salvation. Whatever we do, agree on or disagree on, the evangelistic work of the Lord should continue. I for one will continue giving to mission work. I challenge you to do the same no matter what. I want to be obedient to God's calling to share His love for His children. To me, this has nothing to do with the Celebration Centre.

  90. Today Beloved Bishop done two great thing in the sunday service. First his acknowledge parishioners Rumah Bishop is opened for the congregation. Secondly he willing to make apologize in front of the congregation.Any of you witness this incident took place ? Why, this become a hot issued in the church ? This is not a issued at all. Confirm or unconfirm about this incident had taken place.
    Why nobody are focus on today sermon by Bishop Vun? As he said Steve Job could multiply his wealth to thousand fold but today Gospel is reading Mark 10:23-31.As Jesus said in V 25.It is easier for the camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Sorry to known that Steve Job , didn't received salvation. He might came close the gate of salvation but he chosen to the world.V 31 But many who are first will be last and the last first. This verse is applying to Steve Job after the world. We shall not amazed to his multiply.
    Today sermon,really letdown, without God direction.
    How many of you ,parishioners really understand Mark 10: 23-31 ? Poor parishioners, every sunday you are being feed the world food. There is the reason,Parishioners so concerning the human issue than the God issue after the church this morning.

  91. From the least
    I agree to what “the Silent”, “Thankful”, and “Ejen Perisik”: said. All this come about because our leaders do not preach their sermon from the words of God. When you start comparing the Kadazans, Chinese, and Indians, there is a tendency of bias depending on the hearers. Why don’t you use God’s words and stories from the Bible where no one can argue or commend because it is the words and stories of God, the effect will be 100 folds more powerful, it is God that move the hearts of men? Are you trying to be better and smarter than God? Most of the 7.30 am congregations are regular church attendants who have been there for 10 to 50 years. Listening to sermons, weeks after weeks, by so many preachers, at the same time attending Bible study or cell groups and reading the Bible daily. I must admire the orang puteh preachers because they preach every word from the Bible. They, very rarely give their personal experience even if they did, it is not for comparison. By the way the lady is Chinese and I take my hat off to her if not for those pastors stopping her she would have gone out and explain to the congregations what she have actually said to the bishop. Regarding Giving to mission works. I do not fully agree with lady bug here. Yes we must give but we also want accountability. How our giving are utilise for example how much is spent on air tickets, salaries, maintaining buildings, transports etc. How many have come to know Christ? We are not fools easily. Why waste so much money in travelling outside Sabah in the name evangelism. This is because of Pride and egoistic. There is so much evangelistic works to be carried out in Sabah. Until we have made tremendous progress and we reach a hundred thousand members. It is still not too late to reach out to the rest of the world because when we reach that numbers we should have all the experience, man power, and financial standing to send evangelists. The saying go “If we do not have such a big head do not use such a big hat”. I believe when we are there God will certainly bless us 30, 60 and 100folds. Our leaders will continue to dreams like what have been preached in the pulpit. What others have and do I must also have but bigger, better and more without taking into the consequences.

  92. I take my hat off for the lady who had the courage to confront the bishop that his sermon was racially based and wrong, from what I understand, If I am not wrong I quote what the bishop had said "In future the kadazan will be richer than the chinese" unquote. Does it mean that the kadazan people are not blessed now or blessed less than the chinese, or the chinese are now more blessed than the kadazan and will not be blessed in future???? Or is the bishop laying a curse on the chinese???? I leave it to you to digest. I would think that not everyone has the courage to do what she did, not even those holding high position in the PCC that cannot see eye to eye with the bishop has the courage like this simple lady. I feel ashamed of myself that a lady has to start the revolution against the bishop and I call mysel a MAN. Come on arise all men and fight for our freedom from the evil force. What the bishop had corrected himsel after the sermon were all lies, as you can compare what he said during his sermon and his correction. He not only bluffed the congregation, but he lied before GOD. This cannot happen in our church. I challenge the bishop to reveal the truth by allowing the video man to show it all.

  93. CORRECTIONS to facts by Anonymous about Rumah Bishop is open to the congregations. You will be in great trouble to defend things the Bishop didn’t say! Has he invited us congregations there? No! He proudly professed his Rumah Bishop has too many winter melons and “only” people who sent his mother home will get a chance to see those winter melons.

    As mentioned in the pulpit, Steve Job’s financial wealth was 900 times fold and not a thousand! We cannot say he came close to the gate of salvation but he chose the world. If you listen to his speech at the graduation ceremony he did mention God. His salvation is between him & God.

    Yes, we are concern about human relations in our church because God is a relational God. Sermon on 6 November 2011 by the guest speaker from Bible College, Bristol. God's commandment is to love one another as God has loved us. We want our leaders to show love to the people. Without that, we are just professing empty truth every Sunday.

  94. Procedures, rules and guidelines are set in place to prevent abuse, corruption, etc. So if the bishop go against such as have been set in place, then he is abusing his power and there will be suspicion of corruption taking place even if there is none. Nobody is infallible. So why play with fire. Only open to temptations. Already abusing his power and authority as bishop. So it just take one more step to be in it. And now there are rumours to say he bought a house for RM1.2mil. So the suspicion is even greater that corruption is taking place. People, do not be naive to think that bishop cannot be corrupted. He will definitely not be the first and not the last.He is human too.

    All anglicans members in Sabah better know what the bishop is like and pray. The devil has come into the church thru the head. Once the head has fallen then the rest are easy meat. So do not be naive, else the church may go back to the dark ages or renaissance time where the bishop holds absolute power and hold the church of Jesus Christ ransom.

    Just because he has done this and that does not mean he has done anything for God. He is building structure instead of people. The body of Christ are people, not building. All these done without love is nothing in the sight of God. It is said he has great vision. Hei, even Hitler has a great vision, and that is to conquer the world or Europe at least.

    If the auditorium construction proceed without calling for tender or the 50% money required for the project is not in the coffer yet, then the Standing Com must stand up to such nonsense. Take the bishop to court. This is not small matter. Leaders of the church must call for a meeting and stop such abuse of power. Just because we go against the bishop does not mean we go against God. He has been abusing his power invested in him as a bishop. Even Jesus will not act in such manner what more a bishop.

    To those who look up to him and defend him regardless of what he is doing. Look at the fruit of the spirit in him, look at what the characters of a bishop or overseer should be. Does our present bishop has all these? You be the judge. Do not be so blind. Wake up call. Even Gaddafi has his loyalists. So are you serving man or God? Or are you just enjoying the power put in your hand because you ADK the bishop?

    Do not defend bishop that he is just human and thus he err. He has been erroring for the last 5 years as bishop. Its is the way he is now. It is no more error. It is outright abuse of power. Do not be so naive. Unless you are also enjoying the power abuse and the reward he give for ADKing him. God have mercy on us.

    Why did bishop go to KL to open a 'home school', spent more than RM500K to renovate the place and only has 8? students. It is not even our territory. Go to China, OK we say it is mission, but KL? what is the logic behind it? What would be the reaction if West Malaysia diocese come over to Sabah to open up churches or school which is in direct control by them. I think our bishop will jump and hit the roof. No respect.

  95. Why pour money into KL ?

    I think it is because an ex-youth from St. Patrick, whom he has a hand in mentoring, is now pastoring a highly successful mega-church near Sunway under City Harvest. This church, also in the same vicinity, overshadows the Diocese’s FCC by many times. A sore point indeed especially the young pastor has overtook him even to a point of exceeding his multiplications in Tawau.

  96. I am disgusted with anonymous remarks posted on the 13/11/11 about the demand of the Kadazan lady to apologise to the bishop.The exact words that the bishop used was, "in future the kadazan will be richer than the chinese". you said the kadazan contributed to the building of the kokol retreat and as a reward, god will bless them. Then what about us, the chinese, you mean to say that we did not contribute, come on dont be stupid lah. You mean to say that you need a Rocket Scientist to understand what english the bishop is speaking????.
    No Good English Bah Bah Black Sheep

  97. Nowadays not often to hear sermon with biblical examples, mostly are of daily encounters of pastor.Any room for improvement in this? been drinking milk for sometime.

  98. Bleating sheep....

    I recently had diarrhea.....ah..the agony of pains and cramps and rushing to the a result of which I was reduced to a mass of weakened muscles with hardly enough strength to move myself from toilet to

    Earlier before that I had about of cough, cold and fever and the discomfort of having to blow my nose, phlegm blocking my nose, eyes watery,ears blocked, nose runny and blocked and painful, throat sore with coughing and chest hurting because of the cough...I felt so sick I couldn't eat or sleep well.....ooh-ooh-oooooh....

    Imagine if I were a 3 yr old having all these at the same uncomfortable and sickly that child will feel....that child will sure whine and cry ..why?..because when you are sick and feeling poorly you want a lot of your mother's attention to comfort you, to understand your pain and aches, to hold you and sayang you and make you feel better..most of love you and make you feel it's will be attended to, given medicine and alot of TLC until you get better...

    Any mother will tell you this...and I'm sure Mary Poppins with her doh, ra,me, fa, so, la , ti....has had her share with the Von Trapp children in the Sound of Music...

    But the Mary Poppins in this blog seems to imply annoyance and impatience with such 'incessant whining' .....whine whine whine, why don't you just do yourself a favour and leave?

    It makes one wonder what sort of love and pastoral care you can expect from this church leadership if this is an example....even the wayward sheep after having had it's leg broken to prevent it from further wandering, is lovingly carried on Jesus' shoulder, not cast aside and asked to leave for being disobedient...

    Many are bleating and crying out not whining...the 'shepherd'however, doesn't seem to be hearing why we are crying so don't expect any response to listen, comfort, and love.

    People, church, we really need to wake up, pray and discern what we are being taught and come back to the Word of God and the teachings from the Bible even as we listen to each week's sermons.

    Thank You Lord, we are not too small nor too unimportant to You.

    Thank You also, You are not dumb nor deaf to our cries

  99. I and my friends always wonder why the Rumah Bishop is never open to the parishioners.In the past,'Open House' was held on Christmas Day and all the churches chipped in with food etc and everyone had a good time in fellowship with one another.Sad to say gone are those times.

    The Rumah Bishop belongs to all parishioners and they have a right to have a look.It does not belong to the Bishop.Why is he so reluctant to open up the house? Is it because it is so grand and we are so poor not worthy to enter or is it for fear that the parishioners may see all the 5 stars things inside?

    I wonder how many parishioners have been to Rumah Bishop? I was told not many except the relatives of the Bishop and his wife.There was a time that quite a few rich people were invited for dinner and after dinner,they were told to pledge their donations to Kokol retreat center.They were told meager pledge was not accepted but must be quite a big sum.

    What is wrong with the Bishop,it is always money,money and more money!Mary Poppins said the Bishop does not need meager giving,he can do without the support of the parishioners,I think she meant financial support.

    News happened last Sunday in church sure fly fast.The Bishop really showed his true colours and confirmed what others said about him is all true-they are not lies!The whole congregation saw it so no point in denying it.This Bishop is really quick temper!

    If he had calmed the lady and told her gently that he would talk to her after church,invited her to have a cup of coffee in his office so that he could explain what he had preached in simpler language,the lady would have felt embarrassed for confronting the Bishop,but in his anger,he did the unthinkable thing by humiliating her infront of the congregation,the whole thing backfired.Now the lady is praised for having courage to speak up putting the Bishop in a bad light.

    We must pray for him unceasingly.

  100. more rumours....

    Bishop Vun got Kickbacks of ONE million(RM 1,OOO,OOO.OO) in land deal with IJM.

    Bishop Vun donated a double decker bas in his visit to New York city.

    sold his ageing land cruser to DOS.

    Bought condominium in Bangkok under his name using DOS money.

    DOS assessment of 3% belongs to Bishop.

    Kokol prayer summit still without oc.(by the way,designed a falling cross..!..)

    transfer all his cronies & yes man from Tawau.

    If anyone had evidence please step forward.

    We don't want bishop to be surrounded by cronies & yes man.never ask us to leave.

    We as Anglicans want ANSWER, stop saying us as mockers, antichrist & ect. we DONOT take that as an answer.

    We as Anglican are here to STAY PUT..& EVEN STRONGER...

  101. I read almost all the comments/reports about the actions of the present Bishop.If he does not deny these allegations then they are true.Now the question I want to ask is "is the Bishop, the Priests,the Pastors,staff PCC true christians/true disciples of JESUS or Not? To find out now refer to the Bible-John 13:34-35....As I have loved you,so you must love one another.By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another. 1John 4:8 whoever does not love does not know GOD because GOD is love.1John 4:20 If anyone says, I love GOD,yet hates his brother,he is a liar.For any one who does not love his brother,who he has seen cannot love GOD,whom he has not seen.The kind of love which God speaks is mentioned in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13.If there is GOD's love(agape)in Bishop's heart the 12 Priests/Pastors would have remained in DOS to serve GOD.Their resignations speak loud and clear "Kami tidak tahan/tiap tiap malam tidak dapat tidur).One Priest resigned is bad news,12 Priests/Pastors resigned is shocking news.The DOS is working hard to gather youths for training to be future Pastors/Priests/Leaders.What kind of teaching/training will the youths receive?Are they trained to be disciples of JESUS full of love to the extent of washing His disciples' feet or disciples of Bishop full of ? ? ?( you know better than me).The children,youths, young adults do not know this. Here I share with you my personal encounter with a group of youths led by their Priest of an Anglican Church.They behaved arrogantly and lack basic manners.

  102. Quite sometime ago,I read a few comments supporting the bishop,I was appalled by what I read.These young bloggers used vulgar language-are these the products from the Anglican Academy?

    If they turn into young priests in future-God help us!! How we wished to have those priests who were all loving,caring,patient etc-- among us now.They would even join in with us at the crowded noisy coffee shops to eat a bowl of meat balls in hot condition.They were never so busy to give sometime to us to hear our problems and would follow up later on and see how they could solve them as best they could.Now the caring ones have left,our loss is someone's gain.To be fair,we still have some priests with the same qualities,please don't resign or else we have no quality priests left.Strive on and our prayers are with you.

  103. Many,many years ago,when Bishop Vun was only a priest,I used to love to hear him preach.His sermon was lively,meaningful and a joy to listen.I always looked forward to his coming to ASC from Good Samaritan to preach.He would preach with a smiling face-honestly speaking, I really liked his preaching.

    When he became the bishop,what joy we had,at long last we now have a young bishop that is lively -----.What a let down after a few months! He became so aloft and arrogant and such a changed man. Is it because he is now the bishop and is 'king' of the Sabah Anglican Community that he thinks he is a class above everyone?? He is also a Datuk now another title added to his name.

    I remember many years ago,when Bishop Yong got his Datukship,the next thing he did was to congratulate everyone in ASC for getting Datuks and Datins! He said the Datuk was not for him but for every Anglican,the government gave the Datuk to him because he was head of the Church at that time.It was in recognition to the Anglican Community.
    There were no congratulations to him from any churches in the newspapers,thus saving the churches thousands of ringgit.We are all equal in God's eyes.

  104. Can someone tell me who are those proud guys occupying the house which is intended for the Dean?

  105. From: A mirror

    The Dilemma of a falling bishop

    With his dictatorial arrogance, coupled with sibling obsession, a certain bishop now finds himself dead against a 100metre wall. His army of die-hard followers, when faced with the faithful saints of the suffering church, had slowly but surely shied away and deserted him, with only one remaining couple, who had been too engrossed with the wicked schemes over the past decade,. Even then, this couple are already planning an early retirement to a far country, the Kiwi-land, where their ill-gotten gains would fetch them vast farm land, full of milk and honey, too far to be pursued by the angry mob!

    What a frightful scenario! But this can soon unfold before our very eyes!

    My friends, why are we hearing so called Prosperity gospel in the pulpit every Sunday, especially when Albert Vun is preaching?

    Simple, he cannot preach anything else!

    Can he preach on humility? He has none! Mathews: 23:12 “For whoever exalts himself shall be humbled, and whoever humbled himself shall be exalted.”

    Can he preach on 1 Corinthian 13 – Love? He has none!

    Can he preach on forgiveness? Our Lord’s Prayer. He is never forgiving!

    Can he preach on servanthood? Better you polish his shoes, and wash his feet, never expect him to serve you!

    Can he preach on caring and shepherding of the flock? What flock!

    In fact, wherever he turns in the Bible, he sees a mirror, and in it only the image of a monster, so much so that he can only preach on Nehemiah, and even then, he had to skip passages that do not fit in what he wants to say. So, here we are –money, money, and more money! O how worldly this guy has turned into, and a real dinosaur that we have to deal with!

    Let us take comfort and encouragement in what our Lord taught us in The Sermon on the Mount:

    Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
    Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.
    Blessed are the merciful.
    for they will be shown mercy.
    Blessed are the pure in heart,
    for they will see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers,
    for they will be called sons of God.
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

  106. So what can we expect from the outcome of this blog ? Just an air forum to let the parishioner vent out their dissatisfactions with the Bishop ? Is it the ground upon which the first seed has been planted by prishioners to reveal the impropreties of the Bishop ? Some of the allegations even appear criminal and some throw a lot of light on his character traits which a leader of a corporate church should not have. Will this remove him from office or do we Anglicans have the luxury of a Royal Commission ? It appears the Bishop is not even bothered by this blog as he may see the comments came from a very small percentage of the whole Diocese and therefore the representation is insignificant. The other parishes have not even spoke. It is just us ASC moaners and groaners because we encounter him more frequently. Where do we go from here ?


  107. From the least
    One week end while I was lazing at the Tanjung Aru beach I doze off to a dream, this is what my dream: “I dreamed that 5 years ago our bishop came to KK to take up his new post. He came alone full of love, humility and caring. Every Sunday he made sure that he and his wife will greet every parishioner and to spend time to get to know his sheep’s. He did not bring along any of his Tawau staffs because He is a very capable CEO He can work with anyone. Very soon everyone will come to like him and give him their full support Because of his humility, willing to listen and easily approachable by all his staffs and the parishioners. And because of what have been mentioned about his good personalities and character he work very well with every one of his pastors and priests, he mentor everyone, mistakes were forgiven and equal training opportunities were given to all especially the weaker one, He show good leadership without favouritism . To him every problem or mistakes can be talk over with and use the win win principle. They begin to love him. He did not make any changes to the administration of the various ministries instead he helps to build them up further especially the Mother union, the Golden saints, the Chinese senior citizen, the welfare and visitation ministry. Instead of closing the Kindergarten He double the school fee but for Anglican members he gave a discount of 50%, in this way there will be less Muslim children. He sends all the teachers for 5 stars training. He renovated and upgrades the school to a 4 stars school. Because of this many Rich non-Christians begin to send their children to our Kindergarten and along the way many may accept Christ and become our strong financial anchor. Within a year from resuming his bishop post he appoints Rev. Moses to be the dean of the cathedral. They have a very good working relationship. By now he have already won the respect and the hearts of all his sheep, now he can sit back and plan his mega projects and of cause he did set up subcommittees with God fearing men of honour and integrity and getting feedback from the parishioners and because he is a humble bishop always willing to listen to other people opinions and come to a win win condition. With his loving, caring, humility and honesty, naturally the parishioners will give their full support to him. The bishop is a wise man, he allow the change to progress naturally by the parishioners because they are the church. Church leaders are there to guide the change and not to impose the change. Now everyone is happy and we have a united, loving and caring church. But all of a sudden a loud thunder woke me up and then I realise that I was dreaming. If my dream is true our church will not be what it is today. This is all because of VANITY and GREED. How I wish that dreams can come true like what our bishop said. Well I will continue to dream and hopefully someday my dream will come true

  108. I have a question to ask all of you who read this website.It has been on my mind for quite sometime and I hope some of you may give me your answers.Who is to be blamed if the church is bankrupt because of the bishop's extravagance.
    My answer is, not the bishop but it is the fault of every ASC parishioner for not taking any action.If nothing is done before he bulldozes his mega project,then if the church falls into heavy debts,who is to pay in order not to go bankrupt? Again,every parishioner has to pay for the debts incurred by the bishop.Who gets away scot free-the bishop! Either way the parishioners lose so better think of something fast!!

    No vision lady

  109. From the least
    Simple lah, spread the words don’t give, not enough fund projects cannot proceed. There are so many places you can give your money to e.g. give to some of the poor interior churches like myself and some of my friends. Do you know that how neglected some of the interior churches are. Spend some time to visit some of the remote churches. It will open your eyes. Talk to the evangelists, pastors and priests, they will be able to shade some light to you, but most dare not say much only the good parts afraid of losing their rice bowl. By being there you will be able to see for yourself and speak to people you can more or less gets the stories. They were given very little fund to operate and yet here we are building everything mega size not only that we keep changing carpets and renovation and decoration. If our money were to be used for the interior churches, I am sure the interior brothers and sisters will be blessed and happier. We don’t need 5 stars toilets. You know how depleted is some of their toilets are. I do want to say anymore the best is for you to see for yourselves. And here we are so wasteful. Are the rich churches helping the poorer one or are we putting our money in the wrong place. Just thing how many good churches we can build for the interior with the 30M not to mention all the other money use to build the other buildings which actually we have to subsidise in the running due to very low occupancy and an illegal building seldom utilise. There are many other wastages which will take up a lot of space to write and I am sure most of you also knew. We are actually in a very pitiful stage of our history. Let’s pray to the Almighty God for guidance and wisdom and ask for his forgiveness for our failure to act as one voice.

  110. God's will is for us to walk in absolute forgiveness,Eph 4:32 Instead,be kind & tender hearted to one another, and forgive one another,as God has forgiven through Christ.Beloved Datuk Bishop ,you are hindering the work of the God ,in our church maybe those churches under your leadership. But you measure base on size or number of building, then you feel grows.
    In last 15 year,so many hard feeling event occured
    by you.You need to get right with those brothers & sisters.Look when there are hard heart & hard feeling among God people, there will be NO POWER OF GOD IN THE CHURCH.
    Your leadership is poor, your preaching out of God words,no vision & worse... you are lost.
    Don't say to yourself: WHY I need to repent or repent for WHAT ? This word come from SATAN! No GOD
    Many Parishioner still recalled 20 year ago, you could preach the sermon for God.But now what happened to you ? So many comments on you. True or untrue or half true . You are the HEAD of Anglican church in Sabah. God house is in trouble now later your own house.Seek God & repentance. Never too late..

  111. Unforgetable memories at 26th DOS SYNOD....

    Bishop Vun loudly,boldly,arrogantly declared that....
    1. We must obey,listen to him as we have no choice bcz he's the current bishop.
    2. He intend to execute ALL his authorities & never surrender, even 1 inci.
    3. a Synod member got shamed from bishop vun for critise the trouble kokol project just because his church didn't donated much for the project.
    4. Eagerly in changing kk landscape.

    As an mature Anglican we ought to know how our financial situation. At the year ending 2009, our a/c had 49million.Major contribution from land sold to IJM (31M), our assessment amouting to 4M annually(squeezed from head to toe nonstop). major spending are salaries nearly 2.8M & young rev keep on increase,other expenditure are,mission ,evangelism,medical,outreach,scholarship,theological,welfare,education,repair & maintenance,renovations,vehicle,water,electricity & etc....
    Clearly this mega project can't sustain in long run..& truly unfair to us as it only benefit ASC.
    Bishop Vun kills the hen rather than taking their eggs.

    Do bear in mind our Bishop Vun are the next Archbishop.


  112. Chancellor,PCC and leaders of ASC are you all deaf to the cries of your sheep?

    Getting impatient

  113. When referring to the previous few Bishops, we always bow and shake hands with respectful and sincere hearts. We respect them so much so, not a bad comment about them. Yes, they are not perfect, somewhere and somehow, may wrong here and there, but we still respect, because they are genuine, HUMBLE, loving and care for their flocks. Sekarang ini satu, jauh jauh nambak, kami punya muka terus mahu pusing sebelah lah. kau kata, selamat pagi, bishop, dia pun macham tidak dengar, satu kali begitu, try lagi, sama juga......ah dui! sakit lah hati ku ini.


    1.Lost direction of whom to serve...

    2.They are shaking,face turn red at the Bishop office.

    3.The young pity rev also act like Bishop Vun thinking that it would works , like ..
    bypassing the PCC,spend like no tomorrow,no love just as "A mirror" mention.. but the pity rev got himself in big trouble.

    I'm sure all this young rev product of Bishop are his punching bag & using them to fullfill his mega project.Here tidur & naga are same to mention, but please remember Christ warned us the hardship of home coming & new posting. Of course we do have plenty of good revs & please do not leave, w/o u DOC is finish.

    Venom injected & only by the blood of christ it can be wash clean.

    At this moment please Bishop only u with the holy ghost can save the DOS,u yourself had said who can be as worst as saul...christ still love u...BE PAUL..

  115. From the lest
    Last Sunday I heard the bishop was saying, as a priest, while travelling on an economy class his friends always up grade him to first class. He seems very proud and happy to tell it to us. Funny though, what a co-incident some years back I was a senior executive dealing with many corporates clients. Those corporates clients’ senior staffs became my good friends, because my company have to maintain their equipment’s. I was also given the power to call for quotation up to 500K, in this way I made many friends. I was only allowed to travel on economy class. In my business I have to travel by air very frequently and each time I travel my friends will compete to put me on a first class seat with them. I was very happy, not only first class seat but hotel and dinners and pubs too. I knew what these friends were trying to do; you know lah to gain favours and to be in my good book, because very often I have to attend meeting with their bosses. At that time I actually believe it’s a blessing from God. Later I found out that it is a sin of greed i.e. falling into temptation. Through reading of the Bible and listening to sermons from the pulpit. I felt guilty and ashamed for all my doing and I repented before the Lord and ask His forgiveness. From then on I stop miss using my authority but I lost most of my friends. Well, this is the price a Christian have to pay and this is nothing compares to what the Lord has to pay for my sins. What did my story tell us, especially those who preach the words of God, stick to the words and stories of God from the Bible? Do not preach like an independent church pastors or one that preach from place to place, because those who listen will take it as a joke and the preacher will not be back for long time or never at all, where as we are serious and season church goer. You may share your personal experiences to a cell group or to a group of friends but in the pulpit you must preach nothing but God words, because it is like a two edges sword and it will convict the most harden hearts, only God can do that and not the Preacher, no matter who he is. Don’t believe me; just replay all the video tapes you will know what I am talking about. Even His other priests also preach like him, what do to, must be in his good book mah, otherwise Kampong you go and no increment or take a one way ticket, like all the other pastors and priests. I salute those who have left. They are men of God though they may have weaknesses but isn’t it the shepherd job to council their shepherd and forgive their mistakes if any, How many time should we forgive our brothers when they sin? Now a day we have become more like the independent church that I use to go at one time, i.e. singing after sermon. Please for God sake stick to our original form of worship and preaching. Haven’t you notice that the pews have become more and more empty including those at the two wings and the gallery. As I have said it before, church leaders are there to guide the change and not to impose the change to your own wish. Many years back the former Dean try to change the 7.30 form of worship through a referendum and what happened? He was out voted and many begin to dislike him. As I said again if you want to do any changes send out your feelers, listen to your pcc. For goodness sake don’t listen to the yes men and women, for they only want what their dictator wants to hear or you yourself wanted to hear only what you want to hear.

  116. I feel sorry for our DOS and ASC for What have been disclosed. If all these are true, We really feel ashamed of not only our Anglican church but also those who have been called to Shepherd the church as they are afraid to stand for the truth and continue to behave like a blind man.Are they deaf to the cries of their sheep as what the GETTING IMPATIENT says.


  117. In chinese we say "da shi deng, mah shi ai". Our parents always scold and punish their children whenever they done something wrong. Either you draw on the wall or...steal somebody's money.

    Why this blog is here?

    Why are you following this blog?

    Why so many ppl give comment here?

    As i read most of the comment, there are only 2 issue.

    1st issue, dtk vun or bishop vun doesn't show any 'love' at all....most of us dare not to approach him at all! Only just because he is our bishop, we respect him! But in return, he treat us like nobody! (esp his office staff or pastor)

    2nd issue, is it someone stealing things? In my school time, we will kena sent to the principal room and eat rottan!

    After some punishment and reminder, only then we know what we should do and what we should not!

    So, punishment is the best medicine!

    Hakka People

  118. To the writer from Interior,

    We only get to go in the big building when people from interior can come to join us to reach 2,500. We will lose our green field. Our BM people will lose their weekly Sunday afternoon activities on the field. There will not be any games for children & family day on the green but all of us are expected to learn & play futsal.

    Who plays futsal & gym facilities? Obviously it is the facilities for the Home School kids, possibly some priests’ family. Whether you like it or not, they will be playing futsal in aircon room! Believe it or not, the new building is for the Home School kids rather than for us. Currently the school is using so many floors of Wisma Anglican but paying cheap rents. Why DOS & ASC office need to move out if not the school is taking up the space? Can we recall the Kindergarten was closed when Bishop Vun 1st came to ASC and then opened the home school immediately? This can only happen when it is a family business of Bishop Vun! Do we call it mission? Last Sunday video clip asked for mission fund. Mission fund is no longer going outreach but also covers Home School now. How do you then explain mission to China trying to open up school there spending few weeks of nice holiday then came back silent and nothing will happen.

    Folks, let’s do simple maths:

    Rm30,000,000 use for 100years? Every year =Rm300,000.

    Better we rent 6 star hotel only when we need the space for seminar rite? Again, impossible it can last for 100 years without any repairs. Not worth to put so much just to maintain the building every year but better we spend this amount of $$ to save more souls

  119. Apology to all the ASC members.

    Sorry for my comment regarding the mega project that "ONLY BENEFIT THE ASC".

    In fact i salute all of u who's standing up & to correct,fighting satans & putting our DOS back to track.

    Count us in....!..


  120. Have this Home School and the one in Tawau which opened recently got licence to operate? If not,then they are operating illegally. How can a church operate illegal activities if that is the truth.

  121. Wow! the anger. For so many people to be so angry with the bishop, he must have really done bad things to hurt people and to make people so angry with him. This should not be the case. The bishop's role is to shepherd the sheep, take care of them and feed them. But it looks like he is abusing the sheep. I guessed he is just a hired hand and his heart is not there for the sheep. A hired hand that abuses the sheep is not worthy to look after the sheep. Let the sheep make more noise to attract the chief shepherd attention and let the chief shepherd deal with this hire hand who has no love for the sheep. It is up to the chief shepherd to take whatever action. The abused sheep can only cry and make more noise. Sheep not abused yet also need to help make noise to attract the chief shepherd attention. Abused sheep can sometimes bit even if it is not their nature as they cannot 'tahan' the abuse anymore. Sudah gila gila. Sooner or later some of the abused sheep may die also. Outside sheep will not want to come into the penstock when they see the sheep inside being abused by the hired hand. Very sad indeed.

  122. Thanks to whoever he/she opens up this website so that the people can voice their dis-satisfaction of what is happening in the church.Very surprised to learn that so many people think alike concerning the church.There were murmurings in the past,now because of this website ,the murmurings are getting louder and louder and soon it will reach a crescendo.

    In the past,it was so difficult to get the young people to join priesthood because it is not an easy task.One must be very dedicated and God fearing.We used to get some of the seniors who were called non-stipends to assist the church but since Bishop Vun came,there are not more of these volunteers.Instead we keep having young people ordained as priests.I hope they know what they are in for.Is it because of the many perks that the bishop gives them? If they are really doing God's work,they deserve them but if they are attracted to the salaries etc.. then it is wrong.

  123. PRIDE is the downfall of Lucifer, being from a beautiful archangel that led in worship in heaven to become the DEVIL.
    PRIDE has come upon our bishop and will become his downfall if he does not know it and repent.
    The interior brother was right. In the last synod he lectured the whole synod that he is the bishop and he has absolute authority, and nobody should challenge him and he will not give and inch of it away. But what is the authority of a bishop? Is not the authority of a bishop to take care of the flock? To feed and take care of the sheep? To serve the people with a servant heart? To administer fairly and justly? But look at what he is doing. He yell and scream at people just because people's opinions differ from him or stand up to what is right, he chew people up in front of others to shame and condemn people and at the same time make himself looks good and righteous. Priest who stand up to his ways of doing things get cold storage. There is one priest who got transferred from KK to Sandakan to Keningau and now in Telupid without even a parish to look after. No wonder so many senior priests leaving. Junior priests or pastors who do whatever he says gets promoted very fast. He spends God's money as if it is his money, no accountability and no control. He does not follow rules and regulation as he thinks he is above them. He is the bishop. So the authority that he claimed to have as a bishop is not the authority of a bishop from the ways he act. Jesus given authority to a bishop is not that. So if that is not the type of authority given by Jesus to look after his church, whose authority is it? The devil?
    A person who wears the uniform of a policeman is given the authority to stop crime, arrest crinimal, etc but if he wears the uniform and go beat people up or rob a bank, he is no more under that authority given to him as a policeman. He is a criminal that will be arrested and put in prison. He does not represent the police uniform anymore. So if a bishop who does not do what he is supposed to do under the authority of a bishop, then he is no more under the authority given to a bishop, he is just like a cop who has gone bad. He does not hold the authority of a bishop anymore. He has gone BAD.
    We should not obey him or come under his authority. He does not represent the bishop authority anymore.

  124. Our bishop can actually be a great bishop. However, his proud and arrogant behavior has overtaken him and it will surely and ultimately damage his life if he maintains this behavior.

    I am actually a big fan of bishop. I believe that God has call him to be our bishop and he can bring the Diocese forward.

    Dear Bishop, it is not too late to turn back. God says that when you say you love someone – you show it by being humble, not proud (1 Cor 13).

    Have a big heart. Begin to love and humble yourself. We at ASC are willing to forgive you. Who knows we may even support your RM30million project when we see that you have truly turn away from your bigheadedness.

  125. Wah....topic getting come nobody comment or spread that the word "BODOH" were used in the 10.30 service..put petrol into firing...(can find proper word,not very good english)....very amaze.amuse..with what have been commented those who have evidence why don't bring it up to the authority....send to archbishop or even the head of anglican in england...also do like politician do....lodge police report, report to SPRM if there is evidences of corrupt bishop....may GOD bless you, remain strong to face all may not want to response most posting are under anonnymous except for a few who brave enough to put name....(nothing to lose....oredi kena sack bah)....but do remember social network have cuased the downfall of goverments and leaders...I THINK AS BISHOP YOU HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO PREVENT DOS BEING DESTROYED....(for whatever reason at all)

  126. Do you honestly believe the bishop will change his attitude? If he cares how the ASC parishioners assess him,he should be more down to earth but by giving in means 'no face'.Interior brothers and sisters in Christ,it is very encouraging to hear from you and that you too are paying attention to this website.

  127. If we ordinary ppl yell and scream at someone, ppl will comment this guy 'un-educated', 'kurang ajar' or 'did not go to school' and ppl may stay away from us, image totally gone...

    If the bishop yell and scream at ppl (what's more to his own church ppl) (what's more at the church)! So, what should we comment on him?

    I worked with my boss (non-christian) for years, he never yell or scream at me...

    Respect our bishop?

    I just wonder how?

    hakka people

  128. What is the main role of the Standing Committee members in the Diocese? Are they accomplice to the dictator?

  129. ASC you are not alone in this. We are watching and praying. Either the bishop repent of his wrong doing or we cry out to the chief shepherd to remove him, else the whole DOS will be corrupted with his ungodly spirit sooner or later. Already see these happening. Got to stop before this 'cancer' kills the DOS.

    From Another Sabah Anglican Church

  130. How come non of the PCC comes out with their comments? 'Tidak apa' attitude?

    They agree with the bishop's mega project or against it? If you are against it,then resign enbloc and new ones elected but this time by the parishioners-no more YES MEN!! You have to make a stand PCC.

  131. "...At kopi time with a bro...(50years,old fashion,w/o internet knowledge,w/o friends at ASC,using 1st generation nokia hp, very dedicated Anglican)....)

    after minutes of chit chat he jumps to Bishop Vun,..

    bro. : ini bishop sekarang lain lah..

    me. : apa yang lain..?

    bro. : terlalu angkuh lah,..

    me : kenapa u cakap begitu bro,(thinking i'm a fan of bishop),..u cakap aje lah apa yang u fikir..

    bro. : ni bishop "tai sai lah" suka2 transfer rev tanpa kc tahu pcc. sudah cakap transfer mesti ikut x boleh say no...

    me : bishop memang begitu banyak church mahu tengok mah..

    bro. : ok lah pasal tu,..tapi dia bishop sombong lah tak pernah jabat tangan dengan jemaat, muka dia marah aje, tak macam bishop dulu selalu senyum dan mesra dengan kami.setiap kali bishop vun datang melawat cepat2 pulang,ada driver lagi tu,dulu bishop Yong drive sendiri selalu bermesra lama2 baru pulang.sudah lebih 5tahun jadi bishop tapi melawat kami kurang 5kali aje,..i harap dia cepat2 resign..

    me : ok lah tu bro. kita kena doa untuk dia lo..

    I cool him down.....

    It's an honest talk & straight from heart.

    Bishop Vun is taking us back to the early christian life, which we are now call protestant...

    I rather call him DATUK VUN..

  132. Beware! ‘The kingdom of bishop Albert Vun’ is at hand.

    This is an issue of the deepest concern to all members of the ADOS and not just ASC.

    During the last synod, towards end of August 2010, bishop Albert Vun suggested ADOS to pull out of the Anglican Community. The reason he gave was that the Constitution, rules and regulations of ADOS is a hindrance to his ‘mission plans’.

    Round 1: Bishop Albert Vun lost. This was because many of the clergies, especially the older stalwarts stood their ground against him.

    Round 2: Since then, he has been equipping himself for 2nd round by:

    1. Appointment of 2 assistant bishops whom he has absolute power over.
    2. Institutionalized in-house training for the production of more loyalists who are his clones. (Easily noticeable in behaviour of the new pastors, salaried staff members, the youths and his henchmen.)
    3. Victimization of the stalwarts who thwarted his designs in the 1st round, forcing a number of them to resign.
    4. Abuse of the church bulletin and pulpit to mislead the congregations.
    5. Building a hedge of protection around him and with imports from Tawau. He trusts nobody, but himself.
    6. Others (To be followed up at a later date)

    Anglicans of DOS, are you sitting back and let this happen? Are you letting him ‘rob, steal and kill’? The blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers upon which Christ’s Church is built, is it in vain? Be men of courage for God has made us victorious! Already chinks are showing in his armour! The writing is already on the wall!

  133. Dear Chancellor,last year, II was very proud of you because you had courageously refused to hande the Sales and Purchase Agreement of one new shop lot (for Church building ) which was approved by Bishop due to the reason that the payment to be made to the seller was very fishy. I understand that the Agreement was eventually done by a Muslim firm. My dear friend, why you are keeping quiet now? Please step out . I know you are still God’s man. Your good friend.

    By Alfred H. Ells
    The wisdom of Proverbs declares in verse 11:2 that "when pride comes, then comes dishonor," and in verse 16:18 "Pride goes before destruction. And a haughty spirit before stumbling."
    Remember the Biblical story of Nebuchadnezzar, the king, who was made to live and eat with the beasts of the field and wild donkeys because of his pride? Daniel 5:21 declares that he was "given grass to eat like cattle, and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven until he recognized that the Most High God is ruler over the realm of mankind and that He sets over it whomever He wishes."
    God truly places those in authority over His church as he sees fit and also removes whomever He chooses. Pride is probably the major reason for a lack of favor with God and therefore lack of success in ministry. It is also the major root issue in failure. As James 4:6 declares " . . . God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

    1. Insecurity. Research reveals clergy as one of the most insecure of all professional groups. Insecurity is the root of many unhealthy and ungodly behaviors.
    2. The need to be right. Ever encounter someone who has a hard time being wrong? This is a symptom of pride. The need to be right prevents one from appropriately evaluating issues as well as themselves (Galatians 6:3). A person who needs to be right has an exalted investment in himself or herself and thinks that he/she knows better than others. In religious circles, the need to be right is frequently manifested through always saying ‘God told me’ or ‘God showed me’.
    3. Being argumentative.
    4. More invested in being heard than in hearing. When someone develops a pattern of needing others to listen to them rather than first hearing others, pride is motivating the need. The need to be heard is common among clergy who are insecure.
    5. Anger. Anger is a self-justifying emotion. This means that the nature of anger is to prompt us to justify our position and blame another for the wrongdoing. Justification of self leads to denial of our own complicity or wrongdoing. The scripture warns that the "anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God." (James 1:20). An individual who is angry a lot is suffering from pride.
    6. Irritability and impatience.
    7. Lack of submissive attitude
    8. Not easily corrected. Ever work or live with someone who won’t receive any negative or corrective feedback? This too is pride.
    9. Receiving correction but not changing.
    10. Needing others to take your advice.
    11. Needing to proclaim your title or degrees. Demanding that others call you ‘doctor’ or ‘pastor’ or ‘bishop’ is usually a way of making you ‘one up’ and them ‘one down’. Once again, pride is fueling the requirement.
    12. Being stubborn. W
    13. Comparisons and competition. 2 Corinthians 10:12 makes it clear that comparing oneself with others is unwise. Comparison is a form of competition. It is often overt. For example, emphasizing the size of one’s church, the number of converts, etc. However, it can also be the subtle sin of heart that inwardly grieves when another is more successful or rejoices when another pastor’s ministry enters hard times. The motive of heart is pride.

  135. So many comments have been aired and many more are coming.One thing I noticed is that all of them are criticising the bishop-not a good word about him,surely there are some truths about them. I take my hat off for these brave people who dare speak up but what about the Standing Committee/PCC people?Don't you have anything to comment? If you agree with what the bishop is doing,come out and say so and give the reasons why. You are the elected leaders of the church,if you remain non-committal,you are not doing your duty as church leaders and therefore should resign and let others who are more vocal to take your place.You cannot just let things be as they are and the cries of the members go in vain.Do you know if anything goes wrong with the 'bishop's vision' you will also be held accountable for it.

    Yes,Chancellor,you did a good job by not signing the Sales and Purchase Agreement as one blogger mentioned above,so please do something about what is happening now.

  136. I am not good in writing down English to express my heart feeling. I tell you all I agree to everything that has spoken in this blog. I feel shameful too as whenever Yam Cha, no matter who by the side, the fellow will talk about our Anglican Bishop. For the first year, I and fellow parishioners tried to defence him and said good about him..... No lah, he is not like that, he is ok... bla..bla...

    Now coming to the 6th years, same no change in his dictatorship and attitude. Worse again, he said, who against me will suffer my voice. Among all the bishops, I think he said the most "I AM THE BISHOP" If really want to count, salah salah not less than 100 times.

    I feel shameful in front of all my friends and relatives, they always ask... why a bishop can be like that? How to answer all the WHYS.

    Please, you Anglian fellow brothers and sisters, especially the PCC members, Chinese and English, do something, don't sit in the meeting and be YES men and Women, do you no good. If don't dare to speak up, resign then and let someone sit there, otherwise you will get more severe punishment ....

    The one who started this blog, please do something to get him down. I think in our Anglican Sabah, we have many others, more qualify to be bishop that can bring glory to the name of our God. otherwise more rev and pastors will go. Please do something!!!

  137. In the know.

    Let me tell all ASC parishioners.

    1/.Elected PCC members are only a handfull.
    2/.During PCC meetings, Bishop will mobilized
    non elected PPC members to attend PCC
    meetings in full force. Non PCC members who
    attended meetings & given voting rights were
    Rev.,Pastors & all Cathedral office staff.
    Very soon even the gardener,tea lady & jaga
    will be given voting rights in PCC meetings.
    With the above, the hand full elected PCC
    members were always out voted by these non
    elected PCC members.
    3/.In the last PCC meetings, our workaholic &
    very honest Treasurer were not allowed to
    present the treasurer report by the Bishop.
    4/.When elected PCC members asked Bishop why
    Cathedral staff & non elected PCC members
    permitted to vote ?
    Elected PCC members was short down & asked
    to see Bishop in his office after the
    5/.For Hosanna hall renovation expenses of
    RM100,000.00. Bishop bypass PCC & got Exco
    to approved renovation.
    The exco consisted of all 3 wardens,secretary
    treasurer, Dean & Precentor. Most were yes
    men & women, except 7.30am Warden &
    6/.Bishop said, ASC is not a bank, whereby $$$$
    is kept in bank to earn money. ASC being a
    being a church must spend all the $$$$$ to
    glorify GOD.
    How does one glorify GOD by spending
    RM 40,000.00 for lightings that will only
    have a life span of 4 months, RM 50,000.00
    for polishing of pews & RM 45,000.00 on
    carpeting ?.
    8/.Who are the members in the standing
    committee ?
    9/.Lastly, do you know before every PCC
    meetings, Bishop will call a meeting earlier
    among the Pastors, Rev., & all Cathedral
    staff to brief all what he expects from
    them ?
    I urged all elected PCC members to stay put in
    your role, as you are needed to be ears & eyes for all ASC parishioners. To undo all the wrongs.
    May God bless all our elected non yes men &
    women strength & courage. Have no fear on the Bishop & may I remind all, including our Bishop, when in PCC meetings, he is just a
    D E A N. PCC elected members has got more
    rights then the D E A N.

  138. If there is a petition to remove the self-proclaimed Righteous DATUK ALBERT VUN, I and my family will definitely sign it.
    I miss Dean Koo, Bishop Yong.
    I also agree to the notion of not giving a single RM or sen at all. Enough is enough. Can this DATUK be investigated by MACC?

  139. Thanks for clarifying what is going on in PCC meetings.Sorry for accusing the PCC people. Yes,stay on,you are our eyes and ears. This bishop is sure a cunning one and we must do something about it.How can non PCC members can vote? All you supporters of bishop,be careful ,don't follow blindly or else you will be judged one day.

  140. He is definitely the most abused and corrupted Bishop on earth if all of the above allegations are true. If so, how far or how long can we tolerate let this evil man to lead us???. If he is really so corrupted as alleged and to save our DOS and ASC, I would strongly suggest to lodge a report to the Police or to the MACC for further investigations to put things straight.
    May God bless you all.

  141. From the least
    It is encouraging to see more and more brothers and sisters in Christ come out to voice their dissatisfactions daily. We have just celebrated our all saints cathedral centenary. I was wondering what are we celebrating. There where so many changes were made to Cathedral, the original Altar was removed and replaced with the choir pews. Every Sunday when I face the Choirs I have a funny feeling as if I am worshiping them. And when the priests or pastors bow to the cross they feel like bowing to the choirs. I think this might be the reason why most of the pastors and priests do not bow to the cross any more. It is so inappropriate for the priest to conduct the Holy Communion. Where, his back is facing the choir. Whatever it is something is not very right. There was no originality. We cannot tell visitors that all these things were like it was when it was built. The Cathedral in Kuching, West Malaysia and Singapore were not altered or renovated. What a sad thing now we have nothing to remember of our passed Cathedral building. We have lost our very heritage. This is all because of one man full of vanity, who wants to change all things according to his own ego and liking, so that other can praise and remember him by. There are some who are so proud of his doing and gave so many credits and praises to him but forgetting that what have been done and lost cannot be undone and forever lost. Please remember that there is nothing to be proud of all the materials things on earth because nothing can compare to those that is in my Father’s house. The Lord wanted us to bring in numbers and not grand building, which He is not lack of in heaven. Now our Shepard is trying to drive away the sheep that were given to him by the chief shepherd, less and less people are attending church this day. As for some of our PCC and Stand com members I salute those for standing firm to fight the tyrant and his yes men, against all odds Do you know that our bishop bring in all his staffs just to out vote the few brave oppositions members. In my time such action by priests or the Dean is unheard of. This is something new to me and I sure to many of the ex PCC members will agree with me. Can a man get so low in order to get his way? What else a bishop. I want to advice our faithful, honest and God fearing PCC members to stay and fight to the end, otherwise we will find a bunch of yes men PCC members and the dictator running our Cathedral; you know how our bishop operate last AGM. To the present die hard PCC members don’t worry you are voted there by the grace of God no matter what type of politic was played against you. Don’t worry you are not alone, stand for the truth and the good of the church, we will continue to pray for you. May God bless all the righteous PCC with courage and wisdom to speak the truth and to review the all wrongs? Amen

  142. In the know, thanks for the insight on how motions were passed on issues during PCC meetings. The last time I saw this type of tactics used was voting of committee members at the Sabah Golf and Country Club many years ago. The Freemasons majority won to wrest control of the club's management. This was done by getting all their Masonic members to turn up for voting which outnumbered the others. I wonder if the Bishop learnt it from them but I can remember him preaching fervently from the pulpit against Freemasons. Perhaps, he did not want them in ASC so there is no threat of a united membership to go against him. At the same time, he can use their tactics to win in his favour. However in this age of computers, we have blogs where people with similar grievances can unite to become a force in itself. The issue on hand has now become too big to ignore as more Dioceses members participate.

  143. I feel sori for datuk vun, you joined the wrong company. If you are in the corporate world or any political parti surely i join u. There are so many 'kung fu' to learn from u. You are so smart and kejam.

    The asc parishioners gila2 follow u for the past 5yrs, see u do all the wrong thing also diam2.

    Why this scenario look alike malaysia politic?

    hakka ppl

  144. Why, why,………and tell me why…?

    After the blog was created on the 23rd of October 2011, our church leader has been besieged with countless negative criticism. Many parishioners have visited the blog. While they all agree that the blog will certainly cause some degree of destruction to the ASC, they do accept it because they think that the comments may help deter some people from being tempted to commit further irregularities in the church and the diocese.

    All the comments writers appeared to be very pessimistic about the future of our church and the Diocese. They are demonstrating the same attitude – they want to save the ASC and the diocese from being tainted and destroyed. They should not be regarded as slanderers just because of their views are different from that of the leader. Their whining should not be ignored.

    It’s time for the leader and his followers to repent and start anew. It’s never too late. It’s simple and easy. The following steps will help improve the situation.

    1. Learn to shake hands with the congregation and they will respect you.
    2. Learn to show your smiling face even though you are not willing.
    3. Learn to say good morning as this is the basic manner.

    Be humble like our Lord Jesus.

  145. Here, I would like to say, "Treasurer of ASC, I solute you! With such a pressure and after received so many thunder-like scolding, you still can stand firm and speak the truth. You are a lady that I respect. Keep it up and don't give up, I personally will stand at your back and support and pray for you."

    I remember the last AGM, how you were erected, though the Datuk giving words to all his pastors INDIRECTLY, especially the BM saide, someway and somehow wanted you to be out. The last AGM was really like the Political campaign, never in my life, I ever can imagine, ASC church will ever like this. With God's gracious hands, Treasurer, you were chosen, see, without campaign, we are all at your back! You don't need to say a word, we understand. Keep it up with your good work.

    Thank you, our Dr. James and some ladies in the PCC, who dare to speak up for the congregations. Do talk to the people in your congregations more often, listen to their hearts, analysis what they say, don't immediately think what they say are negative. Think, analysis and pray over it.

    Once again, thank you for those who speak up for our hearts feeling. God be with you all.

  146. I too am wondering like shooDAV,can MACC be brought in to investigate the bishop,then all his supporters will have to come out as witnesses.

    If this bishop is sacked,the best person to hold the post for the time being should be bishop Yong Phin Chung.He and his wife are so humble and simple and we really missed people like them as our leaders of the church.

    I have never heard of a church altar being demolished after it was blessed and then rebuilt and moved to another place.It only happened in ASC. Last time the going up to the communion rail was so orderly but now ,it is like a 'traffic jam'!
    I have noticed that whatever things were done by the past bishops and pastors,they are redone with no more memories of the past.

    We used to have a very good retired teacher as the gardener of the church compound.He planted a lot of trees and flowers and made the compound beautiful but as soon as the bishop came,he altered the landscape of the compound and the the volunteer gardener retired himself for what he did as considered beautiful by the parishioners was not so by the bishop.Such a sad case.

    PCC and other 'No Men/women' please forgive us for accusing you all wrongly.Thanks to 'in the know'for telling it all.I also encourage the PCC to let the parishioners know what is happening in meetings and to keep the church informed as it is their right to know.Fight back and you will have a clear conscience.Our prayers are with you.

  147. Dear chancellor, why are you so quiet? Haven't you seen this blog? Give us a reply what actions are you taking now? Don't tell us you can't do anything because no names are given in this blog. Did you go round and talk to the ASC brothers and sisters, the Chinese saying, "no wave if no wind". Please show us you have done something. Our hearts are very burdensome now. Help us in the name of the Lord.

  148. I've been reading the blog and now I just can't stand on the sidelines anymore. All I wanted is to point out is that the Anglican Dioceses of Sabah's 100 years legacy will be dismentle by mismangement and abusive spending of funds. We are already blessed with an inheritance (church buildings, schools, lands for future generations to expand and even financial support from the mother Church of England during the early stages). Other recently established independent churches have to find their own resources to acquire lands to build their churches purely by faith and God's blessing. Our Dioceses is going the other direction by selling our prime land and spending the proceeds like a TRUST FUND BABY. I just can't imagine what will the ADOS be once the TRUST FUND is used up and offering are greatly reduced. Do we have another 100 years to look forward to or even 10 year ? So who is responsible? If all of you are turning a blind eye, you have
    played a role in the fall of our Dioceses. If you care for our Church and it's legacy, I hope you all will stand up and put things right again so we can look forward to another 100 years or even until the coming of Christ.

    May God bless you and espicaily those who love His blessings of our legacy.

  149. Let us have the same attitude as David did, "May the LORD repay every man for his righteousness and his loyalty. I wasn't willing to lift my hand against the LORD's anointed,even though the LORD handed you over to me today. Just as I considered your life valuable today, so may the LORD consider my life valuable and rescue me from all trouble. 1Sam 26:23 - 24
    At the end of his life David could proclaim, As the LORD lives, who has redeemed my life from every difficulties 1Kings 1:29

  150. Please don’t expect the Chancellor and his committee members to take any actions against the bishop. Please do remember that only the YES and SUBMISSIVE men are favoured by him (the Bishop). There is every possibility that he is the sole adviser who has been working behind his master.

    Chancellor,please clarify your stand on the issue.

  151. The use of the above verses is taken out of context and generalized to misled. Many tele-evangelist and fallen Christian leaders had misused this verse to swindle millions and abuse their power & followers, the person who uses it should be careful that he/she should not add-to or subtract from the word of God.

    David was a king in waiting, anointed by God himself through His prophet Samuel (He is as anointed as Saul). Just like Abraham, he placed his faith in God to vindicate and bring to fulfillment God's calling in his life without taking things into His own hand, he is humble enough to wait on God. And God came through for him in a big way.

    The people here is airing their grievances, frustrations and perceived or experienced injustices, its like they are praying out loud - they are like the psalmists crying out to God. Before this blog they were grieving and praying in silent. Just as the Psalmists, God will answer them in due time.

  152. since so many irregularies surfaced and ppl could not be bothered "tai sai" so what course of action can we take or just leave it to God?

  153. Dear Treasurer,my prayers are for you.You need plenty of them for being able to stand up straight and strong before the bishop. Such an upright person is hard to find and you are really chosen by God to do this job which is not easy.You have all the parishioners' support,don't worry.Nobody,not even the bishop can 'kick' you out.Stand firm to your principles and may God bless you.

  154. Aiyoyo.......,was very shocked to learn from " In the Know " how PCC meetings were chaired.
    I call upon all parishioners to elect more brave &
    fearless PCC members next year into the PCC like our treasurer & our english warden.
    The only way we can Glorify God is to be more accountable for all our actions.
    Keep up the good work treasurer & warden.
    May God bless all PCC members who standup & be counted for stamping the wrongs.

  155. When a person thinks that God ONLY speaks to the clergy, that person needs to need to think again and again. And when this comes from a bishop of a church, all he needs to do is to look up in the Bible. The Lord God Almighty had to tell Eli (the very high priest of the Temple of God in Jerusalem) about the Prophecy Against the House of Eli through a man of God and a young boy (later Prophet) Samuel. 1Samuel 2:12 - 3:18.

  156. Oh, boy! I have been sitting in front of my computer screen for the last few days absorbed by the intricacy of the situation at ASC.

    The battle here is not wage merely by human forces operating in this world. The players are not just bishop and his team verses those that are anti-bishop. There is a greater spiritual battle in the heavenly realm. Principalities and powers far above this earthly conflict are working to prevent the Diocese of Sabah to continue growing. The battle is spiritual.

    Our bishop is the Lord's anointed, and we should not lift our hand against the Lord's anointed. However, what do we do when the Lord's anointed has been compromised.

    The answer is simply to pray. What a tremendous need we have in ASC today for intercessors to pray. We need to pray to break the hold of Satan upon our church. We need to pray for God to bring blessings and revival upon our church. We need to pray for bishop. Everyone who penned something here, your responsibility now is to pray.

    When we pray, God in heaven will hear our prayer. God will send someone to do the spiritual battle in response to our prayers. This is dark days indeed for DOS. I weep and mourn together with all of you.

  157. It is good for Bishop to say something to clear the doubts and issues which may or may not be true. If there is nothing to hide, make it transparent and find ways to address the members. I am sure many of us who love the church and want to find the answers.

  158. From all the comments, Bishop, your credibility is fast eroding like a landslide in Kundasang and soon, it will be difficult for you to speak from the pulpit in any church. You and your followers , time to wake up from denial - maybe you are thinking to just to ignore and then, the heat will simply die off. You are saying, they threaten me with referendum, I fear no man, only God. But Bishop, these are not voices that threaten. Only voices of despair, no where to speak and be heard, only here. Knowing you, you will dismiss these comments, make some sarcastic remarks and turn your head away in scorn. This will be a fatal mistake - bad news travel fast thru internet technology - dont make same mistake like some Governments who fall down overnight because of internet.
    So, please see this as frank feedback and a desperate cry from the heart of your flock. Ask the faithful ones (not just the yes ones) and take a hard honest look at what has gone wrong. How many ways have you exposed yourself to be tempted by the world? Play back your own sermons and listen to yourself . Time to return to the office you were first called - i.e.Chief Shepherd over DOS. Do not harden your heart like Pharaoh and wait for so many plagues before you soften your heart. Do not try to be all things - spiritual head, CEO of the Diocese and of ASC all at the same time. With so much power over staff, funding, property and resources, including '000s of people at your command, no wonder the weaknesses of your human flesh is taking over. Not true? You wield all this big power and authority as if it is your personal rights. You have learnt to intimidate, manipulate, coerce, override, threaten, abuse and even re-write history. Worse still, you have use Word of God like your personal weapons. You cannot bear to hear even a whisper of dissent or stand the smallest criticism. You always need to prove yourself as being better. You must always Win. You must always be Right. Reflect hard on why this is so. Be willing to make yourself accountable, and do not say, you answer only to God or that you fear no man. You have created many power bases by being Dean and Bishop at same time, give them up. Think "Kingdom of God", not "buildings of man". Make changes soon and fast. You owe it to DOS. You owe it to ASC. Because of you, sad to say there is a split in ASC between the yes and no factions. See,we are starting to hate each other. Unity is no more. This split will soon spread like a virus to parish churches. Now even we ask each other - submit to you or dont submit? Parish church also will soon ask, submit to the priest or dont submit? You will soon cause your priests to become weak . You will also cause many to doubt their faith. Churches to be divided. DOS, last time well respected by outside world, soon to become laughing stock. So, do not say, it is nothing, small case, God is with me, whom shall I is not nothing, it is not bad people saying bad things about you, Bishop, have ears to hear, eyes to see, open up your heart, and hear the cries of ASC. Dont counter attack with special sermons - it will not work anymore. Dont let this reach a point of no return for yourself and for the people you are supposed to be shepherd. For their sake and your sake, make some "sacrifices" to make things right again.

  159. Even if the bishop does change a bit like shaking hands after the service and does not scold so much,it does not mean he is going in the right direction,If he does not clear the accusations that are now leveling against him,he will forever be held in suspicion.It is so difficult to listen to his preaching when in our hearts we don't believe in what he says,there is no more faith in him.

    How can these Yes priests and the bishop stand up in the pulpits and preach every Sunday when they don't practise what they preach. Yes priests don't you listen to your hearts, and don't you read this website and see what sort of boss you have?Don't forget,you are all paid by the parish not the bishop.

    To spend all the church money,as in the know revealed is ridiculous.The bishop wants to bankrupt the church by going for mega projects.We are all for it, if the money is spent in helping the less fortunate and the needy people not neccessary must be Anglicans.

    Why doesn't the bishop spend all his own money helping others instead of investing his money on houses,if what people said about him is true? How come he has so much money in such a short time as bishop? After years of being a bishop as well as an archbishop,bishop Yong does not have a million ringgit house.It does not need much elaboration.Some of the parishioners and their families work their fingers to the bones,still can only manage a small house and that is by installments up to at least 20-25 years!

  160. Bishop, you have good visions for the church and the only problem is that you have the wrong way to implement them. You are entrusted to manage and not destroy the DOS. Get the view of the majority. DONT RUSH to make mega commitments though it may take a longer path to see the reality of OUR vision and not your just vision. Work hard to get the support of the majority thru consultation and not thru confrontation. Be humble to take criticism. These are basic of management skills of a good leader. May God bless you and our church.

  161. When Anonymous of 19/11/2011 @5:35pm said, “The battle is spiritual”. It is indeed the case.
    First and foremost we try to be as objective as possible. We do not condemn the person but we do condemn the act if the act by that person is not correct or it is not carried out in accordance with God’s Word. Like they say, we call a spade a spade and nothing more or nothing less. [Let your “Yes” be a “Yes” and your “No” be a “No”]. Just for an example, if a building is built without approval in accordance with clear-cut laws, it is simply against the law of the land. It is therefore illegal. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing personal. We do not justify it that because someone else also had done it, we therefore ALSO can do it. And we further justify that we CAN break the law because we are doing God’s work. What does the Bible tell us? Submit to the authority – ie, the authority for building approvals. If an evil authority tells us not to come to church and worship God, it is then a different matter altogether.

    All the issues that were raised so far about Bishop Albert Vun (BAV) are the outward symptoms or the result of the core problem, which is spiritual. Most writers have written about the outward manifestation and behaviour of BAV; ie, his arrogant, dictatorial attitudes and demeanour, his money-spending ways and the way he decides and all the rest that had been documented here in this blog. So far, no observation was made on what is in his heart and mind – spiritually.

    We are all sinners. God wants us to do good and emulate our Lord Jesus Christ. He always wants us to live by the Holy Spirit so that we will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature (Gal 5:16). Besides humility, God also wants every one of us to have the 9 attributes of the one fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22), which are:-

    1. Love
    2. Joy
    3. Peace
    4. Patience
    5. Kindness
    6. Goodness
    7. Faithfulness
    8. Gentleness
    9. Self-Control.

    No human can honestly say he has all these attributes all the time all his life. Remember we are ALL sinners and we are always struggling against sins. A bishop, as a leader of a church, and shepherding his flock should have (and necessarily must have) all these attributes most of the time. If one does not have them more of the time, but instead have attributes opposite to those stated above, there is a need to reassess whether such a person is fit to lead the church as a bishop. For example, if a platoon commander is not brave enough to lead his soldiers on a combat mission, he is therefore and necessarily not fit to be a commander and need to be replaced by someone who is.

  162. Now, coming back to the heart and mind of BAV. It is important that we know his spiritual make-up and doctrine. We need to discern and reflect it with the Word of God. Now, that he has been bishop for 5-6 years, it is becoming clearer by the day the spiritual path he taking the church to and by the way pastors resigned and by the ways they are treated and placed in the different places .The list is not exhaustive, but the summary of his spiritual ways and doctrines are:-

    1. It is known to parishioners that he had been to the so-called “Toronto Blessing” which are prayer meetings held in the Vineyard Church in Toronto whose spiritual leader at the time was the late John Wimber, who by the way, was the leader of the Third Wave “Signs and Wonders” Movement;

    2. He was the one who introduced the Alpha Course to ADOS. The Alpha Course was popularized by Nicky Gumbel who in turn was spiritually linked to John Wimber in the so-called “Toronto-Blessing”;

    3. As far as we know, BAV did not so-called “speak in tongues” before he was transferred to Tawau. He now does;

    4. He had arranged for Charismatic and Pentecostal preachers/speakers to be sent to our Sabah churches;

    5. He now preaches the so-called Laws of Prosperity which is the domain of the “Health, Wealth & Prosperity Gospel” of the Charismatics, Pentecostals & the Third Wave “Signs & Wonders Movement” (John Wimber) ;

    Text sermons and write-ups are listed after each of the topics listed above for parishioners to read carefully and discern whether the path BAV is now taking the flock is the Way of God or otherwise. Please do more research on the subject.

    It is now clear he wants the parishioners of ADOS to be disciples of John Wimber and his Third Wave “Signs & Wonders” Movement and their earlier fellow-cousins of the Pentecostals and the Charismatics. This a a DEPARTURE of our Anglican teachings for the past 100 years in Sabah. Be informed and discern for ourselves if indeed this is the narrow path God wants us to take to His Eternal Kingdom or is it the Wide Path to Destruction. May the Lord God Almighty bless our souls and shower us with His Wisdom.

  163. I am also concerned20 November 2011 at 13:11

    2 Timothy 4:2-4

    Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

    I have been monitoring this blog as an outsider but also as a concerned fellow Christian. "Concerned" has got a very valid point with regards to identifying the root or spirit behind the current outward manifestation of BAV's leadership over the Anglican church. Unfortunately the reality of the Sabah spiritual landscape is that it is dominated by the “Health, Wealth & Prosperity Gospel” of the Charismatics, "Dominion Theology / Kingdom Now of the Pentecostals & the Third Wave “Signs & Wonders Movement” which are popular because it feeds the desires of SELF in the disguise of serving God. The problems faced is a much wider issue affecting most Sabah churches beyond the confinement of ASC and the Anglicans. The only difference is that the bad fruit from the bad tree is evident in BAV's ministry because he does not have the charisma or persuasiveness or polished demeanor to carry through his agenda compared to other more 'gifted' counterparts in other churches which is harder to detect. I do share the pain of the faithfuls at ASC. However, it is hope that out of this turmoil at ASC that this will bring to light not only within Anglican but other denominations of the real issue or reality affecting all churches which is all part and parcel of Satan's scheme to destroy Christ's church from within.

    Whilst i do not want to sidetrack from the above main point, there is another aspect we need to be aware of which is how we have allowed certain cultural influences to infiltrate the leadership and interaction within the church. Disclaimer: I have linked a website (not mine) to illustrate the point at

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places". (Ephesians 6:12)

    To echo "concerned"'s summary, "be informed and discern for ourselves of what is the Wide Path to Destruction and what is the Narrow Path God wants us to take to His Eternal Kingdom. May the Lord God Almighty bless our souls and shower us with His Wisdom."

  164. The sinful bishop……it is marvelous to approve the building of the so-called Celebration Centre costing more than 31 millions just by two meetings……and decided by the YES men…………..????

    This bishop is not only a disgrace to All Saints Cathedral, but also all the Anglican churches in Sabah. He is the first and the only bishop being alleged to have done something illegally in the church. He never admits his mistakes. He never feels ashamed of his misconduct. He is so arrogant that he thinks he is better than everyone else.

    He spares no effort to defend himself. He has always skillfully and evasively dodged our allegations. In today’s bulletin (20/11/11), he adopted the same tactic - telling the congregation that he is the sufferer. He has never told them the whole story why he has been alleged for his sinful wrong doings. He is the greatest liar and he is stealing God’s money. He always uses God’ name to protect himself but he never realizes that God is using our hands to punish him. He never proves to us that he is innocent of all the accusations and is continuously beautifying himself.

    We must take stern measures to punish this evil bishop.

  165. If our Hon. Treasurer is so firm, why did she sign the cheques for payment? And why did our Auditor just simply sign "To the best of my knowledge ..........." and not point out all the mismanagement like the present Malaysian Auditor General report. And this Auditor is also the Treasurer for our Diocese? And he also signed payment for land in Sipitang? Did our Diocesan Registrar put in his valuation on that land? And the land in Menggatal? And was he the one who introduced buyer for the land in Likas?

    Pakat Pakat

  166. It is clear from the front page Sunday bulletin that the bishop's heart is even more harden. He has denied that those allegations are false. He thinks that ASC members are stupid and blind. The transfer of priests around, is more of victimised those that stand up to his unholy conduct and getting cold storage for it. Explain why so many of the senior priests resign. Why so many of the senior priests are angry and frustrated? Those who wrote in the blogs have not put their names (for the time being) as I think they know what a person the bishop is like. They know how unforgiving bishop is and he REMEMBER. You think they have nothing better to do than create bad things to say about you. You think we do not fear God and simply say something that is not.

    We are also not against some of the things done but the ways things are done. The means does not justify the end. Just because God ask a person to go from point A to point B, that does not mean the person can drive a tank and crush and even kill those that stand in the way, goes against traffic, run red light, etc. There are laws and rules that need to be followed. Just because a policeman has the authority to catch thief does not mean he has the license to kill and do what he likes. Just because you are the bishop does not mean you can do what you like in the name of God. What 'In the Know' revealed how decisions are made in the PCC, any decisions the bishop wants he will get because most will be under him. I understand in Standing Com, 7 out of 10 members are under the diocese payroll. Supposed to be 5 clergy and 5 laity but 2 members of the laity are pastors under the bishop. So PCC and Standing Com are completely under bishop's control. So whatever decisions made will be in bishop favour. He wants to sell land he sell, he wants to buy land he buy, he wants to spend money he spend, he wants to spent RM1mil to renovate the bishop house to his expensive and extravagant taste he gets, he wants to build a RM30mil auditorium to outdo his cousin he gets. A lot of time he does not even go thru the Stand com or PCC. Bishop is totally abusive of his power. Bishop you may have faith to build mountain but without love it all comes to nothing. 1 Corin 13 is very clear on this.

    Remember bishop closed the ASC kindergarden halfway thru and the reason given was it's not making money. He did not even listen to plead to wait til end of the year so as not to affect the children education. It caused so much grief and inconvenience. So merciless. Now he spent more than Rm500K to renovate a rented building in KL to open up 'home schooling' which has only 8-10 students. Making money? Definitely not. School fees not even enough to pay the principal and monthly rental. But it is OK because all these 'home schooling' are under the wife.

    And just because we stand up to all these abuses and nonsense coming from the bishop and he called these as evil intent. Bishop more of your abuses and evil intents will be exposed, and then everybody will know the truth which will set the church of Jesus Christ free from all those lies and deceptions that have come into the church to satisfy your ego, power crazy, and self righteous heart. God have mercy on all of us. Pray for his poor soul and pray for the anglican church. These are dark days.

    Let more people in all the other churches know about this blog so they can really see the true color of our bishop. Expose him for who he is. The truth will set us and the church free.

  167. Some of the postings show the writers as knowlegable in Anglican Church,so I think must be quite senior also.Sad to say, BAV isn't ready to listen,just read the tone of his message in sunday Bulletin..."False allegations against me...I do not waste my time to give attention to this kind of ungodly activities...".He want ppl to come out and reveal themselves so he can take action against his accusers. U know there is a Whistleblowers Act, whereby ppl who reveal wrongdoings are protected? Are ppl just going to hope & pray BAV will someday realize he may be wrong after all???

  168. From the least
    I am wondering why is it our bishop does not want to ordain a Dean of the Cathedral for the past 6 years. I hope my following reasons will not be far of the mark
    1. He is power crazy, the power of bishop is not enough for him
    2. He still wanted to pastor a church, since he lost the one in Tawau
    3. He have promised someone very close to him that they can stay at the Deanery for as long as they like, if he were to tell them to move out now” No face mah”
    4. He cannot trust anyone but himself.
    5. He does not listen to anyone accept his yes men and women.
    6. Maybe he thought and heard from yes men and women, from the beginning, that the cathedral’s members do not like him and a difficult bunch to deal with, which was not true at all. So he took up the challenge to deal with the congregation. Actually In the beginning many went to shake his and his wife hands but many were put off by their altitude. The rest is history.
    He can ordain two bishops but not one Dean. He can easily ordain one of the bishops to be his dean first, before ordain him to be a bishop but he don’t. Funny though, he trust them to be his bishop but not his dean. I don’t see the logic unless the dean post is more important than the bishop. Come on bishop don’t belittle your own priests. Trust and mentor them lah. Someone have trusted and mentored you before, don’t be selfish and eat the whole cake yourself otherwise you will choke to…..

  169. Generous Giver says

    Anglicans need not give a single cent to the Celebration Centre - minimum cost RM30,000,000.00.

    It is built not to glorify God, but our bishop Vun himself - like Saddam and other dictators big statues built by them.

    He is only competing with his cousin William Vun's big multi-purpose centre. He cannot lose to WV's Glory Centre or anyone who will do better.

    No tender or open competition to contractors to give best possible price. So any donation will go to wastage and wrong use. Church suffer and church money suffer, but some individuals get rich.

    Futsal and basketball court also included - what a laughing stock. No such urgency.

    The most important reason why not to give a single cent. Bishop Albert Vun at the ASC New Year's eve 2010 prayer meeting scolded sarcastically and arrogantly the people "don't ask me to account how I spend the money you give. I don't need to account - it is not your money anymore".

    "I don't need your money or donation. I can easily telephone a non-christian friend who will give me at least $500,000.00 easily and instantly". "You can keep your money".

    Do we still need to donate for Celebration Centre?

    Many ASC Worshippers decided not to tithe anymore even on Sunday, but to give to the poor churches and seminaries until our 'beloved' bishop is changed by prayers totally into a Godly leader and bishop.

  170. True Beliverer writes

    2 weeks ago many blind supporters of bishop Vun write very blindly.

    To the 'non-christians' and the so called 'Buddhist' (who quote the Bible so well), together with the crony belivers of the bishop, my good advise to you is to set up your own blog to praise him non-stop.

    If bishop ask you people to lick his boots, you would also jump at the chance to angkat kaki him - very lowly people indeed.

    For information of 'non-christians' and 'Buddhist', ASC cannot succeed to bring non believers to know and accept Jesus because of the arrogant and wicked actions of bishop is known in KK since 2006. So Gospel Sunday fail to bring non-believers to church because of the bad example of bishop, not because of this blog just set up.

    If you want to help bishop to convert unbelievers, you 'non-christian' and 'Buddhist' better do your part on Gospel Sunday.

    This blog is not set up for cronies and those good in 'angkat kaki' but to reform the bishop from his wicked and cruel ways.

    'Mary Poppin' - if she is a woman need to be reformed first. Like bishop, 'she' or he think the church belongs to 'her' or him alone - asking up-right people to leave the church.

    Bishop, you have to reform your cronies and supporters. All of them are so hot tempered, arrogant, impatient and unkind like you.

    ASC and our diocese is changerd into a battle ground by you - not a place for worship like in the past.

    Bishop, go down on your knees and ask God to reform you.

  171. Faithful worshipper writes

    Bishop Vun again scolded and cursed his parishioners in his church bulletin message on 20/11/11. He called them people with "evil intent" just because they cannot share his views and opinions.

    If the bishop do not read the letters and the blog ("wasting his time on ...... ungodly activities"), how would he know what is written (he is lying because he read). Why should he respond to these letters in his bulletin message if he refuse to read.

    He should keep his big and arrogant mouth shut.

    He try to hoodwink the people to give generously to the Celebration Centre again. This time he will fail because the people know his true colours. They will not give.

    Bishop Vun should go down on his knees and repent for his "evil intent" and "ungodly activites" for causing all the problems in DOS and ASC. No past bishop or leaders have done anything like he is doing. Damaging the DOS and ASC to a stage where no repair can be done.

    He is a sadist because he enjoy fighting with people and his congregations.

    He is the biggest disgrace to DOS, ASC and the Anglican church world wide.

  172. All true revival and all spiritual blessings are dependents upon Christ being preached. A church without a doctrine is as a body without bones, but doctrines without the spirit of Christ are as the dry bones spoken of in EZE 37;1-10
    Preaching often is but "a noise, which causes.. a shaking, and the bones come together, bone to his bone... but there was no breath in them". These dry bones, i.e. dry doctrines came together,but they are spiritual dead until the Holy spirit breathed the spirit of Christ into them.
    If it is fleshly sentimentality & fails to focus on Christ.
    Preaching in Christ is preaching repentance, & conversion, That your sins may be blotted out,then the presence of the Lord is being with you.
    There is false prophets who preach,"Peace, peace through the blood of his cross, COL 1:20 when there is no peace," JER 6:14. The Lord says of those prophets peace, "through the blood of his cross," without true repentance and conversion, "I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran, I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in counsel, and had caused my people to hear my words, then they should have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings, JER 23: 21-22.
    The call to preach Christ is directed with sincere love and affection to every minister of gospel.
    We may well expound our denominational positions on dry doctrines, but question rings out with the blood curdling cry!!! " Is CHRIST BEING PREACHED ? Oh Beloved Shepherd! Christ flock, please bear with me : the blood of souls stains so deep! "If thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, the wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand," EZE 33:8.
    If there is no humbling for sin, there will be no pardoning for sin or sharing in Christ or His salvation. Repent ,repent.

  173. This revealing blog shows that there is a turmoil in the Sabah Anglican Diocese.

    A Christian church is supposed to be an establishment to help the needy and the vulnerables, to uphold honesty, morality, kindness, goodness and most of all, faith in the teaching of christianity. In fact, any religions or faith could be said to be a guiding beacon to one's conscience and how one chooses to live his or her life.

    Reading all the comments here, there seems to be a crisis with the leadership of such an establishment in Sabah. Most commentators believe, or indeed, worry that the present leader is unfit to lead. Most feel that he will eventually alienated all the church followers, which in turn, will cause a decline in the church attendance and may (God forbid), even trigger the demise of the church. After all, what is a church without its worshipping followers! And dare I cynically whisper, without the donation of its well-meaning and well-heeled followers! In general, the commentators are worried that the spiritual flame of the church may flicker into oblivion, due to the conduct of the leader and the unnecessary monetary risks he has undertaken in the pursue of prestige and glory.

    A good leader is one who does not let power, vanity and greed to corrupt. Historically, dictators will always get their come-uppance eventually. However, the downfall of any bullying tyrants will require big effort, big courage, and big movement to topple. The big question here is, are there any brave and committed souls out there to do it?

  174. The Inner Circle.
    To Pakat Pakat,
    FYI, BAV has by-passed treasurer for cheques signature & instead all cheques were signed by BAV & Wilson Rantau.
    Can all ASC parishioners asked WR, why he buta buta sign all cheques & are we going to elect this
    type of PCC member in the next election ?
    I call upon all ASC parishioners to rise up & be counted to elect all fearless ASC parishioners to PCC. I will certainly nominate the very brave lady who told BAV off immediately after his sermon.
    Do you know, BAV in the last PCC meeting cursed all contributors to this blog that all your children & the next generations will be CURSED.
    This is how our SPIRITUAL leader behaved & treat the parishioners.
    Can you imagined our BISHOP CURSED all of us.

  175. I take great interest in reading these blogs without failed everyday and have also noted that the bishop never said a word about forgiving those who spread 'lies' about him as he said they are .Instead, in the church bulletin he cursed them for 'evil intent' and retaliated that these people would be punished by God for the lies they spread and as one staunched supporter of his commanded,leave if you do not like the bishop's vision. Who is she to order others to leave? Is this the way to be a leader of the church?
    The bishop must take pains in answering the so many questions on the parishioners' minds,you cannot say,it is a waste of time to answer the 'lies' How can the majority of the church people lie when the evidences are all there for everyone to see? Even Jesus pleaded to God,'father forgive them for they know not what they do'

  176. You one to know oh not ?
    I was tell, in the last PPC meeting ah, our Pendik waisted curly Beshop say he trust all his
    Pastors and that any spending below RM 100,000.00 do
    not has to get go ahead by PCC. Pastors can go spend spend like water from the water fall.
    Wah like this also can oh ?, how can we trust them went they spend spend like grand father money before.I tank " in the know " to bring out spending like
    RM 45,000.00 on carpeting ( wat rong with the old carpet that need to replace ?, RM 50,000.00 on pew
    cleaning and RM 40,000.00 on light.
    Now ah, i oredy giv RM1/- into offering for 2 months and i asking all ASC parishioners to do same same. The rest of the money giv to intoriorr church lah or other christian church who need money.
    Our Short waisted curly Beshop saying we all mas respected all Pastos since there is God servant. How can he demand we to respect,not Pastors must gain & earn respect may ! Wah he tink he is second to GOD oh. How can like dat one and call himself Beshop of Sabah.
    So many my frens asking wat is happening in your church, why so many peoples don like the Beshop, ahya i don has face to face my face oh.
    Beshop also say who say bad tings about him ah, will be curse and curse and all his childrens and genration and genration oh.
    Tell me why why our Beshop can say tings like that one and how to respect him ?
    Then ah, he marah the PPC not to simply simply say things in PPC meeting ah or else he will off the speaker & take away speaker.Outside Beshop say he no control on what other peoples say but in PPC he ada control.
    And he then say he forgive everybodies who say bad tings not truth one about him and belakang he curse curse. He worst then a snake oh & his tongue like a snake tongue, very very posonus one.
    All my frens say my church very very rich one and is rich people chiuch because our church spend spend like water like no tomorow one.
    Very sorry our present Beshop not like before Beshops, before Beshop Yong so good, so frend frend with all peoples but this si Pendik Beshop have " pah kap eyes " like some Pastos.( u know what i trying to say ? ).
    We all must pray hard and ask God to help our church so that our Beshop and Pastos will change to very good peoples like our last time Beshops.
    Next year, we must erect tiger with teeth to PPC and cannot erect tiger with no teeth one.
    Tiger no teeth cannot do any ting one and only
    warm the chair and smiling smiling like tiger.

  177. From the least
    Touch on Gospel Sunday. Actually, who smart idea is this. This have completely replaced the normal Sunday service. Why don’t you just call it Evangelistic Sunday? You are just trying to deceive the congregation. Sunday service without Holy Communion is not a Sunday service at all. For goodness sake if you want to have an evangelistic service do have it on Sunday night, I and many others will fully support you but to go on to deceiving us and disrupt our normal Sunday service will make us very unhappy. To be honest instead of going to church every Gospel Sunday, I took my family to go yam cha and I happen to meet other members of the congregation. Actually it may be good for us regular Sunday church goers to have a break and go walk walk in Gaya Street. May be this is what the church wanted us to take a break. If I attend the Gospel Sunday service without bringing non-Christians, I am deceiving myself and God because that’s what Gospel Sunday is, to bring non-Christians to be evangelise. We have been told one week before the Gospel Sunday to bring as many non-Christian friends and relatives to church for the Gospel Sunday. Honest to ourselves and to God how many are doing that. Anglicans Sunday service without the HOLY COMMUNION and the Nicene Creed is not Anglicans. This is what some of our priests and the chief shepherd is trying to do and many of us are still mun cha cha. Look at the worship centre in Tawau and how we almost pull out of the Provimce. I agree to what “Concerned and I am the concern said on 20 Nov 2011 and many others.” They are trying to make us believe that Gospel Sunday is normal Sunday service. Let us beware that the wolves in sheep skin are among us. Mind you today will be Gospel Sunday tomorrow will be something else. Brothers and sisters in Christ be warned and let us unite to fight the enemies that is trying to Change the Anglican Church to something else. We will lose our Anglicanism if we allow the chief shepherd and his cronies to keep misleading us,

  178. To Anonymous, 22 Nov 2011 00:13

    Sorrylah next year no PCC election woh!!! Have to wait another year how?

  179. O God, the Father of all, whose Son commanded us to love our enemies: Lead them and us from prejudice to truth: deliver them and us from hatred, cruelty, and revenge; and in your good time enable us all to stand reconciled before you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    O God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, our only Savior, the Prince of Peace: Give us grace seriously to lay to heart the great dangers we are in by our unhappy divisions; take away all hatred and prejudice, and whatever else may hinder us from godly union and concord; that, as there is but one Body and one Spirit, one hope of our calling, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of us all, so we may be all of one heart and of one soul, united in one holy bond of truth and peace, of faith and charity, and may with one mind and one mouth glorify thee; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    O God, you have bound us together in a common life. Help us, in the midst of our struggles for justice and truth, to confront one another without hatred or bitterness, and to work together with mutual forbearance and respect; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  180. This battle is like a game of poker. If, after the first twenty minutes, you don't know who the sucker at the table is, it's you.

    Our bishop loves to apply Sun Tzu's The Art of War in his work. I am sure at the moment he is planning his 'military' strategy.

    There is going to be a wearing down or weakening of resistance on one party, especially as a result of continuous pressure or harassment. There is only going to be one winner in this war of attrition. The winner takes it all.

    I fear for the Diocese of Sabah.

  181. Did you notice why people commented with identity shown in this blog has removed their comments? I remember Edwin Lam was my colleague & within a month he was removed by the Bishop! Yes, he has spoken the truth. He must be under duress & curses of the wicked Bishop Vun and his cronies to remove his comments!

    To my brother,"Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness"Mat 5:10. Do not fear man!

    Bishop, we want your explanation. How can you say people who made comments dare not show their identities. We have this brother showing his identity and you still denied and said we are all liars? Who is a bigger liar?

  182. Anglicans of ASC,bravo,you all sure know how to discern from a true leader to a false one! You don't follow blindly and go back to the bible to read about the qualities of a leader,a person with no fruits of the holy spirit is not a man of God.

    Edwin,may I know why you took your blog off?

    Any CEO of a company,if he has lost favour and trust will resign if he is a man of principles! By hanging on to the job and not proving why he must stay on is enough to call for investigations! How can BAV preach on Sundays when his sermons are not relevant anymore?What topic can he preach on now?

  183. Today,our Bishop & Pastor's sermons only glory themselves & family. In short SS ( shok sendiri only).
    1/.Pastor SL.
    a/. My family celebrate birthday at
    b/. My family shop at TONG HING
    Can the welcomers be more street wise & send a box of KLEENIX tissue to Pastor SL before she starts her sermon.
    2/.BAV,(the greatest visionary in modern days
    a/.Sermons only about foods,eg. kui nyuk,
    park sam kai.( no wonder his tummy is
    like a barrel ).
    b/.always abuses the bible verses to serve
    his on interest & to justified all his
    unGodly actions.

    Next sunday,you guys better count the numbers of fishermen fishing when the sermons is been preached.
    BAV is issuing blank cheques for Pastors to spend up to RM 100,000.00 without seeking
    PCC approval ?? Say WOW !.
    ASC parishioners must decide to make things happen & just do it to organise an EGM to remove the arrogant & unrepend DEAN before much damages done.

  184. Here are some of the same things God say about false teacher.
    ~They are ravenous wolves ( Matt 7:15-16 ).
    ~They are practices of lawlessness (Matt 7;22-23).
    ~They slave of the owe appetites ( Roman 16:18).
    ~They are men of flesh (1 Cor 3:1-4 ).
    ~They are peddlers of the word of Christ (2 Cor 2:7 ).
    ~They are accursed (Gal 1:6-8).
    ~They are tricker & schemers (Eph 4-14).
    ~They are deluders (Eph 4:14).
    ~They are deceivers ( Col 2:8 ).
    ~They are defrauders ( Col 2; 18-19).
    ~They are teacher of strange doctrine ( 1 Tim
    ~They are teacher of myth ( 2 Tim 4:3-4 ).
    ~They are liars ( 1 Tim 4:1-3).
    ~They are conceited & understand nothing (1 Tim
    ~They are gone astray ( 1 Tim 6;20-21).
    ~They are turn away the truth (Titus 1:10-11.
    ~They are slaves of corruption ( 2 Peter 2:19-20).
    ~They are rebellious people (Isa 30:9).
    ~ Brothers & sisters in Christ of ASC , we must keep a eye on those false teachers if you find anyone of them have any motive like above as mentioned the bible.

  185. Looks like BAV is putting a great importance on his efforts and deeds to get the young people to know God and hence to heaven.Where is salvation by the Grace of God?Why do we need to have all these showy buildings etc.Don't you know you are putting your sheep if they are really yours to a great burden in paying for the bills incurred should this mega building materialise? The young enjoy and who will pay for the maintenance etc?

    You said PCC and Standing Committee strongly supported your vision but you did not say that your staff and pastors also called in to vote,thus out numbering the actual people who are eligible to vote. In future,can the parishioners vote when there is a PCC meeting?

  186. As I see it,very soon,
    1/.Gardener can vote.
    2/.Tea Lady also can vote.
    3/.Kalau BAV, Jaga pun boleh vote. Malaysia
    boleh & ASC mesti boleh in our beloved bolehs
    land of visionary.
    4/.All ASA teaching staff also boleh lah vote.
    5/.Eventually,Jaga also can sign cheques to the
    tune of RM 99,999.99 & any amount exceeding
    RM 100,000.00 MUST get approval from PCC
    Council and of cause with the eveready
    assistance of 1-4 as stated above.
    I rest my case and over to you my brothers & sisters in Christ.

  187. Confused.

    Pardom my ignorance on the selection system, but who put him in office ? BAV must be quite well regarded to be selected or was he simply chosen based on his congregation growth at St. Patrick's ? Did he change overnight or were his obvious negative qualities neglected because his positive qualities overrode them ? Was he truely annointed by God or just a result of human error ?

  188. After the congregation have cry aloud. I could sense that is some charges in the ASC sunday service but the Bishop messages still the same. I advice you, don't read first & read it after the church service.
    Do you noticed that during the preaching, the preacher always like to get the congregation together to say AMEN (agreed). Be Careful! Eventually last week sermon bring a difference mean. If you could read word of God with the present of HIM, you will find what is the real meaning to His word. Don't simply say AMEN..AMEN with those ungodly preachers.
    Before the conclusion, they always like to play a song with sentimental value which could stirring up our minds & then cause your emotion. BE CAREFUL! There is not present of GOD.
    The sinners fear NO GOD, NO Repentance , Twisting the word of GOD. Parishioners do you believed the present of GOD be there ?

  189. To Our respected Bishop,
    If your conscience is crystal clear, please stand out and tell the whole DOS that their accusation is not true . It's your divine obligation to response to the doubts and clear the air . As I see the situation is getting worse and your name is eroding like the landslide . I don't see any good excuse and reason that you should keep ignoring them. If you have a heart to advance God's kingdom, you must first unite the church,together, we are stronger to take on all the odds and challenges that laid ahead.


  190. Sorrowful writes,

    I am a worshipper at Good Sam Church, Penampang.

    I follow this blog very regularly and truly feel sorry for ASC members who have shared their disappointment, sorrow and disgust at the arrogant Bishop Vun - BAV.

    Let me share another angle of his unfair policy.

    He allowed a parishioner of Good Sam request that her daughter's wedding with a divorcee man be given a full wedding service a few years ago - not merely for blessings.

    There is a law in our diocese which said that a divorcee cannot have a full wedding service in church. But BAV said 'okay' to the bride's mother's request because she is a crony of BAV, helping to run the canteen in Wisma Anglican and ARK Kitchen and in charge of doing wafer for Holy Communion and doing clergy's needle work.

    So a divorcee wedding is held in Good Sam Church a few years ago. A crony of BAV getting his favour in return. Yet this bride's mother in her Sunday Service open intercession recently prayed against all the blog writers and called them "trouble-makers of ASC" to BAV.

    What a shameful and thick-skinned woman.

    Another shameful act of BAV recently is that he allowed Dr. Philip Lyn's father to have a funeral service at ASC.

    The dead never worshipped in ASC or never come for church worship for over a year. But BAV said yes to Philip Lyn's request because BAV give his favour only because he is a doctor and a rich man.

    BAV has told the diocese that aperson who has not worshipped in an Anglican Church for one year before he die cannot have a church service.

    Still BAV quickly allowed Dr. Lyn's request - before he die this dead person worship in Philip Lyn's church, not an Anglican church.

    Yet a true Anglican who always worshipped in a church is not allowed to have a church funeral service because for just over a year he cannot come to church because he cannot walk and stay at a senior citizen's home. He is the father-in-law of Albert Wong.

    What kind of a leader and bishop is BAV.

    A man with 'pigeon eye' and always giving favour to the rich and so called educated people, especially people who carry his big feet - angkat kaki as someone said here before.

    So our church in ASC and our diocese is in a lot of trouble and difficulty.

  191. Faithful Anglican want to share this message :

    Bishop Albert Vun will not change for the better. Too proud and self-righteous.

    He thinks he is God, if not better than God.

    He has said that he knows many things or everything, better than all the engineers, lawyers, architecs and accountants in Diocese of Sabah.

    So he will not accept any good advise and argue that he is successful in everything he wants to do.

    He makes many mistakes e.g. transfer wrong priest to wrong plaes and then quickly do another transfer, Kokol Prayer Summit cannt get occupation certificate, serious soil erosion, cracks and cement breaking up in this building (very soon, someone may be injured or die because of building collapse), wasting monies everywhere, the ASC lighting up is meaningless, big sums lost int he school in Beijing which has failed, the failed academy in KL which cost RM500,000.00, the Tawau Vision School - not enough students and now giving free transport to attract students - all flopping badly.

    Now he wants people to give generously to Celebration Centre.

    I will not give any money to this project - Bishop Vun's ego project as it will encourage corruption and bankrupt the Diocese.

    Bishop Vun up to now is not able to answwer or reply to the many complaints of his wrong policy and serious mistakes, but try to cover them by diverting people's attention to his so called love for the church and God, evangelism and mission works.

    For the church to be reconciled and healed he must come out to answer each and every complaint. Or else, he will destroy our church and our Diocese. This is already happening.

    Bishop Vun must immediately stop abusing the pulpit and use the bulletin to curse his people who want to help him repent.

    He cannot curse those who disagree with him and bless his cronies.

    Nobody is worried, scarred of him or will believe his curse anymore. No more credibility.

    Only God can bring judgment and condemnation (curse) and to bless the faithful people - not Bishop Vun.

    Satan is very happy and clapping now because somebody is giving trouble to our church.

    He can stick to his cronies priest, pastors and lay leaders who actually are giving him wrong encouragement and wrong advise which will lead to his destruction and possible break-up of ASC and our beautiful diocese.

    He and his cronies will be remembered for this.

    The most abusive and shameful bishop we will ever have. Who is he representing?

    Who come to "kill, steal, destroy, etc, etc"?

    Can there not be someone clothed in "innocent sheepskin" leading us?

  192. Discerning giver says,

    There are other reasons why we need not give a single cent to the Celebration Centre :-

    1. Bishop Albert Vun never said how much or if he will ever give at all to this project. He only said he got his ASC staff to donate a month's salary. None will come from his pocket.

    2. He only ask other people to give or to do this or that or to provide hospitality. But he never contributes or love others or give hospitality to others e.g. Bishop House always for him and his family only.

    3. He can donate 10% from the sale of his land to the Diocese, sold at above market price. A small piece of land sold for over $800,000.00.

    4. He can sell his RM1.2M house he bought recently and give 10% of it to the project. He won't need a RM1.2M house. He is already staying in the church house, renovated at over one million ringgit.

    5. He can telephone all his non-christian friends to donate $500,000.00 each. 60 such friends already enough. He should not continue to squeeze his poor and not rich parishioners for money so that his own personal name will be glorified, not God's. Our bishop love self-glorification deeply.

    Many ASC people will not give to this project. Many others will also give their weekly tithes to other church mininistries e.g. STM, STS and other theological colleges to avoid their givings being wasted by a big-spender Bishop Vun who keep all accounts out of bound and inspection.

  193. Beloved Datuk Bishop Vun, very sorry I just come to knew that who is the sister ,whom came to challenged you before you step down from the pulpit, two sunday ago. Just give some info for you . She is a very ordinary parishioner, nothing special. As I come to know her in the church & sunday school more than 10 years. A sister wouldn't talk much to anyone, she isn't familiar with ,especially those Big Gun like you.
    On that sunday , she was really a extra ordinary parishioner. Without being any fear & shy. During the service, she left her seat & family member walking toward the pulpit to seek your explanation. Why!Why!Why! ????
    Immediately come into my mind, the book of Numbers 22-25. The donkey talk to Balaam & Balaam talk back to the donkey.
    A sister in Christ with such character, being moved by the Power Of God to seek the explanation in front of the congregation. I believed God send her to talk to you, beloved Datuk Bishop. God knows what is happening in DOS & ASC . A warning sign. Please learn to listen the God word .Seek His glory & confession.

  194. During Bersih II, Annie Ooi a 65-year-old retired English teacher took a bus from Setapak in the early morning of July 9 to join thousands of others in a march for free and fair elections An unknown man had offered her a flower in the morning and she waved it like a flag throughout the four-hour march.

    Netizens have dubbed her “Aunty Bersih” and even Malaysia’s “Lady of Liberty” for placing her health and safety at risk to join a march the government had declared illegal.

    The lady at ASC is the "Lady of Liberty" for DOS.

  195. My dear decerning giver,
    I totally concurred with you, ASC parishioners are not obliged to contribute to the CC because,
    1/.$$$ to the tune of RM 31.5 millions already
    in BAV disposal, when he sold the most
    beautiful land beside Chung Hwa School in
    Likas. ( everyone say WOW fatt tat ! ).
    2/.BAV managed to get all ASC staff & Pastors
    to pledge 1-2 months of their salary to CC.
    ( now everyone say WOW ! ).
    3/.BAV's youngest son has pledged 6 months of
    his allowances to CC.
    ( now everyone say WOW ! ).
    4/.BAV pocketed profit with the sales of his
    property in Menggatal by RM1/. per sq. ft
    above market price, but.......,never
    mentioned about his contributions to CC.
    ( now everyone say, booooooooo ! ).
    5/.Perharps just because he is the Bishop of
    DOS, he felt that " your money is also his
    money, ASC & DOS money also his money,
    but.............,his money is always Vun
    Chong Fui's ?.
    ( now everyone say booooooooooooo ! ).
    Give your all weekly tithes to more needy Christian groups of your choice and I'm very sure you wouldn't want to see you money spent on new carpeting, new furnitures from KUALA LUMPUR,RM40,000.00 on lightings,RM 50,000.00 on polishing of pews.
    BTW & FYI, ASC Pastors can now spent money up to
    RM 100,000.00 without having to seek PCC approval. BAV said he trusted all his rubber stamp & apples polisher Pastors.
    ( now everyone say WOW & AMEN, AMEN, AMEN ! ).

  196. Hi It's facts & figures.
    I am in agreement with discerning giver and I don't think it is written in the bible that one must tithes in your own home base church.
    BAV, also mentioned there is no compulsion for one to give or not to give,since he can always get his non-christians friends to donate RM 500K anytime.
    Having said the above, I would only encourage all ASC parishioners to tithes generously to ASC, PROVIDED the following are implemented :-
    1/.BAV, to appoint a new Dean.( current appointment leads to lots of abuses & conflicts of interest ).
    2/.All expenses by ASC MUST BE CAPPED at RM 30K & any amount exceeding RM 30K, will have to seek PCC Council approval.
    3/.Tom, Dick & Harry are NOT permitted to have voting rights, however, they may attend PCC meetings.
    4/.Only Dean, Rector & only ONE Rev.each representing English, Chinese & BM congregations are permitted
    to have voting rights plus all the elected PCC members.
    5/.Only Hon. Treasurer are permitted to present
    treasury report. Treasury report MUST be presented in all PCC meetings.
    6/.BAV,as a DEAN in PCC meetings are NOT permitted & have NO RIGHT to switch off or take away the microphone from any members who wish to voice their opinion.
    ( BTW BAV,elected PCC members has got more authority then the DEAN of Cathedral in all PCC meetings & FYI elected PCC members can removed the DEAN from any PCC meetings).
    7/.Minutes of PCC meetings MUST be forwarded to all members within 48 hrs after every meetings.
    ( unlike the current practiced of handing out PCC meeting's minutes one day before PCC meeting).
    8/.All Sundays services MUST have holy communion including the so called GOSPEL SUNDAY service.
    9/.STOP spending money lavishly on WORLDLY things, eg.RM 40,000.00 out door lighting, RM 50,000.00 on pews cleaning, brand new carpeting & RM 25,000.00 on Korean culinary.
    My dear brothers & sisters in Christ of ASC, money is in your pockets & no compulsion, you decide for yourselves how you want & where you wanted your tithes to be given.
    ( FYI, BAV looked so happy in today DE front page newspapers receiving grant from the Government. Hopefully after receiving the grant he can also tell YAB CM,the money is not from the Government ).

  197. Christians sing
    More love, more power, more of you Lord.
    But the world sing
    More money, more power , more of me

    From the paper, we can see all these people are so happy to show their one finger up for the grant. Money is so important to us and the church growth !!??. Money can make thousand of peoples smiles. Isn't that the charisma of $$$$$. No wonder all the rich men receive special treatment in the church.When rich men and the somebody come to church, Some of the priest can't wait to greet them and talk,talk ,talk and laugh like nobody around.When the poor guy walk in and pass by the priest,as it the guy is transparent.When they stretch out their hand to shake hand with him,his hand is with you and but the eyes is somewhere else.Really , no money no talk !!??I feel very frustrated with all these unhealthy sign in some of the churches ( not my church). Why money but not God's word is so important to them? How can a preacher preach God's word while their otak are full $$$$ and not God's love. Every Sunday they preach and challenge for $$$$. We are advised to put God first in our life and not the money. But the preaching always emphasize money first and not God's word.Isn't that contradictory ? I have been observing these funny senario all theses years. We are in this world( not but not) and still of this world,right ?

    A Frustrated Racer

  198. My dear Bishop Vun,
    I feel much pain in my heart to write this for your attention because you are my Bishop and my spiritual leader. You are under attack. It pains me even more to read so many complaints from so many participants in this blog. I understand very well why the writers here remain behind a mask as anonymous because if they do not they will be called to your office and “be torn into pieces” with your temperament. Of course, you have every right not to respond since they have not revealed themselves. You can continue to treat them as irresponsible people as you said in the bulletin. You can continue to treat what they have written as “false allegations and ungodly activities” and them as people of “evil intent.” You can continue to be in denial and twist what they said to your advantage and ignore the real issues. You are the head of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sabah and as you very often like to say “I am the Bishop.” Being the big boss, no one can do that to you, so you think. Yes, you can but at your peril. A fire starts with a spark, and it will soon become a raging blaze if no one puts it out. It will continue to burn if there is fuel. It appears to me that this is what happens in this blog. It is already a full blown fire and it will destroy the whole community of which you are the head. You are the fuel, and if you are in continual denial, it will destroy everything which we have worked for. Do you care? If you do and love the Church, I mean honestly love the Church, do something more constructive and stop being cynical and in denial.
    I have had great respect for you in the past, especially before you became a bishop. Now, that you are a bishop you are not the Albert I used to know. I feel very sad. Why? Has the feelings of position given you so much pride that you have forgotten that you are the shepherd of a flock. Where are your love and your humility? Are those not attributes of a Christian. You are our spiritual leader, the head of the Anglican Dioceses. Your Church is the people who look up to you for spiritual nourishment and inspiration. It is not the buildings although it is important to maintain the facilities and be a good steward. It is not necessary to renovate the buildings to such a standard that you put your parishioners to shame using the contributions they made. You had stopped the practice of inviting the parishioners to the Bishop’s Lodge for Christmas celebration, although this was the tradition of the past Bishops. Do you have some uneasiness of how they will react to see your lifestyle? You may have other reasons, but this is the perception of the church, that you are lavish. Do you care about your reputation as a bishop? There are many comments and accusations about you in this blog. I do not believe every one of them but if one puts all the parts together it gives a very bad picture of you. You are not an ordinary person -you represent us as our Bishop, the head of the Anglican Church in the Dioceses of Sabah. Do you behave like a bishop who is the overseer of the Church providing the spiritual inspiration, love, care and concern that they look up to? You should be the image of Christ the chief shepherd, but your sheep cannot see that in you. They cannot recognize you. How do you expect them to listen and respond to your voice? You should be a servant like what Jesus taught us but you boss around. I grieve when I think about this.

    (To be continued)

  199. (Continuation from page 1)

    You accuse the bloggers of spreading lies about you. Really? The bloggers are from the Church and Christians except for one who claimed to be a Buddhist. Do you think they do not fear God? Why should they waste their time making up lies if indeed what you had said is the truth? On the contrary, I think these bloggers are responsible members of the church who needed a venue to alert the whole church of something serious is happening. I will not be wasting my time writing this if I am not concerned. You can accuse them of being irresponsible because they did not identify themselves. May be for the time being they prefer to remain as anonymous because they know they will face a tyrant once they are known. You have shown yourself to be so intolerant in public on many occasions, and only the most courageous will be able to stand up to your abuse. You will give them no chance but “will swallow them alive”! They are not stupid. They are fighting a guerilla war because they know they will lose if they fight an open war at this moment. If you are not careful it can become an open warfare once the momentum builds up and the whole church will be the loser and you, my dear Bishop, will be the biggest loser. I pray this will never happen, but this blog will not stop until you come clean. The ball is in your court.
    Do you have ears Bishop? I am sure you do, but you are not listening. Has ambition and pride so clouded your mind that you have become “deaf”. May be you should go to the Kokol retreat centre to spend a quiet time silently praying for the Church and for yourself. After all you spent a large sum of money building it. Come to think of it, is it still an illegal building? Who was advising you to build it without the approval from the local authority?
    I feel very sad to know that you are using the pulpit and the bulletin to defend your image. The pulpit is for the delivery of the message of God to the congregation not for personal attacks week after week. Is this a lie too? Your writing in the bulletin of 20 Nov. 2011 contains a message of defense and nothing else. This is in black and white and you chose to ignore the real issue and will only be gullible to only the most ignorant and simple minded. What you wrote is laughable. Do you think the church members are idiots?
    Quote “Some were unhappy because they did not get their way - for example they want me to transfer a certain priest to be the Dean of the Cathedral”. Unquote.
    Really? Is that so? You are cheating yourself. Let me tell you the truth, Bishop, if you still did not get it. The real truth is that you have overstayed your welcome. Your reasons for taking up the Dean’s post when you become Bishop, was to stabilize the Cathedral. Now it is coming to the sixth year. And if I am not wrong I think you intend to stay until your retirement, if you can last that long. In these five to six years you have made many changes to put a defense around you by the import of your loyalist. You have diluted the PCC with pastors to vote so that the laity has no voice. By the way, are you not abusing the constitution? You have made decisions like a dictator and anyone who opposes you will be taken to task. The incident at the last AGM is a glaring example where you switched off the microphone of the treasurer because you did not want her to speak. Is this a lie too? It cannot be because hundreds of people witness your behaviour and many of them are still in shock.

    (To be continued)

  200. (Continuation from page 2)

    Quote “Some are unhappy with the launch of the Celebration Center as we plan for our church’s growth for the future”. Unquote.
    The Celebration Centre is to cost the church 30 million dollars. With escalation in cost as to be expected, it may cost up to 50 million dollars by the time it is completed. Maintenance of the building will be huge because of the electricity consumption and other costs. For a building of such size and cost, don’t you think that approval by the PCC and the Standing Committee alone is insufficient? The responsibilities will finally fall on the shoulders of the congregation? Have you given them a chance to comment or request for their opinion? Why are they unhappy? They were not given a voice. Period. Bishops will come and go but the Celebration Center once built will forever be their baby. How can you just bulldoze through with just two meetings. You have treated the church members as if they are fools and idiots. How can they respect you as their Bishop? Respect is mutual not a one way traffic.
    You encouraged the congregation to sell their bungalows which may cost up to a million dollars and donate to the building fund. I suggest you lead by example. Give all the money that you obtained for the sale of your land at Menggatal to the church first, and you will receive a lot of respect and blessings from God a hundredfold.
    You are building a monument, the most costly building for any Church in the whole of Malaysia, I can certainly say that. Do you need such a building for future growth? Look at the facilities you proposed. Your emphasis is on sports, which is physical development. The church mission is spiritual development. Physical development such as sports and games are available everywhere in the commercial world, even next to your doorsteps. You want to move the Diocesan office there. Is that a need? Is your present office which is a multi-storey building not sufficient or is it falling apart? You anticipate strong growth, and I do hope you can achieve it, but, by what is happening in the Cathedral today, you must be dreaming. Instead of growth you will find a dying church if you continue to be in denial. Learn from the experience of the tower of Babel. God will not allow His Church to be overcome by pride. Such a monument may glorify man but not God. It may glorify you at the expense of the whole church.
    Quote “Some are unhappy because of our strategic placement of our clergy and pastors” Unquote.
    No, Bishop, this is not the reason they are unhappy. They are unhappy because you victimized those who oppose you and those who cannot live up to your expectation. You cannot tolerate any opposition because you are Albert Vun and Albert Vun will only accept “yes men” and not dissent. Be honest please, Bishop, if you want any respect.
    Quote “Some are unhappy because we have taken action to clean up the Cathedral pews and did an excellent job renovating Grace Hall for our youth and children ministries.” Unquote
    Again this is not the truth. They are unhappy in the manner decisions are made and bulldoze through and the excessive high cost of doing things in the church. There is no transparency in the award of jobs, and approval from the PCC was requested, at least on one occasion, after decision was made, and you just need rubber stamp.

    (To be continued)